Elementals Universe Behind-The-Scenes

Get behind the scenes access and learn about all the main characters in the Elementals Universe, from Elementals of Nordica, to Chronicles of Rondure, and more! Keep checking back to this page for complete access on all the major, and in time, minor characters. The timeline below will let you in on the dates that I will unlock each new profile.

I will divide each of the following into four different categories – Characters, Stories, Worlds, and Locations. Just click on the links below, or check out the categories in the menu, and click-through by typing in the appropriate password, which you will find on the right-hand side of each character profile.


June 21st/Character: Sion Zona – BOOMBAYAH2016

– Meet Sion Zona!

June 28th/Character: Rajae Worthy – BOOMBAYAH2016

Meet Rajae Worthy!

July 5th/Character: Lord Col Eriksson – BOOMBAYAH2016

Meet Lord Col Eriksson!

July 12th/Character: Lord Tuukka – BOOMBAYAH2016

Meet Lord Tuukka!

July 19th/Character: Shia Eaglesky – LOVESICKGIRLS2020

Meet Shia Eaglesky!

July 26th/Character: Mikko and Valkyrie Siskonen – LOVESICKGIRLS2020

Meet Mikko and Valkyrie!

August 2nd/Character: Liri Viorunen – LOVESICKGIRLS2020

Meet Liri Viorunen!

August 9th/Character: Tash Holmes – LOVESICKGIRLS2020

Meet Tash Holmes!

August 16th/Character: Erno Kakko – PRETTYSAVAGE2020

Meet Erno Kakko!

August 23rd/Characters: The Core Four – BLACKPINK2016

Meet the Core Four!

August 30th/Character: Hannah and Timo Kakko – PRETTYSAVAGE2020

Meet Hannah and Timo Kakko!

October 11th/Character: Skyra Beck – ASIFITSYOURLAST2017

Meet Skyra Beck!

October 18th/Character: Freyja Norsk – ASIFITSYOURLAST2017

Meet Freyja Norsk!

November 15th/Character: King Magnu – STAYWITHME

Meet King Magnu!

December 18th/Character: Chronicles of Rondure Cast – JENNIE96

Meet the Chronicles of Rondure Cast

November 22nd/Character: Terrian Chronicles Shared Universe – BLACKPINKANDTWICE

Terrian Chronicles Shared Universe



September 6th/Story: Story Behind the Tamurian Empire – PRETTYSAVAGE2020

Story Behind the Tamurian Empire

October 4th/Story: Story of Nordica – WHISTLELIKEAMISSILE

Story of Nordica

October 4th/Story: Story of the Sacred Texts – WHISTLELIKEAMISSILE

Story of the Sacred Texts

October 11th/Story: Story of Thrashball – ASIFITSYOURLAST2017

Story of Thrashball

October 25th/Story: The Lightning Family and Tamur Industrials – ASIFITSYOURLAST2017

The Lightning Family

December 20th/Story: The Ten-Year War – Expect a possible full-length novel! – ROSE97

December 23rd/Story: Magical Systems – JISOO95

December 27th/Story: The Nine Before the Nine -LISA97



December 31st/Location: University of Nordica -STAYWITHME

January 1st/Location: Oslo’s Port -STAYWITHME



September 20th/Worlds: The Five Worlds – WHISTLELIKEAMISSILE

Story of the Five Worlds

January 3rd/Wind Wielder Released!