Meet Rajae Worthy

Rajae Worthy is the Heiress to Supreme Leadership of the South Nordican Colonies, one of many lands under the Tamurian Empire’s rule. While Sion Zona acts as the main protagonist in the series, Rajae is one of our antagonists. Below, you’ll find some fun facts about Rajae, who prefers to go by Raj, plus a bit of backstory that won’t spoil things if you read Wind Wielder or even Chronicles of the Elementals.


Quick Hits on Rajae Worthy

  • Rajae “Raj” Worthy
  • Date of Birth: October 31st
  • Age in Wind Wielder: 23/24
  • Elemental Ability: Fire
  • Home World: Eidolon


Rajae Worthy’s Character Development

Raj serves many purposes. For one, she symbolizes the spoiled heiress to the Supreme Leader of Nordica, Lord Tuukka. However, readers cannot help but feel sorry for Raj, given her tragic family history in which I cannot dive into detail. But Chronicles of the Elementals will throw out a few hints while Wind Wielder reveals something highly significant about our (somewhat) likeable antagonist.

Anyway, Raj not only symbolizes the spoiled heiress; she also symbolizes every bit of Royal Family/First Family and all their equivalent’s offspring in politics. One in which much of the empire has fallen in love with and worships the ground they walk on. Especially those non-elemental Tamurian Loyalists.

But there are always a few who scoff at the girl’s supposedly easy life in front of the camera, mingling with celebrities, military officers, and other high-ranking world leaders, living a lavish lifestyle, with every need catered to her.

Raj also represents that kid who excelled in both athletics and academics. She graduated as Class Valedictorian at Lord Tamur Prep High School over half a decade before the events of Wind Wielder. She also graduated at the top of her class from Ivy University, before moving onto military training to become a high-ranking officer in the Tamurian Military Academy at South Point.

Just about every female in South Nordica wants to be Raj, and about every male wants to be with her. But again, she has her haters. And perhaps no one scoffs at her more than South Nordica’s second-class elemental population, which Tuukka has repeatedly trounced on following the Ten-Year War, and Raj has also taken part in his game.

However, Raj also has a soft side. One can even go as far as to claim she doesn’t approve of injustice, unlike Tuukka. If she can justify violent enforcement, she’s happy to take part. If she cannot, she has a problem with those who do.

Appearance-wise, Raj, if given an Earth equivalent, resembles North Africans, Moroccans, to be exact. In fact, I actually named her after a Moroccan woman I had become friends with years ago. She gets the look from her mother, who is full-blooded Calorman – Eidolon’s version of the former Ottoman Empire.

Raj has olive skin, aquamarine eyes, and straight, jet-black hair featuring red highlights, the color symbolic of Fire Mastery – in elemental society, many female elementals add streaks to their hair with the color symbolic of their ability. You see, the same with characters like Hannah Kakko (blue for water), Rosie Driver (neon green for earth), and others.

Raj is also extremely petite, standing at just 5’3, and weighing around 110lb. Despite her tiny build, she possesses superior physical strength and can easily lift a soldier twice her bodyweight onto her shoulders, among other feats. She’s the epitome of the “dominance comes in small packages” mantra.

Raj is one of those girls that, despite her popularity, prefers to be low-key. She loved her premieres, but has since admitted they’ve grown old and tiresome. She has one real friend and confidant, and it’s really all she wants.


What Makes Rajae Worthy Interesting?

Despite Raj’s sometimes sadistic ways, especially toward lawbreaking elementals, her soft side is one she keeps hidden. Secretly, she’d trade her life in for a normal one with two living parents to go home to, a sibling or two, and a normal, full-time job.

But, she’s been convinced that her birthright is to someday rule South Nordica as one of the Tamurian Empire’s leaders. And it’s a birthright she takes seriously, even if her iron fist would soften Tuukka’s continual blow to his many injustices. To an extent, anyway.

Raj is such a mystery. On one end, she’s evil, twisted, Bellatrix Lestrange/Dolores Umbridge/Alecto Carrow-like. But on the other side of the spectrum, the girl isn’t afraid to provide a voice for the voiceless, especially when Tuukka exerts his power when he otherwise would not need to.

I based Raj on perhaps more characters than any other I created. Yeah, she’s got a lot of Bellatrix Lestrange and Dolores Umbridge in her, as mentioned above.

She also reminds me of Winter Mortis from Rebecca Garcia’s Fate of Crowns Series – Winter is inherently a good person, but given her birthright, she feels she’s expected to act in certain ways as a leader. And that means sacrificing her otherwise moral high ground, as long as she can justify the intent.

She also has some Olivia Carey from the World of the Gateway in her. A girl who looks down on others because of her birthright as a Durupinen. However, she also shows her humane side, shown in E.E. Holmes’ Portraits of the Forsaken.

So when you think of Raj, think of her as the most polarizing character in the entire series. Think of her as a good person propagated into the authoritarian she has become, and that external forces molded her character, as opposed to her own free will.

Did you enjoy learning about Rajae?

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