Meet Erno Kakko

Today, we’re talking about Erno Kakko, the oldest sibling in the Kakko trio and the older cousin to Sion Zona. Erno is our primary earth elemental, and he is our “straight man” character to Sion’s aggressiveness. Erno is laid back, humble, observant, and an exceptionally talented earth elemental.

Erno’s also not a talker; instead letting his actions talk for him. If you’re a big believer in the actions speak louder than words mentality, Erno epitomizes the philosophy. In a way, he’s much like Liri Viorunen. Difference is, while Liri flips at someone’s slightest disagreement, Erno would rather shrug things off and go with the flow.

Much like Shia Eaglesky, Erno is not a major character. However, he’s a solid piece of the main cast and he can and will make his presence known. Especially when he and his wind wielding cousin Sion tag team their respective elements, along with Timo Kakko’s wood control.

Anyway, let’s learn more about Erno.

Erno Kakko Quick Hits

  • Full Name: Erno Laurie Kakko
  • Date of Birth: August 2nd – Close to Lughnasadh
  • Age in Wind Wielder: 22 (21 until Chapter Nine)
  • Elemental Ability: Earth
  • Home World: Eidolon


Appearance and Bio

Erno’s character appearance stems from my oldest cousins. He sports shoulder-length hair, a thin beard, and a tall, lankier build. He has blue-gray eyes, fair skin, and at times, it’s implied Shia Eaglesky is his love interest.

In high school, Erno was a stereotypical jock. He and Sion teamed up often on the thrashball field, with Sion serving as the passing-specialist center (similar to the quarterback in American football), and Erno was Sion’s top attacker (think wide receiver). The two were so talented when they took possession of the ball, opponents who keyed on Erno had no answer for him. Whether blanketed in double or even triple-coverage, Erno almost always came up with spectacular catches. Sometimes thanks to Sion’s pinpoint accuracy. Other times because of his natural athletic talent.

Therefore, Erno and Sion both earned scholarships to Syndergaard University in nearby Iron Town. The hometown of Liri Viorunen, who also joined them on the college thrashball field. At Syndergaard, Erno, Sion, and Liri tore opponents apart on the field, while at the same time snuck off into the nearby forests surrounding Iron Town to practice their elemental ability in secret.

Erno, who possessed the most natural talent of the trio, leveled up faster than Sion and Liri. He routinely beat them in mock duels, much to Liri’s amazement and Sion’s dismay. If you’re thinking that all Erno did was win, you’re very right. A natural athlete, an A-plus student, and during his early college days had the ability to destroy his best friends in duels without putting in 100-percent, Erno served as the prototypical figure most he went to school with looked up to.


Erno’s Street Smarts

I initially wanted to fit Erno’s, Timo’s, and Hannah’s storyline into my reader magnet, Chronicles of the Elementals. However, nothing really happens to them, as opposed to Sion’s outing in Iron Town while Mikko and Valkyrie Siskonen fought their way out of New Nordican City.

A man with natural street smarts, Erno did some observing during his and his siblings’ vacation to Atlantean City on South Nordica’s east coast. He couldn’t help but notice the increase in the number of Tamurian soldiers and military vehicles stemming into town on July 29th, two days before the New Nordican City/Iron Town/Atlantean City anti-conscription riots began.

Knowing something big was about to happen, along with his experience level in elemental combat sitting well above the legal limit, Erno decided to leave a day early. He confided in Timo on the reason why but refrained from telling Hannah. The latter of whom loved to blow things out of proportion.

He waited until the evening hours of the 29th, feigning to Hannah that he wanted to meet Sion and Liri in Iron Town on the 31st. While in actuality, he’d paid attention to his parents’ – spies during the Ten-Year War – stories regarding conscription riots. And since the news media claimed Tamuria needed reinforcements from a region called the East Oceanics, Erno connected the dots.

They drove halfway home on the 30th, before finishing the trip on the 31st. A text from Sion confirmed Erno’s suspicions regarding the conscription lottery and he told Erno to steer clear and head home. Unfortunately, even Erno couldn’t see what came next – he inadvertently drove Timo and Hannah right into Rajae Worthy’s trap.


What Makes Erno Kakko Interesting?

What I love about Erno Kakko is that he is one of the few people I know that does not worry about things he cannot control. You see this early in Wind Wielder, and in a way, he’s a foil to his younger sister, Hannah, who is viable to lose her mind at a moment’s notice. And even to Timo, who thinks he can end up controlling any situation even if it’s out of his hands.

I’m sure we all know people like Erno. But I’m also sure that most people we meet are nothing like him. Given Erno’s unique qualities and straight personality, if he were a Hogwarts student, the hat would put him in Hufflepuff and the House would benefit greatly from his presence.

The modest Erno could be more like his cocky, reckless cousin and back it up with his credentials and talent. But he realizes he doesn’t need to be. Although Sion’s the main protagonist, or one of the main protagonists, Erno is the better man. Think of him as a Cedric Diggory slash Kinglsey Shacklebolt type of character. Cool, calm, collected, and often envied by many because of his natural gifts.

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