Meet Skyra Beck

Skyra Beck is probably my favorite minor character in Wind Wielder, and is based on a plethora of different people, both real-life, and fictional. And I will elaborate on one fiction character in particular that I have based her on. So today’s character profile is going to be an interesting one. Whereas most of our cast is already from Nordica, Skyra is the first dissenter in the series that we meet.

And boy, is her story tragic. But I won’t spoil much for you here. Instead, you’ll need to read Wind Wielder to discover what truly becomes of Skyra. However, today’s character profile will give you a quick rundown on the character’s backstory that does not appear in the books.

Skyra Beck Quick Hits:

  • Full Name: Skyra Anne Beck
  • Date of Birth: December 27th
  • Age in Wind Wielder: 23
  • Elemental Ability: Wind (Air)
  • Home World: Eidolon


Appearance and Bio

As of Wind Keeper, Skyra Beck is the tallest female character in the series, standing at least five feet, nine inches tall, but could be taller. She has thick, yet toned, lean legs, and a rather lanky upper body. Her eyes are brown and her hair is darker than a raven’s. She has a rather kind face, pearly teeth, and unless Sion annoys her, wears a natural smile.

Skyra grew up in South Nordica on the outskirts of Kitee, a city we glimpse in Chronicles of the Elementals. Her father, as with many growing up near cities situated on or near water, worked for Tamur Industrials, which of course, manufactured weapons for the Tamurian Empire.

Don’t think for a single second, however, that her parents were loyal to Tamuria. Her dad, a selfless man, had to make a big decision when it came to raising three daughters – Hela, Skyra, and Midega. Therefore, to make ends meet, he had no choice but to work for an industry that helped Tamuria thrive from every portion of the world.

He never fought in the Ten-Year War, nor did he publicly voice his opinion on supporting Col Eriksson and Nordican liberty two decades before the events of Wind Wielder.

I’m going to skip the juicy stuff for later. But I will tell you that Skyra eventually ended up in Nordica. Again, Wind Wielder elaborates on where I need to abruptly cut things off.


What Makes Skyra Beck Interesting?

Skyra’s the kind of girl that gets it. And she personifies one of the themes in Elementals of Nordica. It’s something you will find out later on, and it’s the wisdom she will pass onto the brash Sion Zona. If you ask me, it’s where Sion sees her as more than a friend, but as a mentor and confidant. Something that, as the series unfolds, Sion realizes.

Skyra reminds me a lot of David Pierce from E.E. Holmes’ World of the Gateway. They’re both no-nonsense, but caring individuals that do all they can to help their mentees – Jess Ballard in World of the Gateway and Sion Zona here in Elementals of Nordica, discover their true selves.

Her sheer symbolism as a theme, something that will soon stick with Sion Zona throughout the series, makes her my favorite minor character in Wind Wielder. Minor, but arguably the most important character. But there is one other noble act that Skyra performs in the book, and it’s through her knowledge of important series elements that she brings what might just be the most important aspect of the series to life.

Not just in Elementals of Nordica, but in the entire Renegades Epic that includes the Terrian Chronicles (at least four series within the series), Chronicles of Rondure, and also, the Lost World Chronicles.

Sorry I had to be rather curt in Skyra’s bio, but if you plan on reading Wind Wielder, you will find the rest of her backstory.

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