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I’m not one of those authors who interviews any and every author who comes my way. Many of the authors interviewed below are those I’ve reached out to personally. Either their themes or genres match that of my own books, or I just enjoy their work!

So if you’re a fan of my Elementals Universe and you’d like to see where I got some influence, check out the following author interviews!

Author Interviews Archive

April 2022

Interview with The Levitators Chronicles’ Kachi Ugo!

Today, I’m sitting down and talking with one of my favorite authors, Kachi Ugo of The Levitators Chronicles! Ugo’s urban fantasy series is rich in elemental magic and it features six books worth of fast-paced action from start to finish.

January 2022

Interview with Witches of Mountain Shadow’s Tarah Benner!

Tarah Benner is a multi-genre author whose Witches of Mountain Shadow and Lawless Saga have gained plenty of traction. Whether you’re into dystopian fiction, or if you’re a fan of paranormal and urban fantasy, Benner’s work is more than worth checking out.

Interview with Knights of the Alliance’s Stefanie Chu!

Stefanie Chu has written an outstanding debut novel entitled Knights of the Alliance. It’s the first book in what is sure to become an outstanding epic fantasy set in a modern-medieval society. If you love a little genre-bending, complex plots, and original concepts, Stefanie’s work will resonate.

December 2021

Interview with The Resistance Series’ Tracy Lawson!

Tracy Lawson first wrote The Resistance Series over a decade ago. It tells the story of Careen Catecher and Tommy Bailey, two law-abiding citizens who believe that in an age of Restrictions at the expense of civil liberty the US Government has their best interests at heart and will save them from a wave of terrorist attacks sweeping the nation.