Braden Hawk

An Epic Prequel to an Action-Packed Saga

My life changed forever in a single, tragic evening...

They convicted me of killing twelve people with a single swipe of my Sword of Wind

Little did they know someone else committed the crime. They never knew I was betrayed. Betrayed not just by an ally, but by my dear cousin. My best friend at the Celestial University of the Northeast, she fought alongside me in the Elemental War against the notorious Machis. Then, she revealed her true colors and took everything I had. My parents, my little godsister, my freedom.

Now I’ve broken out of my little cage and I will avenge their deaths, along with everything else she and the Machis took from me.

I am Braden Hawk. I am a Wind Master. I am a Sentinel. I am out for blood. And I will reveal the truth.