Story of the Lightning Family and Tamur Industrials

You will meet the Lightning Family in Wind Wielder. But you may already know about Les Lightning if you read Chronicles of the Elementals. The Heir to the Lightning Family Fortune is a respected military officer set on taking Tamur to the next level once his father steps down.

But how did the Lightning Family go from being an ordinary family of elementals and Elemental Masters to the Tamurian Empire’s TOP weapons manufacturer? And yes, these weapons put ordinary ones that we see in the real world to shame. Take the strongest weapons in today’s world and fortify them with elemental magic – that should tell you just how strong Tamur Industrials’ weapons are.

And it should also tell you just how large the Lightning Family’s bankroll is today.

Where Did the Lightning Family Come From?

The Lightning Family traces its roots to Native Tamuria (equivalent to Native Celts in our world) and the Fennoscandian Raiders (think Norman equivalent) that invaded and conquered Tamuria. This is something I laid out in the Story of the Tamurian Empire.

The name Lightning did not originate until the founding of Tamurian Industrials. Hundreds of years before the founding, before the first advanced weapons touched soil in the World of Eidolon, the name traces its roots to the names Thuner and Perkele.

The Thuner family were relegated to the outskirts of Lontoo, Tamuria when Morgana took over following the Raider Invasion. The name Perkele was one of many names listed in the Sacred Seven –¬†the seven most prominent families following Morgana to conquer Tamuria.

Einar Perkele was the patriarch whose descendants eventually ended up in the New World centuries later. He was a brutal man, having indentured Native Tamurians to work his many manors – rewards from Morgana for his war efforts.

Einar looked to extend his reach far and wide, with his goal of becoming the most prominent family in the Sacred Seven¬†to Morgana. Hidden ambitions included a betrothal of his descendants, perhaps a son or daughter, to one of Morgana’s own.

However, things would not materialize, and Einar Perkele died an angry man, having never ascended above Noble Status.


The Perkele Family in Tamuria

Centuries passed, and the Perkele Family, nowhere near as ambitious as Einar but every bit as traditionalist, lived in upper-class status. Invited to the many parties at Morgana Palace, as it was known at the time in the years that followed, the Perkele Family kept their own in seats of power (local and regional governments), even if it never meant reaching Monarch Status.

By this time, Absolute Power was not a thing even if the Monarchs held the final say in all political matters. One such matter, a centuries-old law, was that no one of Raider descent shall entwine with anyone of Native Tamurian descent, or else they would face immediate death.

The death penalty in those days was far more unforgiving than it is in the days of Sion Zona and the events of Wind Wielder. And it won’t take you long to find out how unforgiving Tamuria still is by the time Elementals of Nordica rolls around.


Koit Perkele Expatriates

One of Einar’s descendants, Koit Perkele, the sneaky, rebellious, youngest sibling of the generation, had fallen in love with an indentured servant named Esme Thuner, whose ancestors served the Perkele Family since Morgana awarded Einar land stakes.

Of course, it wasn’t long until Koit’s older sister, Aino, caught him and Esme sneaking out for a romantic walk in the nearby forests, which became a nightly affair for them. She scolded Koit, threatening to turn him in and reminding him of his (and Esme’s) civic duty to the Tamurian Crown and how she, however unwillingly, had already been arranged to marry Vaina, a thirty-year-old man fifteen years her senior.

Koit refused to conform to his older sister’s ways, telling her “tradition acts as binds that prevent humanity’s advancement,” and the Marriage Laws are far outdated. That those of Raider descent have been “entwining” with Native Tamurians for centuries despite the law.

Vaina witnessed the confrontation and tried to call upon the soldiers stationed in Lontoo to arrest Koit and Esme. With no choice, Koit, a Spirit Elemental, evoked a possession technique on Vaina while Aino attacked Esme with a similar maneuver.

Upon seeing Aino possess Esme, Koit forced Vaina to stick his own Sword of Spirit into his ribcage, ending the man’s life. To avenge Vaina, Aino ran into the forest in Esme’s body, maintaining full control over the girl. Koit, a teleporter, used his ability to read vibes to realize where Aino was headed and beat her to the raging River of Dean’s Landing.

Aino fell backward, but not before Esme regained control of her body, revealing her own spirit elemental ability. As Aino fell to her death, Koit and Esme traveled for weeks, hidden from society as they searched for the lawbreaking couple, until they crossed over into Cymraeg.


The Perkele Family in Cymraeg and in the New World

Koit and Esme fled to Cymraeg. But by this time, Queen Kia of Tamuria was looking to exert her revenge on King Caer Cymraeg, as he spurned her to marry a peasant girl named Malikki. Therefore, Caer, who met with Koit and Esme, immediately took to the couple and granted them quarters in the Palace at Radyr.

Unfortunately, this was short-lived as the Tamurian Invasion of Cymraeg forced Caer and Malikki to flee the nation, taking Koit and Esme with them. The four were among the first from the Eurean Continent to step foot in the New World, later known as Nordica.

As you will discover in Wind Master, Caer, Malikki, Koit, and Esme were among those who discovered portals to and from worlds in a region they coined Gaeaf, later renamed Talvi.

Koit’s descendants, given their proximity to King Caer and Queen Malikki, gained prominence in the area. However, as Caer and Malikki’s descendants entwined with the Native Nordicans (equivalent to Native Americans), Koit and Esme’s descendants entwined with those whose situations mirrored their parents’ – forced from Tamuria because of their breaking of petty laws that grew pettier as the decades ticked on.


Sigrid Perkele Re-Establishes Prominence

As time passed, Tamuria grew stronger. Nordican Colonists in Talvi and up north in what became known as Oslo’s Port grew concerned the Tamurians would overrun their predominantly elemental establishments, along with those that also belonged to the Native Nordicans in the surrounding regions.

Sigrid, a powerful Spirit Master with the ability to astral project and maintain relationships with dead ancestors, stumbled upon the spirit of Einar. Einar rehashed the family history to Sigrid. A family history that saw the Perkele Family fall from grace after Koit’s betrayal and what he called the double murder of his sister Aino and fiance Vaina.

He told Sigrid the Perkele Family, even after centuries, could not be forgiven. Therefore, she must adopt a new surname. One that would at least link to the Perkele name. Then, present these advanced weapons taken from the Other World (Terrene) and the portal to another Other World residing in Oslo’s Port (Terra), to the Tamurians, under the alias Sigrid Lightning.

Sigrid obeyed her ancestor, adopted the name Lightning as her own (as did her fiance), and they trooped secretly into Terrene, with a group of elemental colonists volunteering to colonize in Terrene in exchange for the latest batch of weapons. Upon doing so, they returned to Eidolon, snuck out of Talvi, and into the Oslo’s Port Portal.


The Battle in Oslo’s Port

It was here Sigrid and her rebels met resistance from Oslo’s Port Colonists. But given the powerful elementals they were, the colonists were less than a match for them. Sigrid and her rebels made quick work of those who stood up to them. And they also wreaked havoc among the Native Nordicans residing in the surrounding area who tried to reinforce the Nordicans.

The Tamurians caught word of the ensuing battle between the Natives and Sigrid’s crew, sending reinforcements of their own. This battle, which soon became known as the Helski Strait Massacre given its location, killed no fewer than 1,000 Native Nordican spirit elementals, many of whom claimed descent to Caer and Malikki Cymraeg.

This massacre extinguished Oslo’s Port Archway and set the stage for Tamuria’s rise to global superpower while setting the stage for Tamur Industrials, founded by Sigrid Lightning and her soon-to-be husband, Raivo Lightning.

And the rest is history…the Lightning Family was born.

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