Shia Eaglesky

We are onto Shia Eaglesky, our resident spirit elemental. Shia doesn’t hold the same main event status as the previous four characters discussed. But she is probably the top secondary main character in the work. Yes, she’s part of the main cast and appears often. However, as mentioned, she’s not necessarily front and center.

Think of the character’s status on the same level as Rubeus Hagrid’s or Remus Lupin’s from the Harry Potter Series. Still by all means major characters, but at the same time, rarely front and center. Either way, if it’s not for Shia Eaglesky and her stellar ability to control the spirit element, our main characters’ jobs would be about ten times harder.

Let’s learn more about Shia.


Shia Eaglesky: Quick Hits

  • Full Name: Shia Turtle-Rabbit Eaglesky
  • Date of Birth: December 21st
  • Age in Wind Wielder: 17
  • Elemental Ability: Spirit
  • Home World: Eidolon


Shia Eaglesky’s Bio

Shia Eaglesky is a Native Nordican, belonging to the race of people who had inhabited Nordican lands long before the first settlers – Caer and Malikki Cymraeg and their crew – stumbled in from the Eurean Continent. 

Yet, this is where Shia Eaglesky’s story begins. Long before Native Nordicans suffered mistreatment to the point of near extinction at the hands of the Tamurian and Iberian settlers who would later dominate the region, the Native Nordicans mingled with and married into the descendants of those first Eurean settlers. 

For this reason, Shia is about 99 percent Native Nordican, 1 percent Eurean, as a direct descendant of Caer and Malikki, which becomes VERY significant in the series. 

These days, Tamuria and their Iberian rivals have forced most Native Nordicans onto ghetto-like reserves while the Republic of Nordica contains just one Native Reserve. The latter of which is more symbolic of meaning than anything else, and comprises a mixture of Native Nordicans and other races. It also does not contain the ghetto-like characteristics of the many reserves in South Nordica (controlled by Tamuria), or the Northern Regions in which Tamuria and Iberia control, depending on the region. 

Therefore, Shia grew up on the Tuscarora Reserve, which held its advantages for the budding spirit elemental. Since the Tamurian Government cared little about the reserve, showing up once a month to deliver MREs and water to the poverty-stricken region, Shia used the lack of oversight to perfect her ability in secret, and therefore, nearly reached Spirit Mastery at the unheard-of age of 17.  

Of course, this occurred before the Tuscarora Massacre, courtesy of the notorious Lord Tuukka Worthy. A crisis in which he capitalized on exerting more control and oversight on such reserves and elementals, known in South Nordica and throughout the World of Eidolon as mutants. 

However, shortly before the massacre, Col Eriksson remembered his old friend and mentee from the Ten-Year War, Chief Elder Teemu “Wild Bull” Eaglesky, and a request Shia once made to him years before the events of Wind Wielder. It had always been her dream to attend the University of Nordica ever since her early childhood days when Wild Bull would tell her stories of his time at the school. Among others, the region’s fair treatment of Native Nordicans. 

Col told Wild Bull for Shia to wait for him at the Tuscarora Network, in which he would surprise the girl that he had accepted her into U of N on a full-ride scholarship for thrashball, considering her sheer talent at the sport.

However, given Shia’s quick ascent in her spirit elemental ability, Col’s ulterior motive was to recruit Shia into the Northern Alliance, the student branch of his fighting force, the Firebirds. Col believed Shia, given the lack of spirit elementals in the World of Eidolon thanks to Tamuria’s and other global powers’ continual imprisonment and massacring of such people, could lead the few spirit elementals in the Alliance. 


Shia Eaglesky’s Appearance and Personality 

Shia resembles a full-blooded Native American-equivalent with her skin tone. She has fine facial features, straight, black hair, and eyes as black as her pupils. She boasts a petite, lean physique, and is extremely athletic, which makes her such a dangerous thrashball player. 

Personality-wise, Shia is shy upon a first meeting. However, she’s one of those extreme introverts who evolves into an extreme extrovert the second she gets comfortable. If she’s in a room with 50 people and she knows just one of them, she’ll cling to that one person until another strikes up a conversation with her and she has no escape route in avoiding it. However, after a few minutes, she’ll turn into a chatterbox. 

Not much is known about Shia’s family, except that Wild Bull raised her after her mother died of disease. Shia was so young, however, she has no recollection of her mother. Wild Bull, known as Teemu in Nordica, returned to the area following the Ten-Year War that concluded two decades before the series began to serve as a leader to his people following his father’s death. 

Lord Tuukka, a staunch enemy of Wild Bull Eaglesky, knew of the man’s returned but allowed him to live with the Tuscaroras as opposed to arresting, jailing, and ultimately killing him. Not out of sympathy, but because over the years, Tuukka did not need Eaglesky dead from a strategic standpoint. 

Shia’s Native Nordican name is Turtle-Rabbit, but nearly everyone refers to her either by her first name, or her surname, Eaglesky. Turtle-Rabbit is one of a couple of nods toward Jisoo from the K-pop girl band Blackpink when she jokes her English name to be Jisoo Turtle-Rabbit Kim in an App video.


What Makes Shia Eaglesky Interesting?

Shia is that one character who exhibits little to no flaws. While she never plays an overly major role in the series, her sheer power, ability to get herself out of the deadliest situations, and team player mentality make her an important part of the cast. 

I based Shia on a few of my favorite not-so-major characters, including Nymphadora Tonks from Harry Potter, Rue from the Hunger Games, and Tia Vezga from World of the Gateway, among others.

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