Meet Freyja Norsk

A minor character in Elementals of Nordica, Freyja Norsk, is one of those characters that plays an extensive role in the series.

I won’t elaborate much on Freyja since most of her backstory is given in Wind Master. However, here are a few things worth knowing about Freyja and some of the backstory that missed the cut.

Who is Freyja Norsk?

  • Full Name: Freyja Sif Norsk
  • Date of Birth: December 24th
  • Age in Wind Master: 25 (implied), perhaps older
  • Elemental Ability: Spirit
  • Home World: Eidolon


Appearance and Bio

Freyja has pale skin, almost glowing, with silvery-gray eyes, silver-blonde hair, and a fit body. A powerful Spirit Master, she’s mentioned in passing in Wind Wielder, and you meet her briefly in Chronicles of the Elementals. Freyja is direct, sarcastic, and carries an aura that she’s better than the rest of the world.

Short-tempered, Freyja’s not one to contradict even if she’s in the wrong. A young but well-respected officer in the Tamurian Military, Freyja is also good at using her status to get what she wants. And yes, she will use this status to her advantage.

However, she’s also a cunning soul, and she uses her Spirit Mastery to enhance this quality. Oh, and Freyja also has a few more tricks up her sleeve. But if I say anything here, it will spoil the fun.

Sorry if I come across as vague regarding Freyja. But you need a little backstory regarding who she is since you will learn significant things about her in Wind Master.


What Makes Freyja Norsk Interesting

For one, I based Freyja on a few of my favorite love-to-hate characters. She reminds me of Catriona from World of the Gateway more than anyone else. And I based the girl’s speech patterns and temper on Catriona’s. Odds are, you will also see a lot of Severus Snape in her personality.

Ironically, and this does NOT spoil Freyja’s backstory, she’s had about as much of an un-Snapelike childhood as one could have. The short temper and borderline impatience for humankind are in her cold blood.

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