Mikko and Valkyrie Siskonen

Mikko and Valkyrie Siskonen are our two resident deviant twins. No, they’re not Fred and George Weasley by any stretch of the imagination. You got the hotheaded daredevil in Mikko and the ingenious evader in Valkyrie. And together, they love to cause their adopted father, Col Eriksson a lot of strife. Which often becomes more serious as they age.

Are you ready to learn more about two more important characters, one of which has her own POV scenes in Chronicles of the Elementals?

Keep reading.

Mikko and Valkyrie Siskonen Quick Hits

  • Full Names: Mikko Sigurth Siskonen, Valkyrie Guthrun Siskonen
  • Date of Birth: March 21st – Close to Ostara
  • Age in Wind Wielder: 22 – they are over a year older than our main protagonist, Sion
  • Elemental Abilities: Metal (Mikko), Blood (Valkyrie)
  • Home World: Eidolon


Appearance and Bio

Mikko and Valkyrie are fraternal twins, with Mikko sporting a taller, lankier, but full bodybuild, wiry hair, and a slightly darker than fair skin tone. He has black hair and black eyes to match to go with numerous tattoos running up and down the length of his arms. It’s implied that Mikko regularly takes performance-enhancing drugs given his bodybuild and aggressive personality.

Valkyrie sports amber eyes, auburn hair that falls just beyond her shoulders, and a fair skin complexion. She’s tiny in thrashball player terms, at just five feet, four inches tall, and weighing a hair under one-hundred-twenty pounds. However, she’s strong for her rather petite size. When she first meets Sion, he notes that she boasts a slight resemblance to Liri, besides the hair and eye color, and hair length.

Mikko and Valkyrie were born to two well-known Firebirds – Col Eriksson’s name for the Nordican Military – Nils and Ylva Siskonen. They played thrashball at the University of Nordica and were more well-versed in the metal and blood ability than even their most talented classmates and those who had come before them. Something that Mikko and Valkyrie have inherited.

Valkyrie also notes in Chronicles of the Elementals that she also believed she and Mikko inherited Nils and Ylva’s sense of adventure, given stories Col and his wife and her adoptive mother, Iona Eriksson, told her.

However, the duo never remembers meeting their parents since Tuukka Worthy’s Talvi Bombings wiped them out, along with other prominent elementals living in the city. Despite the wards placed onto their homes, the bombs, manufactured by the most powerful Elemental Masters in Tamuria in top-secret facilities via investments from Tamur Industrials, nothing held when the bombs destroyed the city in a single evening.

Barely alive, Col Eriksson rescued them from the rubble, who himself sustained serious injuries in an unrelated event. The Siskonen twins spent their childhood, teenage, and college years in Nordica. Here, they reached Elemental Mastery in record time, breaking the same record held by their own parents when their swords manifested as freshmen.


Visits to South Nordica

The twins were everything a parent, or adoptive parent, could ask for in Nordica: Talented in their respective element, outstanding athletes, and at least in Valkyrie’s case, a top student.

But there was one caveat: They spent most of their college breaks sneaking into Tamuria-controlled South Nordica given the small landmass Nordica was to its southern counterpart. Despite the restrictions Tamuria forced onto the South Nordicans and definitely its elemental crowd, Mikko and Valkyrie fell in love with the region’s party scene. Where most of the population’s non-elementals and law-abiding elementals – those with elemental ability and followed Tamuria’s law that they pretend they do not possess one, found pleasure in sports, drinking, and other mind-numbing activities.

It was something Valkyrie, with the brains she owns, but not Mikko, saw through. Valkyrie drank a few times during her visits but given the vulnerability, she felt after just a few drinks with all those guys approaching her, she gave it up. Sure, the scene, the parties, the dancing were activities she fell in love with. Drinking, smoking, and rec drugs? Not so much. Mikko on the other hand, took part in numerous rec drug experiments over their college careers.

Soon, it became clear the twins held different motives for sneaking from their Nordican sanctuary and into South Nordica. Valkyrie, for the adventure. And Mikko, for his next thrill. After the latter came up with a grand idea to make South Nordican money by selling Nordican college thrashball season previews on the black market to a man named Morpheus, a dangerous kingpin in South Nordica’s underground drug and gambling scene.


What Makes Mikko and Valkyrie Interesting?

They’re definitely twins, but when you meet them in Chronicles of the Elementals, they’re night and day when it comes to having things in common. A few things. They’re both outstanding athletes, gifted Elemental Masters, and brains few can match. Even if Mikko’s doesn’t show in the academic sphere.

But everything else, from looks to interests, and even life goals, Mikko and Valkyrie Siskonen are completely different human beings. Oh, they also share strong-willed, no-nonsense personalities. But despite their countless differences, it won’t take you long to realize that Mikko and Valkyrie care for one another deeply. And you’ll discover this strong brother-sister bond in Chronicles of the Elementals.

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