Action-Packed Dystopian Thrillers

Check out the list below for all of the latest action-packed dystopian thriller book reviews. My favorites include the tyrannical government tropes. Think Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four or Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. If you’re a fan of the aforementioned classics, you may like what I have listed for you.

And if you have comp titles to share with me, feel free to reach out at I AM NOW TAKING REVIEW REQUESTS! I only ask that, if you query for an honest review in exchange for a free copy of your dystopian novel, that it lands into the Teen/YA sector. I will review NA if the characters are under 25.

And the trope must include a tyrannical government. I cannot accept your query without your confirmation that your characters are both 25 and under, and tyrannical gov’t is featured in the primary trope. To get a better feel of the dystopian fiction I read, take a look at the archives.

February 2022

Nova's Blade

Imagine, if you will. Your family has fought on the losing end of a brutal war. Corporate oligarchs have seized control of society. And their idea of sports has become so primitive, they’re willing to watch people die for their entertainment. Before you know it, you’re kidnapped, and forced to play in this sick reality show that you only thought existed in fiction.

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December 2021

Beyond the Wall Review

Beyond the Wall by Kate L. Mary takes place in the not-so-distant future. A dystopian novel by nature, I’ve reviewed a couple of comp titles previously, which should give you a feel for the tropes I prefer in dystopian fiction. Beyond the Wall, in my opinion, takes things further than Tracy Lawson’s Resistance Series and K.A. Riley’s Resistance Trilogy.

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Counteract by Tracy Lawson

I first crossed Counteract by Tracy Lawson way back in 2019. But it wasn’t until early 2021 did I sit and read the book. The first line of Lawson’s book description, The government uses fear to control you. Show no fear, and they will destroy you sold me from the beginning, given my interest in tyrannical government tropes.

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Recruitment: A Dystopian Novel

K.A. Riley’s work turned three years old just four days before I wrote this review. As of December 2nd, 2021, it has generated 701 global reviews and holds a solid 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon. The book also features an ensemble cast of protagonists told in first-person, present-tense point of view of our main character, Kress.

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