Book Giveaways and More Happening Quarterly at the Readers Republic

Book Giveaways!

There are many perks to joining the Readers Republic, but perhaps nothing more rewarding than my quarterly book giveaways, and other giveaways.

So how do I conduct these things?

For one, you can find these book giveaways via one of two apps, those being Booksweeps and King Sumo. Depending on which app I use depends really on the type of grand prize I’m handing out. You can expect one of two – either the latest e-reader or something similar, or a bundle of books in a genre identical to my own. Or themes, for that matter.

But I often don’t decide on whether it’s going to be a book giveaway or an e-reader giveaway. Instead, I allow my favorite professional sports teams to decide for me.

Unique, right?

Cheesy, you may say?

Oh, come on, TC, really?

Hey, it’s a fun gamble. And it’s much better than gambling (and losing) when I bet on my favorite teams.

But anyway, enough small talk, let’s talk giveaways.


Book Giveaways or E-Reader Giveaways

Chronicles of the Elementals
I’m giving away more than just the free reader magnet when you enter my giveaways. 

One word: Championships. For example, as I write this post, my Phoenix Suns are playing the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA Finals, with Game One occurring tonight. Whether I engage in e-reader or book giveaways is simple: If the Suns take the NBA Championship for the first time in team history, I’ll give away an e-reader. If the Bucks take it, I’ll give away the books.

Yeah, since I’m actually rather fond of the Bucks – and I’d be rooting for them in any other year if it wasn’t the suns they were playing – I’m still giving the readers a reputable grand prize.

Ditto for the other sports teams that I follow but are on lower rungs. For example, I plan on running giveaways every July, October, January, and April.

So, if the Arizona Cardinals win the NFC West, I’ll give away yet another e-reader. However, if their rivals win it, I’ll give away the book bundle. Ditto for if the Arizona Diamondbacks somehow go on a Cinderella run to take the NL West. And if the Arizona Coyotes are leading their division in April, I’ll also do the e-reader over the books.

As for the Month of July (2022), if either the Coyotes take the Stanley Cup (it may be a while) or the Suns take the NBA Championship (maybe this year in 2021), then again, I’ll place the e-reader up for grabs.

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What if You Don’t Win the Grand Prize?

Chronicles of Rondure
Expect a free story much like Chronicles of Rondure if you don’t win the grand prize. 

No need to sweat, as I also plan on giving away one of the books in the bundle anyway to second and third-place recipients. So you still have a chance to win something.

Or, if you win nothing, you still win as a member of the Readers Republic – ditto for any reader who joins the Republic that came across my name for the giveaway. Because I’ll release either a free story or a free cheat sheet at the end of each giveaway, simply as a thank you for remaining with the Republic!

Yes, so there’s plenty of prizes to go around, even if you’re just getting that Participation Award. But don’t toss it into the bin, because those free stories aren’t just exclusive to the Republic; they also give you a solid background on characters in the Elementals Universe. For example, for my NBA Finals Giveaway, yeah, I give it weird names like that, every member of the Republic will get a prequel to the Braden Hawk Series, which fits under the Chronicles of Terra Umbrella, which in turn falls under the Elementals Universe Umbrella.

So, you’ll get a background on perhaps the most polarizing character I’ve ever created in Braden Hawk following the July 2021 giveaway. And after the October 2021 Giveaway, or the World Series Giveaway which the Diamondbacks won’t be part of or will they win the NL West so expect a bundle of free books, you’ll also receive another free story.

Yeah, there is a lot of bonus content to go around. Bonus content that I cannot fit into my paid novels. And once again, only members of the Republic will have access to download them.

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What About Future E-Reader and Book Giveaways?

Future e-reader and book giveaways will operate in a similar way, as I mentioned in a few sections above. However, I may, if I sell enough copies of my works, add in even more prizes. For example, instead of just one e-reader, I may add a second e-reader. Instead of just one bundle of books, I may add a second bundle, and so on.

Say I sell 3,000 copies of Wind Wielder from January to March at 99 cents apiece, 2,000 copies of Wind Master at $1.99, and 1,000 copies of Wind Keeper at $2.99 – I’ll add that second e-reader or book bundle to my April giveaway, or the NBA/NHL Playoffs Giveaway.

I’ll create other rungs and tiers like the example you see above. But in short, the more readers I have buying my work, the more I’m likely to give back. So if I sell 6,000 copies of Wind Wielder, perhaps I’ll add a third grand prize winner, and continue to build.

The possibilities are endless here. So be on the lookout every few months for a new batch of cool prizes for you to win. And again, if you’re a member of the Republic, expect that free bonus story. Not a member of the Readers Republic?

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