Character Profiles in the Elementals Universe

Catch the latest character profiles on all major cast members in the Elementals Universe! Check out the list below where you will find links to each character’s backstory as they’re written. Note, you must be a member of the Readers Republic for access. Sign up for the Republic, get a free prequel, and the Welcome Email will reveal the password.

Sion Zona

Our main protagonist, wind wielder, and star thrashball player. Sion never knew he was a wanted man until the global power framed him for a crime he never committed.

Read more at the following link: Meet Sion Zona!


Rajae Worthy

One of our antagonists. Raj is the Heiress to the Supreme Leadership of the South Nordican Colonies, a Fire Master, and a girl who will rule South Nordica with an iron fist. But who is this polarizing character?

Meet her at the following link: Meet Rajae Worthy!


Lord Col Eriksson

Wind Master, University President, Mentor. Lord Col Eriksson is wise and a lover of all things free. Especially when it comes to elemental rights. So who is Lord Col?

Find out more at the following link: Meet Lord Col Eriksson!


Lord Tuukka

Wind Master, Tamurian-appointed Supreme Leader of the South Nordican Colonies. Bent on using war profiteering to his advantage. Considers any and all elementals an enemy if they do not join the South Nordican Branch of the Tamurian Armed Forces or serve Tamuria in some capacity.

Discover more about Lord Tuukka at the following link: Meet Lord Tuukka!


Shia Eaglesky

Spirit elemental, daughter of the famed Wild Bull Eaglesky. Since the Native Nordican Reserve she spent her life on sees lesser oversight, Shia used it to her advantage and sits head and shoulders above Sion and the others in combat experience. She’s also a gifted athlete who thrives in the sport of thrashball.

Learn more about Shia Eaglesky at the following link: Meet Shia Eaglesky!


Mikko and Valkyrie Siskonen

Fraternal twins, reckless, yet powerful Elemental Masters. Since they grew up in Nordica as opposed to South Nordica, Mikko and Valkyrie are sword-wielding Metal and Blood Masters. While Mikko loves to shoot without asking questions, Valkyrie is often left to clean up the mess.

Click the following link for more about the Siskonens: Meet Mikko and Valkyrie Siskonen


Liri Viorunen

Sion’s girlfriend in Wind Wielder. Liri is a gifted thrashball player and shares a popular worldview on things. But she’s often likely to flip when contradicted. But what she lacks in emotional intelligence, she makes up for with book and sometimes street smarts. Plus, she’s a respectable smoke elemental.

Discover more about Liri: Meet Liri Viorunen!


Tash Holmes

The protagonist in my Chronicles of Rondure reader magnet, catch some backstory on Tash that didn’t make the cut. Tash is the first character on our list who is not from the World of Eidolon. She is a metal morpher, as they call them in the World of Rondure.

Want to learn more about Tash? Check out her profile: Meet Tash Holmes!


Erno Kakko

Tall, confident, humble, and ultra-talented. Erno prefers his talents to do the talking for him. An earth elemental, Erno boasts more natural talent than his cousin, Sion.

Learn more at the following link: Meet Erno Kakko!


The Core Four

Four girls who make cameos in Wind Wielder see their scenes more than quadruple in Wind Master. Named in such as a nod to my favorite band, you can also compare the Core Four to several cliques over the years in a plethora of industries – Fearsome Foursome (NFL), Four Horsemen/The Kliq (Pro Wrestling), the Marauders (Harry Potter), and more.

Check them out at the following link: Meet The Core Four!


Hannah and Timo Kakko

Our second set of twins. One of whom with the ability to control wood and the other, water. Starting off at lower levels, Hannah and Timo Kakko hold the potential to transform into lethal warriors.

Learn more at the following link: Meet Hannah and Timo Kakko!


Skyra Beck

We first meet Skyra Beck in Wind Wielder and Sion is immediately taken by her. While Skyra seems all buddy-buddy with Sion at first, it’s soon revealed she’s so much more than that to him.

Learn more about Skyra Beck at the following link: Meet Skyra Beck!


Freyja Norsk

We catch a mention of Freyja Norsk in Wind Wielder and we also meet her briefly in Chronicles of the Elementals. However, we also learn something significant about Freyja later on. Something I can’t say here.

However, you can learn the basics at the following link: Meet Freyja Norsk


King Magnu

Our main antagonist; I shroud King Magnu in mystery for a while. So long, you may not know much of his significance until later on. Then, he shows himself. I can say little about Magnu here.

But you can catch a glimpse of Magnu and his ancestors here: Meet King Magnu!


Terrian Chronicles Shared Universe

What is my Terrian Chronicles Universe and how does it relate to Elementals of Nordica? Keep reading to find out more and discover a little about the protagonists in each book series in the shared universe.

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