Meet Lord Tuukka

Today, we’re talking about Lord Tuukka, one of the most antagonizing characters in Elementals of Nordica, and even the Elementals Universe. Lord Tuukka, as Tom Riddle-like as he can be, wouldn’t quite compare too well to the polarizing villain in the Harry Potter Universe.

Instead, Tuukka wasn’t born to be antagonistic. Instead, his antagonism was brought on by the system in which he pledged allegiance. So for that, he’s not your typical villain when it comes to epic fantasy tropes. Instead, he’s more of a manufactured antagonist working for the real enemies.

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Lord Tuukka: Quick Hits

  • Full Name: Tuukka Kotka Worthy (born as Tuukka Kotka Etienne)
  • Date of Birth: June 6th
  • Age in Wind Wielder: 47
  • Elemental Ability: Wind Master
  • Home World: Eidolon


Appearance and Bio

Tuukka Worthy has long, curly hair that’s either brown, black, sometimes graying (he likes to change the color). He has a lean, yet short build and remains a highly-skilled fighter. He also has a thin beard that ends in a goatee. I was thinking mainly of Keanu Reeves when designing the character’s appearance, as for some strange reason his face just kept floating to my mind. So yeah, if you liken characters to Hollywood stars, Reeves is a good model. 

Tuukka is easily the most antagonizing character in Wind Wielder and is by far the hardest one to like. Even if you grow sympathetic toward him as his backstory unfolds, he may be hard to forgive. Come the events of Wind Wielder, he’s become a perpetual liar and warmonger. Tuukka will do whatever it takes to make things fall in his (and Tamuria’s) favor, even if it means putting politicians, civilians, and those of differing statuses in between at risk. 

The Supreme Leader of South Nordica by appointment of Tamurian King Magnu, Tuukka has bought into the rabid military-industrial complex that drives the Tamurian Empire’s paycheck. And yes, Magnu pays Tuukka Worthy well for it…with money forced out of the hands of hardworking South Nordicans and others across the vast empire. 

His surname displays his sheer arrogance more than anything else. Upon his appointment as Supreme Leader two decades before the series began, he legally changed his name from Etienne to Worthy. His appointed successor also has the last name, and it’s his plan for any subsequent successor to the Supreme Leadership of Tamuria’s South Nordican Colonies to be given the name. 

Lord Tuukka is also responsible for Tamuria’s continued dominance over Nordica when, shortly before his appointment to Supreme Leadership, ordered the infamous Talvi Bombings that ended the Ten-Year War and killed over 180,000 people living in the city, many of them elementals like himself, which he, much like the rest of the world, refers to as mutants. 

A raging psychopath who is so in love with his power, Tuukka often spends his free time searching for the South Nordican Branch of the Tamurian Military’s, and by extension Tamuria’s, next manufactured enemy. 


What Makes Lord Tuukka Interesting?

Lord Tuukka epitomizes everything you look for in an antagonist. Take the most ruthless dictators of the 20th century and combine them. That’s Tuukka Worthy. There are a few more things about Tuukka that show just how far he’s willing to go, but if I told you everything, I’d spoil everything.

However, I will tell you that despite taking inspiration from 20th-century dictators in the creation of Lord Tuukka, I’ll also say that he seized his power in a far different way. That Tuukka initially never intended to thirst for such power. But outside influences and propaganda over time turned him into the man he has become today.

Tuukka symbolizes individuals who are inherently good people. However, after things are delivered to them in a specific way, they come to justify evil as “necessary,” “for the greater good,” or because “what was done, needed to be done,” or even, “that’s the way it is,” – think military action, collateral damage, sanctions, etc. Unlike individuals who justify such actions, however, Tuukka ended up taking things a step further – he wanted to become influential in such actions.

That said, if I ever write a prequel series and the average reader meets Tuukka then, as opposed to Wind Wielder or Chronicles of the Elementals, by the end of the series they would no longer know Tuukka. If you’re reading this work, you can easily compare him to Darth Vader from Star Wars and similar characters.

But will Tuukka ever see the error of his ways as Vader did?

To be honest, as an author who writes to discover what becomes of his characters in later series installments, even I don’t know that answer. I’ll find out shortly before you find out.

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