Meet King Magnu

King Magnu is one of our main antagonists in the Elementals of Nordica Series. A real-life Chessmaster, Magnu is the epitome of a snake if you need to describe the man’s personality. I cannot say much about King Magnu here, because if I do, I will spoil the entire series.

However, there is much about King Magnu that I can explain, which you will see in the content below:

King Magnu’s Ancestry

If you have been venturing through my character profiles and stories, odds are you already met a few of King Magnu’s ancestors, starting with Queen Morgana Magnu, the first Queen of Tamuria’s House of Magnu. Another ancestor, Queen Kia Magnu of Tamuria, is also an ancestor.

If you haven’t noticed, both of his most prominent ancestors are women, and regardless of whether the next-in-line are men or women, the name Magnu sticks. Women do not take the man’s name in marriage; instead, the man marrying into the House of Magnu takes the surname as their own.

However, as you are about to see, there has become much more to it than taking the Magnu name. It wasn’t as prominent in the early days, when the House of Magnu took on a different tone, with the monarchs using their first names. Therefore, there is far more data regarding the House of Magnus’ Monarchs from Queen Morgana I to King Joseph II.


The House of Magnu

The following are King Magu’s lineage dating back to Morgana I to Queen Kia. While I do not have the years listed, the numbers succeeding the names reveal the number of years before the events of Wind Wielder:

  1. Morgana I – 945 years before Wind Wielder.
  2. Morgan – 924 years
  3. Morgana II – 911 years
  4. Rus I – 892 years
  5. Morgan II – 857 years
  6. Maddie – 828 years
  7. Adelin – 810 years
  8. Cito – 791 years
  9. Morgana III – 776 years
  10. Theobald – 761 years
  11. Rus II – 740 years
  12. Morgan III – 707 years
  13. Theobald II – 654 years
  14. Matilda – 642 years
  15. Rus III – 600 years
  16. Kia – 597 years

By the time Kia took over at 550 years before the events of Wind Wielder, Tamuria had achieved status as a strong regional power and a budding global power. It was during Kia’s reign that Tamuria would begin colonizing other continents, setting the stage for King Magnu’s direct lineage, starting with Kia’s son, Joseph I, and his son, Joseph II.

How they turned Tamuria into a global power is revealed in Wind Wielder and its sequels.


King Magnu’s Reign

Joseph I took over for Kia and oversaw Tamurian expansion in what would become the Nordican Colony. Of course, Joseph also had to contend with the budding threat that was Iberia, and the same went for his descendants. There were several close calls to an all-out war with Iberia before King Magnu took the throne. And when he did, war indeed struck with Iberia in what became known as the Iberian-Native Nordican War.

Taking place 20 years before the events of the Ten-Year War, which, in turn, occurred between 20 and 30 years before Wind Wielder, the Nordicans would side with their then-Tamurian allies against the Iberians and rebelling Native Nordicans.

Col Eriksson served under his father, Colin, who grew weary over the way Magnu ran things. A high-ranking member in the Nordican Branch of the Tamurian Military, Colin proposed a deal with Magnu – that his influence in Nordica would cease following the war effort.

Magnu refused, but the incoming Iberians and Native Nordicans forced Colin to take his forces, known as the Firebirds, and aid Tamuria in holding off the invading factions. With the Firebirds decimated following nine years of fighting, Magnu would not honor Colin’s proposal, setting the stage for a bitter standoff between Tamuria and Nordica which would eventually erupt into the Ten-Year War.


Surname Only?

As you can see, Magnu goes by his surname only, as this, he believes, adds a sense of anonymity to who he really is.

No one, not even those in the Tamuria, knows Magnu’s real name and he intends to keep it that way.

So what caused King Magnu of Tamuria to use the surname only and not his actual name? This is something I will expose in future Elementals of Nordica work. All I will say here is that, as you know the Elementals Universe contains the Five Worlds, and Magnu has been in contact with global powers from those Five Worlds much longer than anyone could ever imagine.

However, Magnu is not the first Tamurian Monarch to go by only their surname. In fact, ever since Joseph II, who served after Joseph I, the first names, and reigns of King Magnu (there have been queens in the lineage as well that also go by King), have kept their true identities concealed.

Only important Tamurian officers know what Magnu looks like – and they are always referred to as ‘he,’ further concealing the fact that a queen may indeed be running the show. For purposes of this character profile, I have referred to King Magnu as he, but as for their true gender/looks, you will only find out if you read Elementals of Nordica.

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