Are You Part of the Target Audience?

Are You Part of the Target Audience?

Every book ever created, even those that have sold millions of copies, has all started with a target audience. And the Elementals Universe is obviously no different. Since I had a productive conversation the other day regarding my own target audience, I felt it’d be informative for you to decide whether you’re a good fit.

However, today’s post is not set in stone. So if you don’t identify with the characteristics that I look for in my target audience yet my work still sounds compelling to you, feel free to join the Readers Republic, download your freebies, and catch bonuses, behind-the-scenes access, and more.

And vice versa. If you identify with most if not all the characteristics in the target audience that my books pertain to, but you think my covers and descriptions suck, then odds are, you won’t enjoy the work, to begin with. However, most of you reading today’s post who fit the bill will enjoy the Elementals Universe. If you don’t, odds are, you won’t.

Keep reading to find out if you fit my target audience characteristics.

Are You…In College?

If so, then give yourself a point for the target audience. All of my main characters are either of college-age, or they’re just over the typical age between 18 and 22 in Book I – Wind Wielder. Also, the entire main cast are college athletes who play the fictional sport of thrashball. And as you’ve probably guessed, Wind Wielder takes place mainly on a college campus.

So if you’re in college, you will definitely identify with the age group of the main characters. Give yourself a half-point bonus if you’re a college athlete. Oh, and since each member of the main cast is also looking to undergo combat training in their element, if you’re in the ROTC, you may also find that portion entertaining, too.


Are You…a Fan of Military-Based Fantasy?

You can classify Wind Wielder and much of Elementals of Nordica as military fantasy. If that pertains to you, then once again, you may like this one. Especially when it comes to the complex plots on a global scale shown in the work of a brewing conflict between the Tamurian Empire and other tertiary players in the game.

Ditto if you read Chronicles of Rondure, which you can also classify in the same genre. Especially if you love reading works on members of the military gone rogue against their global superpower. It’s something you’ll find in Rondure, and it’s also something implied in Elementals of Nordica.

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Are You…A Fan of Epic Fantasy Tropes?

Wind Wielder
Wind Wielder contains plenty of epic fantasy tropes.

I’ve often classified Elementals of Nordica and much of the Elementals Universe as an epic fantasy since it contains magical systems, sword and sorcery, and of course, a lot of worldbuilding. Now, you must be a fan of epic fantasy tropes comprising of New World, and not Old World epic fantasy, as I have bent the genre into a science fiction type of society. Once again, this is where target audience comes into play here. Odds are, if you’re into the Old World, you’re not the primary target here.

But if you love genre-bending as much as I do, or you love the New World twist on high and epic fantasy, then please, join the Republic!

Anyway, about these epic fantasy tropes.

Here are a few of them: One, the main character(s) possess magical powers. Two, an ancient set of Texts long since banned by mainstream society has stated their importance to saving humanity. Three, the global power will stop at nothing to kill them. So yeah, sort of classic in the fact of their importance paired with a mad man hunting them down, right? Or a global dictatorship, for that matter.

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Are You…Cool with Protagonists Who Aren’t Rags to Riches?

You see it happen all the time. Either the protagonist comes from nothing or they may come from something but they refuse to follow through until they’re forced. Sion Zona, my primary protagonist, does not come from rags nor does he flat out refuse his calling. He’s a skeptic, no doubt, and he has a tragic backstory. But, Sion and others in the main cast have lived a pretty good life for the most part.

So, don’t think of Sion as another Harry Potter or Katniss Everdeen. Though he contains qualities of both, along with the World of the Gateway’s Jess Ballard, he doesn’t flat out refuse his calling, mainly because he loves to show off his wind wielding capabilities.


Are You…In the Target Audience?

If so, then great! Once again, head over to the main page and join the Readers Republic to download your freebie works. Then, make sure you find the password to my behind-the-scenes features so you can read up on characters, places, worlds, and other hot tidbits regarding the Elementals Universe.

Sound good?


I’ll talk to you later in the Republic.

Thank you so much for reading,

And Go Suns!