Meet Tash Holmes!

Tash Holmes is the first character that is NOT present in Wind Wielder. However, if you’ve read Chronicles of Rondure, you met Tash and have gained an idea of what the World of Rondure looks like and is going through. However, we will come across Tash in Book II – Wind Wielder, and you CAN consider Chronicles of Rondure to be the interquel between Wind Wielder and Wind Master, even if it takes place in a different world.

Anyway, are you ready to learn more about Tash?

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Tash Holmes Quick Hits

  • Full Name: Tash Siobhan Holmes
  • Date of Birth: 31st of Elokuu (equivalent to August 31st) – Unlike Eidolon, whose months and dates resemble Earth’s, Rondure’s do not.
  • Age in Wind Master: 18
  • Elemental Ability: Metal Morphing
  • Home World: Rondure


Appearance and Bio

Chronicles of Rondure
I always pictured Tash with lighter hair until I chose this cover.

If you’re read Chronicles of Rondure, then this one’s just going to rehash a few key points. Tash is your average-sized female with a thin, yet lean build. She has dark red hair (I initially pictured her with bright red hair), blue eyes, and fair skin.

Tash is the only known elemental in Rondure to have escaped the notorious Cull. At the first of each month, the superpower nation on Rondure, Bastille, Culls children who have displayed elemental ability into their ranks and they train them to be super soldiers. Over the last decade, Tash hid her metal morphing ability. Practicing it only when she snuck into restricted areas, away from the Bastille Military routinely patrolling the streets of City Twelve. Or in her case, on City Twelve’s outskirts.

Since she spent over a decade posing as a non-elemental, Tash was forced to attend public schools that were no more than propaganda outlets to garner unwavering support for Bastille’s military empire. Also while in school, Tash’s aptitudes led the state to decide she was best suited as a nurse in the local hospital who would attend to men injured in the nearby mines and steel mills.

Two years before the events in Chronicles of Rondure, an accident led to several deaths, one of which they left Tash to identify, which happened to be her own father. Not long after, Tash reunited with an old friend named Sven, Culled around the same time Tash discovered her abilities. Sven revealed to Tash he and a select few others were secretly planning to overthrow Bastille’s military-industrial complex, which at this point had spiraled out of control.

Tash joined the crew to provide information on the propaganda the Bastille Government spewed to the schools. Info that Sven, along with his friends Lukas, Mina, and others, could, in turn, reveal startling truths regarding the lies that Bastille spread to its empire’s youth.



In Chronicles of Rondure, Tash makes a daring trip into nearby City Eleven when it becomes clear Bastille’s next plan of action is to further usurp its peoples’ civil liberties with another round of petty safety laws. Given Sven’s, Mina’s, and Lukas’s assignments, Tash is the only one who can embark on this mission.

A mission to show the Bastille people, or at least plant the seed, that no matter how many safety measures (basically martial law) their government passes, they will always fail to protect the people. To prove this, Tash must use her metal morphing abilities to disrupt the incoming Cull in City Eleven.

And if she succeeds, odds are she will awaken more than a few people to the fact that regardless of the safety barriers enacted, anyone with the correct mindset can bust through them. And of course, that their Culls didn’t catch and train every elemental to become supersoldiers.


What Makes Tash Holmes So Interesting?

For one, her name. I named Tash after the demon god Tash from Chronicles of Narnia, who was the god that brought destruction during the last days of Narnia in The Last Battle. The name is a direct nod to Tash’s ability to single-handedly bring destruction to measures many citizens in Bastille believe are necessary to uphold a safe, secure nation.

Her last name, Holmes, is a tribute to E.E. Holmes, one of my favorite authors who wrote World of the Gateway. 

Tash is the first character we meet in Elementals of Nordica that is not native to the Planet Eidolon. But here, we have this eighteen-year-old girl who sees through her government’s propaganda slash warfare state even if no one else does, including her mother and father (when he was alive).

That said, Tash grew up as a lonely girl who carried the burden of knowing but would rather not know the brutal truth of her country. And this compounded when she met like-minded soldiers only too happy to let her into their budding clique of rebels since they needed someone to relay information to them from the outside.

Tash is really the conduit her rebel friends needed. The physical proof that Bastille’s measures weren’t bulletproof. And given her power as a metal morpher, it made her the prime candidate to enact some much-needed chaos to awaken the public that martial law, invasion of privacy, and other security measures weren’t the answer to a safe, secure nation.

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