Story of Thrashball

Alright, so this is the one I’ve been waiting to share with you since thrashball; unfortunately, it does not appear as often as I’d like it to. So, spoiler alert, you won’t see much of it in any of the books except for Wind Wielder. At least not during the time of this writing on October 9th, 2021. But I’ll never say never.

So, anyway, what is thrashball?

Thrashball is a sport that I came up with, and I thought it was a good idea to insert into Wind Wielder as a subplot. As you may have already guessed, the challenge was entwining the game with the main plot in Wind Wielder. But thrashball goes far beyond the book. In fact, it has TWO histories. One in real-life, courtesy of me, and of course, one in the World of Eidolon, where most of Elementals of Nordica takes place.

Here’s a closer look.

The True History of Thrashball

It happened around the time the NFL started favoring offenses and systemically taking the defense out of the game. Fortunately, this is starting to shift, since as of 2020, the NFL has asked officials to refrain from throwing penalty flags at anything that looks ‘ticky-tacky.’ Finally, here in 2021, we’re seeing lower scoring games – at least in the games I’ve been watching.

Anyway, I was a senior in high school around this time – about April 2009, when I started drawing up rules for this crazy new game I had in mind. Of course, the rules allowed headhunting, dirty hits, and even fights with the immature teen I was. Think of it as American football/rugby entwined with hockey, and it gives you an idea of the game I created.

Of course, the game is much cleaner in Wind Wielder, and it’s co-ed. So throughout the time, I had drawn the rules up differently. They included 11 players on each side of the field – one goalkeeper, two defenders, four centers, three attackers, and one roamer. As the game continued to evolve, strategy and form-tackling took heed over trying to knock people out as they ran a crossing route in the field of play.

So when it came time to pen the subplot for Wind Wielder, I also remembered how well J.K. Rowling did something similar in the game of Quidditch in Harry Potter. Her work played a role in inspiring the game to be co-ed since, again, the spirit of the game is clean. Physical, contact-based, but clean.

Much cleaner than the name of the game. I actually had gotten thrashball from the video game, Gears of War. You may remember it if you’re in my generation – Gen Y. And if you graduated high school between 2006 and 2010, I’m sure you’ve at least come across it.


History of Thrashball in Elementals of Nordica

Our friend, Caer Cymraeg, invented the game of thrashball. Something his would-be wife, Queen Kia Magnu, never approved of. If you read the Story of Tamuria or the Story of Nordica, you know the two never married, despite a betrothal. Thankfully, Caer’s real wife, Queen Malikki, loved the game and even designed the roamer position for a friend of hers – formerly a lady-in-waiting. But that’s for another tale, I believe.

Caer’s thrashball, just like any modern sport compared to its original incarnations, was drastically different than what you will experience in Wind Wielder. The original game had no roamer, defenders could not cross midfield into the offensive zone, and attackers couldn’t cross midfield into the defensive zone. Centers could only play to the halfway points of both zones – 100-yard fields if you’re wondering.

The three-point drop kick did not exist. Instead, teams either threw the ball in for one point or kicked or punted it into the net for two. In modern-day thrashball, if an individual is tackled, they must throw the ball up, either backward or in front of them. They cannot throw the ball out from the field of play, or else it will go to the other team.

In Caer’s game, it would be a dead ball, and there would be an ensuing scrum between the centers and, later, the roamer. Sort of like what you see in rugby, or even like a faceoff in hockey. Scrums also occurred after teams scored a goal. In the modern game, the scoring team plays defense while the team that allowed the points get a chance to respond to the score, just like in most sports.

The game never evolved in Caer’s lifetime. However, the Native Nordicans played the game often, and generations later, incoming Tamurians saw the game and found it entertaining, further tweaking the rules. As the Tamurian Empire grew, the game grew, and it has since spanned not just throughout the Tamurian-controlled world but throughout the World of Eidolon and later, the Five Worlds, among Elementals.


Thrashball – An Elemental’s Game

You will also find thrashball often in the Terrian Chronicles. But there are never full games played. However, one common denominator regarding the game is that you will see Elementals mention it in each series of mine. Whether you’re reading Elementals of Nordica, the Terrian Chronicles, Lost World Chronicles, or Chronicles of Rondure, odds are, you will hear the sport thrashball mentioned at least once among Elementals.

They say sports bring people of different backgrounds together. I agree. Except in the Elementals Universe, thrashball brings people of different worlds together.

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