Liri Viorunen

Liri Viorunen is our prime smoke elemental. Also known as the vape element, Liri’s our common sense, rather insecure, no-nonsense character. Contrary to Sion, she likes to look before she leaps and is arguably the most diplomatic of our characters. Next to Shia Eaglesky.

Despite Liri’s positive qualities like diplomacy, justice, and common sense, she also possesses negative traits. She’s short with other cast members, especially if she dislikes them, has a plethora of non-existent insecurities, and has a tendency to berate others if they don’t see her pre-selected moral highground.

Obviously, Liri has a few contradictory positive and negative traits. Despite this, I had a lot of fun developing one of the most dynamic character arcs in Wind Wielder. Let’s learn more about Liri.

Liri Viorunen Quick Hits

  • Full Name: Liri Mira Viorunen
  • Date of Birth: June 20th – Close to Litha
  • Age in Wind Wielder: 21
  • Elemental Ability: Vape (Smoke)
  • Home World: Eidolon


Appearance and Bio

Liri stands taller than the other females from the main cast, at around five feet, six inches in height, and between one-hundred-fifty and one-hundred-sixty pounds in body weight. She possesses a solid build, with thicker hips and thighs, defined shoulders and arms, and despite her overall thickness, a defined core. Liri isn’t one you would call thick or curvy; but well-built.

She has brown hair that falls to her mid-back, fair skin, and marble-blue eyes. A bit of a tomboy, Liri does not often wear makeup nor does she paint her nails. The latter of which attracted Sion Zona to her years before they became boyfriend-girlfriend.

Liri grew up in the impoverished section of Iron Town. While Sion and his cousins grew up in a well-off family over an hour away in Wild Valley, Liri’s family did not have the same privileges. Sion’s Aunt Issa and Uncle Antto were some of Nordica’s most well-known spies during the Ten-Year War, and Lord Tuukka therefore never went after them as he did other dissenters.

However, Liri’s mother and her surviving grandparents were forced to blend into Iron Town’s slums if they were to survive. By doing this, it prevented Lord Tuukka and the South Nordican Branch of the Tamurian Army from coming after the family. Sure, they knew of their existence, but given their lives in the slums, Tuukka, arrogant as he is, believed they’d suffer slow, painful deaths in extreme poverty. His policies rendered people like Liri’s family helpless, which put a smile on his face.

And despite receiving regular financial help from Antto Kakko, who worked as a foreman for Tamur Industrials, Liri’s grandparents’ health took a turn for the worst. It was also around this time Liri’s mother, Mira, adopted Terje, a smoke elemental shortly after he lost his parents.

Having grown up in extreme poverty, Liri instead turned her attention to her schoolwork and athletics, where she excelled at both academics and the sport of thrashball. A four-year letter winner at Public School 118 High in Iron Town, Liri was offered and received a full-ride scholarship to Syndergaard University, located in the central business district of Downtown Irontown.

Sion and his cousin Erno received multiple scholarship offers, but upon learning Liri decided to remain close to home, both followed her to Syndergaard, where they led the red and black-clad Cardinals to multiple conference championships.


Liri the Follower – Before the Events of Wind Wielder

Given Liri’s look before one leaps mentality, she rarely exposed her elemental ability before college. Sure, she had more mastery of it than any girl her age should. Especially since she’d only practice it on family outings to secluded areas paid for by Antto Kakko. But it wasn’t until she started dating Sion and living in closer quarters to Erno did she really come into her own.

With Sion and Erno being the scofflaws they were, the cousins took every opportunity to practice their wind and earth control ability, respectively. It was around this time that Liri opened up and regularly improved her ability, surprised at how quickly she continued to level up without official supervision or formal training, much like Sion and Erno.

With her ability coming into its own in Syndergaard, along with her continued prowess on the thrashball field and success in the classroom, her confidence skyrocketed. Though she remained insecure about herself, something that crept up when she and Sion started dating.

Sion and Erno walked into Syndergaard as arguably the best-looking guys in the school. Compared with their heroics on the thrashball field, they both became legends and Liri felt it was both a blessing and a curse to call herself Sion’s girlfriend. On one end, she was honored to be a girl who came from rags to be dating such a prominent face in Syndergaard.

But on the other end, she was a girl from rags dating such a prominent face from Syndergaard, and there were plenty of girls from much more sophisticated backgrounds throwing hints at Sion. Hints that he was never afraid to return.


What Makes Liri Viorunen So Interesting?

Liri Viorunen has that “never say die” mentality, and it makes her one of the most attractive characters in Elementals of Nordica. However, her insecurities can and will turn off other characters except for the fiercely loyal Kakko siblings of Hannah, Erno, and Timo, plus ever the peacemaker, Shia Eaglesky.

Liri is a great person in terms of doing and knowing what’s right and wrong. However, she will go about things the wrong way. As mentioned her greatest character traits are also her worst. She has her morals in the right place, but she will treat others like they’re scumbags if they even remotely disagree with her view on life. Or, if Liri feels like someone slighted her own interests in any way, she’ll throw them blind eyes and deaf ears.

Overall, Liri Viorunen is a likable character. But she will anger you with how poorly she responds to stressful situations, or to anyone who contradicts her. She’s selfless but selfish. Moral, but at the same time, immoral given her tendency to look down on others who view life in other ways.

She’s quite the quagmire. But it has never stopped other characters, Sion included, from loving her.

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