Story of the Sacred Texts

You will first come across the Sacred Texts in Wind Wielder, and they are mentioned in virtually every book in the Elementals Universe. Whether you’re reading Elementals of Nordica, a series within the Terrian Chronicles (Braden Hawk, Tarja Titan, Liza Fury), Chronicles of Rondure, Lost World Chronicles, or any yet-to-be-named series within the Universe, the Sacred Texts play a key role.

However, unlike the ‘Book Religions’ that dominate our world today, the Sacred Texts, while they speak the truth pertaining to the Elementals Universe in a book, do not cast a shadow of doom and gloom over our main characters. Quite the opposite. Therefore, many elements within the Sacred Texts are stemmed from the Greek, Germanic (Nordic), Celtic, Roman, and Egyptian Pantheons. Though you may spot a few Christian/Jewish/Islamic/Buddhist/Hindu, and other religions we’re exposed to in today’s world too.

Before You Read

While they are a central text, their primary inspirations have come from pre-Judeo-Christian and pre-Islamic religions. Now, just for the record, I am NOT an expert in religion of any kind, although the Wiccan/Germanic/Celtic sectors have drawn me more than any other. Therefore, in the content below, you will not find any one pre-Abrahamic religion dominating another. Or if you interpret that one takes center stage, it was not my intention.

And while the pre-Abrahamic religions served as the basis for my creation of the Sacred Texts in the Elementals Universe, don’t think the Elementals Universe is intended to preach any one religion. Instead, they act as an amalgam of elements that I enjoy in any religious sector I have come across over my 30 years of existence.

Again, the Germanic Pantheon is a huge thing for me and you will see much of it playing out in the Elementals Universe. But when you read the section below, you may just connect it to another Pantheon better than the Germanic.

Subsequent sections will show you that the Sacred Texts really do take a route of their own.

Are you ready to discover more about how the Sacred Texts came into being?

Keep reading.


Birth of Time

In the beginning, the Goddess Trinity existed in a void. Practically asleep. And she remained this way for eons. Eventually, Trinity stirred and began to wonder what it would be like to see, hear, feel, and experience. She started by looking inward into herself, known as the Spirit, or the One, who existed at the Beginning. This consultation allowed her to visualize what was, what is, and what will be.

As her vision instructed, Trinity divided herself. She was the darkness, and her other half, the God Stoicheia, was the light. Enamored by the creation of her son and brother, she wanted nothing more than to swallow Stoicheia’s light. She trembled with such desires, yet Stoicheia refused to heed her wishes, fleeing her to the most distant parts of the void; literally every corner, lighting the void with what we now refer to as galaxies and stars.

Distraught, Trinity again looked inward, once again consultation the Spirit, or the One, that existed before She, and lamented her woes. The Spirit congratulated Trinity and stated that to become One with Stoicheia, she must fall from this void and become a mortal, like the life springing up in distant corners of the universe courtesy of Stoicheia.

After ages of searching, Trinity finally crossed Stoicheia in the newly-created World of Eidolon.

Here, Trinity took the form of one of these mortals, thus becoming mortal Herself, and she laid with Stoicheia, giving birth to Valitut and her twin brother Langennut, the ancestors to what would become Eidolon’s Chosen Tribe. Horrified, Stoicheia again attempted to flee Trinity, but Trinity sang Yhden Laulu, called the First Song in the Sacred Texts, known as the Song of Trinity.

The Song tells the story of the summary above. Stoicheia was so enamored by Trinity’s song, that finally, He became One with her, allowing Trinity to once again ascend from her own mortality, and Stoicheia to turn the Wheel of Life, whose strings were spun by Trinity.

This, in turn, created the descendants who by the time Elementals of Nordica came around, comprise the Tribe of Valitut.

And while things seemed harmonious, this was far from the case. Let’s see what happened with Their twins.


Valitut and Langennut

As Trinity and Stoicheia spun and turned the Wheel of Life, Valitut, and Langennut would verse their descendants in one of the Nine Abilities – Wind, Water, Earth, Fire, Spirit, Metal, Wood, Blood, and Vape. Four of these abilities became known as the Classical Abilities – Wind, Water, Earth, and Fire. The elements that make comprise everything we see and interact with today.

The other four became the Niche Abilities of Metal, Blood, Wood, and Vape. These Elementals could control bits and pieces of the Classical Abilities when they were in the correct circumstance. The final ability, Spirit, linked the other eight as one, and they could manipulate the aether regardless of the element.

Each ability allowed for an abundance of Elementals in the World of Eidolon, and throughout the generations, they built vast civilizations.

While Valitut saw harmony; Langennut saw an opportunity. By this time, numerous archways had sprung up throughout Eidolon and linked what we now know are the Five Worlds of Eidolon, Rondure, Terra, Terrene, and Catenary.

To this day, only Trinity and Stoicheia know of these Five Worlds’ actual locations. Having discovered more of Stoicheia’s creations in the other four worlds, Elementals would routinely bring them through the archways, which, in turn, created what we see in Elementals of Nordica as non-elementals, also called Baseborns in Catenary, and Benights in Terra.

It was at this point Lengennut disguised himself as a sage, or a shaman, and fooled some of the strongest Elementals of the era into building distrust toward those with other Elemental Ability. Fire feared Water, Water feared Wind, and so on.

This led to strife between the Elementals, and given such distrust, which now included non-elementals residing within these civilizations, they dispersed into Nine Tribes.

For example, all Wind Elementals belonged to the Tribe of Tuuli, Fire Elementals to the Tribe of Tulipalo (also known as Tuli), Water Elementals to the Tribe of Vesi, and so on.

After seeing what Lengennut had done and realizing He had taken things to the point of no return, Valitut looked inward into Herself, to the Spirit that existed before her. Or Spirits. She consulted them, which now included Trinity.


Tribe of Valitut

Trinity told Valitut that Langennut committed the Crime of Divisiveness. In other words, rather than the Elementals and their non-elemental brethren living at One with their ancestors, and ultimately, Trinity, Stoicheia, and the One that existed before them that set Trinity in motion, such Divisiveness cut the Elementals and non-elementals off from Affinity.

When Valitut asked why Lengennut would commit such an act, Trinity gave a horrifying answer, stating that Her wayward son would use this divisiveness to grow in His own power over those in the Five Worlds, and that He had taken the first step to do so – by dividing and conquering, He created fear, strife, uncertainty, hatred, segregation, and any and all negative connotations associated with humankind.

Trinity stated this divide and conquer tactic would, throughout recorded history, weaken not just Eidolon to fall to Lengennut; but all of the Five Worlds. Trinity instructed Valitut to seek out the nine strongest Elementals that had seen through the propaganda spread by Lengennut and to bring them together as one.

This tribe, which would become known as the Tribe of Valitut, would eventually have the power to stand up to Lengennut and His henchmen, who were really His hand-puppets. And as darkness overtook Eidolon and all the Five Worlds, this tribe, where at any one time on a rolling basis, one Elemental from each of the Nine Elements would rise above the others, from generation to generation, and become the Chosen Nine of Eidolon.

Fortunately, many powerful Elementals only followed their tribes into their societies to “keep the peace.” Yet, in the dead of night to avoid the wrath of Langennut’s Hunters, as they called them, these Elementals followed Valitut to a secluded land called Fennoscandia – the Terrian equivalent in the Elementals Universe derived its name from this northern land in Eidolon.


The Sacred Texts are Born and the Aftermath

Here, the Tribe of Valitut built their ranks, and soon, the first generations of the Chosen Nine were born. Trinity, however, paused her spinning of the Wheel and once again descended onto the World of Eidolon once every generation. She would teach the Spirit Elemental in the Nine a new set of prophecies plus the way of life She and Stoicheia always envisioned for their descendants.

You will come across several ‘Songs’ in many books in the Elementals Universe. These Songs are named after the Spirit Masters that wrote them, who served as the Keeper of Spirit in the Tribe of Valitut’s Chosen Nine.

It is these prophecies and proverbs that would, generations later, comprise the Sacred Texts of Eidolon. This tribe would live by the Sacred Texts for hundreds of generations. However, given the advantage of the sheer number (strength in numbers), of Lengennut’s people, who by this time lived via their own doctrines, they sought out the Chosen Tribe of Valitut in Fennoscandia and this would, in turn, send Valitut’s descendants all over the globe.

Lengennut’s Elemental Masters, who by now had those of their original tribes spread far and wide throughout the World of Eidolon and the rest of the Five Worlds, shifted gears. With the growing number of non-elementals over the Elementals, many of their own started taking notice.

This caused a massive shift in thought, an Enlightenment, as many Elemental Scholars on Eidolon would later point out. As Valitut’s Chosen Nine would challenge and ultimately defeat regional and global powers throughout the ages, they became a rallying point for Elementals, who given these Enlightenments, veered closer to Affinity with Trinity and Stoichiea, realizing where their ability came from. Even select non-elementals noticed this and followed.

Lengennut’s chosen Elemental Masters, or the descendants of His Chosen, realized this and propagated against all Elementals now rooting themselves back into the Sacred Texts as opposed to the doctrines they’d been exposed to.

Lengennut targeted the non-elementals, and once again disguised Himself and simultaneously targeted those descendants of Elemental Masters He made leaders long ago. He reinforced anti-Elemental thought growing among the nons, along with Elemental Master political leaders – lying to them that Elementals not only posed the greatest risk to overthrowing them; but they were already plotting it, and in the process, wished to enslave the non-elemental race.

And that served as the basis of how Elemental leaders appointed by Lengennut all those millenniums ago betrayed the Elemental Race, propagated against them, rallied the non-elementals to their cause, and slowly, throughout the ages, rendered the Elementals as second-class citizens.

Unless, of course, they wished to repent by joining governmental and militarized forces.


Key Takeaways

Lengennut is our Trickster God – much like Loki. But if you’re Christian, you can also relate Him to Satan. I don’t want to say the name Lucifer, as if you can tell, I based my creation story on that of Diana and Lucifer. Diana is a goddess in the Roman Pantheon. However, I called her Trinity because of her role as the Triple Goddess. Something I implied when she “looked inside herself.” Stoicheia is a Greek term for Element, and since Stoicheia’s direct descendants, not necessarily His creations, on Eidolon, are Elementals, it’s how he acquired His name.

The Elemental leaders whose minds were warped by Lengennut ARE NOT aware that they are pawns in His game. Just as Lengennut wanted it to be. They truly believed Him when He disguised Himself as a Sage and heeded his advice. And their descendants, some of whom you will meet in Wind Wielder, also believe this.

Tuukka Worthy and King Magnu, evil as they are, really do believe they’re doing the World of Eidolon a favor. Sure, they are egomaniacs. But it’s been ingrained into them. As much as you may end up loathing Tuukka and Magnu, I personally feel for them. Despite their deep flaws, they’re really victims of a psychopathic man bent on seeing His takeover through. Pawns, in other words, in Lengennut’s sick game.

The Sacred Texts are a set of prophecies taught to the Keeper of Spirit in the Chosen Nine during ancient times. These prophecies, slowly but surely, come to fruition. Something you will see occurs in not just Elementals of Nordica, but across the Elementals Universe. Due to the nature of Lengennut’s wrath, Trinity had no choice but to leave the prophecies open-ended. There really is no clear-cut winner or loser in this thing.

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