Meet Lord Col Eriksson

Today, we’re talking about one of the most interesting characters in Elementals of Nordica, Lord Col Eriksson. Think of Lord Col as the Obi-Wan Kenobi of this series, among other comparable characters. And although I did not create the character with Ewan McGregor in mind, he’d be a good pick to play Col if this thing ever hit the silver screen!

Below, you’ll find a few necessary quick hits on the character, and later sections reveal who Lord Col Eriksson is, and the role he plays in Elementals of Nordica.


Lord Col Eriksson: Quick Hits

  • Full Name: Col Lune Eriksson
  • Date of Birth: March 16th
  • Age in Wind Wielder: 59
  • Elemental Ability: Wind Master
  • Home World: Eidolon


Appearance and Bio

Col Eriksson stands at just five feet, three inches tall. But don’t mistake his lack of height or weight (130lb), for weakness. Especially given his most visible battle scar, which left burn marks on half of his face. The incident, which took place twenty years before Wind Wielder, left Col blind in one eye, and half of his face deformed. 

Despite his age, Col takes excellent care of his body, with streamlined biceps bulging through his military jackets and cloaks, among other traits. And as his bodyweight implies, he’s also quite lean. 

Col is arguably the strongest Wind Master in Book I – Wind Wielder. He is also the archetypal mentor/professor. Think of Col as a cross between Obi-Wan Kenobi (mentioned in the intro) and Albus Dumbledore, personality-wise. His speech patterns and overall calm demeanor also mimic the two. You’ll probably find Col to be quite humorous and light-hearted at times, despite the overall darkening of the situation, as you’ll discover if you read Chronicles of the Elementals. 

However, Col has a dark side, as you will find out in Wind Wielder. And while he’s a machiavellian puppet master, Col has also gained the trust of everyone who has looked to him as a means of hope. Especially elementals who have defected from their home nations and territories to Nordica, the only known nation in the World of Eidolon in which they can safely practice their ability. 

Col is also the President of the University of Nordica, which many in South Nordica and throughout the world believe is nothing more than a training camp for elemental combat. Given this theory, the global superpower that is Tamuria, has listed Col at #1 on their Most Wanted List, and they have also labeled both the Firebirds and Northern Alliance – Nordica’s Voluntary Armed Forces – terrorist organizations. 

However, given the dense elemental population, the Tamurians, even Lord Tuukka, remained hesitant to launch a strike into Nordica. Not that Tuukka and his boss, King Magnu, weren’t looking for a way to spark a war. However, their hesitancy resulted in a stalemate between the Nordicans and Tamurians over the past two decades.

Something that Col knew would frustrate and deter Tuukka and Magnu. The more elementals he brought to Nordica and trained, the less likely Tamuria would attack. And for two decades, his plan paid off. 

Col is also the Sovereign Ruler of Nordica, in which his granddaughter, Corra, remains the heiress, much to her dismay, given the death of his son, Cor, before the events of Wind Wielder. Col had also taken in and raised Mikko and Valkyrie Siskonen following their parents’ deaths in the Ten-Year War.


What Makes Lord Col Eriksson So Interesting?

If I ever write a prequel series to Elementals of Nordica, odds are I’m telling the story through Col’s eyes. Because if it wasn’t for Col, Elementals of Nordica never would’ve been set in motion. For example, Col is the reason Sion Zona’s parents met and eventually married. Col is also the reason behind the friendships that his parents shared with other prominent characters of the age. Prominent characters that I must remain vague on given their overall significance to the series and it would spoil just about everything in Wind Wielder.

However, there are a few things about Col that I can reveal. For one, he’s descended from the Fennoscandians (yes, I named the peoples and their region after Fennoscandia), who arrived in Nordica’s Northern Regions hundreds of years before the start of the series. Col is one of few elementals who can accurately trace his ancestry to Fennoscandia, which in the Elementals Universe, served as the cradle of the first elemental civilizations.

While every elemental alive today can trace their descent from Fennoscandia, given the abolishment of ancient elemental records in mainstream society including the Sacred Texts, few elementals today are aware of their true descent. The only people with access to such records these days are world leaders from the World of Eidolon’s most powerful nations – Lord Tuukka, King Magnu, President Volkanov, etc. Of course, Col has access too, which is not known to mainstream global leaders.

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Note: The character profile above describes Col before the events of Wind Wielder unless otherwise noted.