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The Tamurian Empire

The Tamurian Empire is the global superpower in the World of Eidolon. But how did they attain so much power? Click the link below to find out more!

The Story Behind the Tamurian Empire



Nordica was once inhabited by people now known as Native Nordicans. Afterward, a friendly King and his wife, along with their crew, set foot in what would become Nordica. However, things soon went downhill for a colony that would soon find itself a Tamurian Colony. Find out what went wrong.

Story of Nordica


The Sacred Texts

Like many centralized religious texts, the Sacred Texts were written by people. However, these people had a major connection with our god and goddess, Stoicheia and Trinity. Find out how the Texts were written, why they were written, and how they pertain to Elementals of Nordica.

Story of the Sacred Texts



Thrashball is an Elemental’s Game. Much like how Quidditch is a Witch’s and Wizard’s game in Harry Potter. This post will give you a rundown on how I came up with the game of thrashball, and how I inserted it into my Elementals of Nordica Series.

Story of Thrashball


The Lightning Family and Tamurian Industrials

The Lighting Family’s prominence has become synonymous with Tamurian Industrials. How did it happen? Check out the story of the Lightning Family!

Story of the Lightning Family