Meet Timo and Hannah Kakko!

Timo and Hannah Kakko are our second set of twins after Mikko and Valkyrie Siskonen. While each of our characters in Elementals of Nordica grows in some way, shape, or form, perhaps no one grows as much as these two. One reason is that they’re barely over the Base Experience Level of 20 at the beginning of Wind Wielder.

For another, they’re our second and third-youngest main characters. Or major characters, since like their older brother Erno, Timo and Hannah Kakko don’t appear in the highest number of scenes. However, their role grows throughout the course of Wind Wielder and they mold from minor character status to part of the main cast.

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Timo and Hannah Kakko Quick Hits

  • Full Names: Timo Toni Kakko, Hannah Jessica Kakko
  • D.O.B: September 21st – Close to Mabon/Autumn Equinox
  • Ages in Wind Wielder: 18 (19 from September-onward)
  • Elemental Abilities: Wood (Timo), Water (Hannah)
  • Home World: Eidolon


Appearance and Bios

Timo is six minutes older than Hannah, and takes pride in being the older sibling; often to the point where he’s overprotective of her. And it wouldn’t be wise for anyone to mess with Hannah, considering Timo’s imposing six-foot-tall, 250-plus pound frame. The kid’s built like a fullback with olive skin, blue eyes, and wavy hair that’s more reminiscent of his cousin Sion’s than Erno’s.

Timo often hangs with the more mature, laid-back Erno and barely tolerates the brash Sion. Despite this, Timo often looks to Sion when it comes to Hannah, given the latter’s closeness with her cousin. He also understands Sion was the victim during the inciting incidents of Wind Wielder.

While Timo is big-boned and imposing, he’s often the most reserved of the main cast, speaking ONLY when spoken to or if he has something to say. You can think of Timo as a stereotypical guard/bouncer. Strong, silent, and borderline deadly when pushed beyond a certain point. As he shows with his wood elemental ability despite his low levels. Timo is full of potential and his brute strength makes him a force to be reckoned with.

Other than similar eye color, skin color, and facial expressions, Hannah looks nothing like her twin brother. She’s petite, but curvy in all the right places. She stands over a half-foot shorter than Timo and weighs about 130 pounds tops.

Hannah is very emotional, either driven to thinking irrationally, blowing things out of proportion, or breaking down when the going gets tough. But don’t mistake this for weakness; Hannah is the 1 to 1,000 type of individual and she also shows a vindictive side. To the point where she’s unafraid to invoke physical harm if she thinks they deserve it.

While Timo and Sion share a strained relationship, Hannah would consider Sion to be her best friend since birth. The two share a brother-sister bond, despite their status as cousins. This only grows as Hannah’s abilities evolve in Wind Wielder. Hannah is also fiercely loyal, and can be manipulative when she cares to. She’s also far stronger than she looks and is willing to sacrifice her body for the greater good if necessary.

Hannah doesn’t look tough, but she is. She doesn’t seem like the courageous type until you get to know her. And she’s likely to cower in fear unless pushed to a certain point. And when she gets pushed so far, she can and will use some sick water elemental abilities. If there’s ever a character archetype for Hannah, you can call her the Trickster.


Timo and Hannah Kakko: Warriors and Athletes

In Wind Wielder, you’ll find that the thrashball subplot takes center stage. Hannah and Timo play a huge role in the thrashball scenes, with Hannah taking a position as the utility center (the center who specializes in everything), while Timo’s imposing frame makes him a remarkable defender.

Like their cousins, Timo and Hannah spent a few years before the events of Wind Wielder illegally practicing their ability down in South Nordica, away from Tamurian eyes. Since they’re younger by three years, the two did not evolve as quickly in their respective abilities. However, that’s about to change as war brews between the Elementals of Nordica and a Tamurian Empire that has persecuted them for centuries.


What Makes Timo and Hannah Kakko so Interesting?

For one, their names. Timo is a common Finnish name and he is also named after Toni Kakko from Sonata Arctica. I derived Hannah’s name from Jess and Hannah Ballard in E.E. Holmes’ World of the Gateway. Hannah is as of the time of this writing the only character in the series to be named after characters in a series that I have previously read. In early drafts, Hannah’s name was Leija, but I felt it looked weird, so I changed it to Hannah. Jessica followed up as her middle name not long after.

There is also a huge clue regarding Hannah in Wind Wielder. This clue will lead to us learning something highly significant about another character in the series. I don’t elaborate on the clue in the book. And if you’re a fast reader, odds are you will miss it.

I also created Timo and Hannah because I wanted two characters that I could give a full arc. Shia Eaglesky is the youngest of the main characters. But her history has placed her a cut above Timo and Hannah ability-wise in Wind Wielder. In fact, she’s ahead of most of the main characters. From an experience standpoint, Timo and Hannah Kakko have a lot of room to grow.

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