The Core Four

Today, we are talking about my favorite group of characters that do not start off as part of the main cast – the Core Four! These special girls were very loosely based on the four members of my favorite band, Blackpink in terms of names. However, each girl has their own unique dates of birth, personality, and looks.

They are by no means Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa. However, these four girls have a) come from different backgrounds and b) show a fiercely independent side. They’re, more than anything else, a nod to the world’s most successful K-pop girl group.

Let’s learn about them.

The Core Four: Quick Hits

  • Full Names: Suzuka “Su” Kimiko, Lalisa “Lali” Must-Roosa, Jennifer “Jenn” Etela, Rosalita “Rosie” Driver.
  • Dates of Birth: December 29th (Su), November 24th (Jenn), October 4th (Lalisa), November 1st (Rosie).
  • Ages in Wind Wielder: 20 (Su), 19 (Jenn, Rosie), 18 (Lalisa).
  • Elemental Abilities: Vape/Smoke (Su), Blood (Jenn), Earth (Rosie), Spirit (Lalisa).
  • Home World: Eidolon


Appearance and Bios

All four girls have fawn-colored skin and almond-shaped eyes, along with straight, black hair. Like many females in Elementals of Nordica, they highlighted their hair with streaks pertinent to their respective elements.

Lalisa highlighted hers with a single white streak, and Rosie did the same with neon green. Su highlighted the tips of her black hair with silver, and Jenn’s feature orange braids. Each has petite builds, and their natural finesse ability makes them outstanding thrashball players. 

Arguably, my favorite non-members of the main cast in Wind Wielder, they were the coolest characters to flesh.

Su, the oldest member of the group, has ironically spent the least amount of time in Nordica. She only moved there with her family to seek refuge when the second most dangerous global power, Iberia, extended its influence into her homeland of Minguk. Su has a cameo role in Wind Wielder, but her character grows in Wind Master.

She’s the look before she leaps type and is often implied to be the smartest character in the series. She’s fluent in three Far East languages and has a firm grasp on Tamurish (English) when she speaks her first lines in Wind Master.

Lalisa is the daughter of prominent Nordican Commander, Roku Must-Roosa. She’s the youngest of the group by over a year but often implied to be the leader. Exceptionally bright, Lalisa entered the University of Nordica one year before most, much like Shia Eaglesky.

She’s arguably the kindest character in the series, who has the ability to get along with anyone. However, this can make her prone to being too trusting and even naive. As her father is a strict disciplinarian, Lalisa often tries too hard to impress him, and nothing ever seems to be good enough. Not even straight A’s and excelling in classes often reserved for upperclassmen.

Jenn is that character who’d rather sleep in class, play sports, and work on her looks during her free time. Personality-wise, she really reminds me of Savannah Todd from World of the Gateway, but with an athletic twist. Not much is known about Jenn, except given her shortness and hard-to-motivate personality, it’s implied she grew up in a rather easy life.

We first meet Jenn as an apparent Chekvov’s gun in Wind Wielder, where she is a teammate of Sion’s and the other main characters on the thrashball field. Called a possession-oriented center, Jenn seems to be Sion’s surehanded target capable of picking up positive yardage when needed.

Rosie appears in more scenes in Wind Wielder than the other characters. Like Jenn, she appears more as a Chekvov’s gun than anything else, serving as the goaltender in thrashball. An average player, it’s noted in Wind Wielder that her save percentage hovers around 75 percent.

Rosie, however, is the first of the Core Four to speak in Elementals of Nordica, and the only of the Core Four with a line in Wind Wielder. Despite this, she does not speak throughout the duration of Wind Master.

And it’s implied she’s more of the group’s follower while Lalisa makes the key decisions often after Su provides input. Jenn often contributes resistance while Rosie goes with the flow. However, just because she’s the most reserved of the four girls, don’t think anything less of her as a character. She is a fierce, fierce, fierce earth elemental.


The Core Four of the Salient

You will find more about what the Salient is in Wind Master. But the Core Four is a group that you can also compare to a few others throughout history; not just their names being reminiscent of K-Pop’s #1 girl group. In Wind Master, the Core Four take on a much larger role long after you may have forgotten about them since they don’t appear until Act III, or the equivalent thereof.

And they’re only too happy to contribute to their part of the story. Even if Roku Must-Roosa is hardcore against letting his daughter out of his sight. But Lalisa, the chivalrous girl she is, has other ideas. Su, the rational thinker, weighs pros and cons. Jenn, our firebrand, lists all the ideas as to why they should not take part in such an act. And Rosie, as noted, is cool with whatever happens. Even if it means walking into danger.

That said, I also based their personas on what you’d find within the four Hogwarts Houses – Lalisa displays qualities found in Gryffindor, while Su is a clear Ravenclaw. Jenn fits the Slytherin persona well, but ultimately in a positive way, while Rosie is our resident Hufflepuff.

Anyway, the girls ultimately decide to take part in Wind Master’s climax alongside the other main characters in Elementals of Nordica. A climax many believe to be the Salient.


What Makes the Core Four Interesting?

I touched a little on their backstories in today’s post. But as you read Wind Master, you’ll get a bit more about what makes these girls so close. Especially Lalisa’s backstory and her endless quest to prove she’s more than what Roku believes she’s capable of.

Also, these four girls are just a few of many characters I’ve named after singers/musicians. Erno Kakko was named after Erno “Emppu” Vuorinen of Nightwish and Tony Kakko of Sonota Arctica. Also, Liri Viorunen‘s last name is a mixture that of Emppu’s and Tarja Turunen’s.

If you’ve been following my Author News, I’ve been talking a lot about my current WIP which I will release after Wind Master in March 2022 entitled Tarja Titan. Tarja is obviously named after Turunen, who served as the original lead singer of Nightwish.

And a prominent character in the book, Floor Jetta, is named after Floor Jansen. Finally, Mina, who will serve as my main character in Chronicles of Rondure: Civil War (available April 2022), is named after Mina Myoi of Twice, as is Kira Myoi, who is also featured in Tarja Titan.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – K-Pop and Symphonic/Power Metal are your two favorite musical genres?


Thank goodness Babymetal exists, since they blend elements from both genres…

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