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If you’re looking for yet another round of perks at the Readers Republic, make sure you join if you’re interested in getting an inside look at your favorite Elementals of Nordica characters. Starting Monday, June 21st, I’ll be creating character profiles – an extension from the cheat sheet in the back of Chronicles of the Elementals – for each of the main characters.

Starting of course, with the most major characters in the series. So you’ll see the profiles regarding Sion Zona, Col Eriksson, Tuukka Worthy, and other big names before anyone else. Eventually, we’ll get to characters like the Core Four, who play a more minor role.

But character profiles are just a few more perks that you will get during my weekly emails at the Republic. Today’s post will expand a little on the profiles, but it’ll also dive deeper in depth regarding a slew of other freebies.

Ready to learn more about all the outstanding benefits heading your way when you join the Republic?

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Character Profiles Regarding Major Cast Members

Wind Wielder
Sion Zona as he appears in Wind Wielder.

As mentioned in the intro, expect character profiles of the most major characters coming up in Wind Wielder. Now, you may not see profiles regarding all details regarding the main cast. Yet, anyway, because there are always aspects I need to keep hidden. So you won’t get any spoilers in these profiles.

However, I will unveil character backstories. So, for example, with Ten-Year War veterans Tuukka Worthy and Col Eriksson, you will gain insight on their role during the war, which took place over 20 years before the events of the series.

You will also gain insight on the personalities of the main cast, what makes them interesting, yet flawed characters, and vice versa. Sure, Sion can be a nice guy and likeable protagonist, but he’s wildly immature and reckless. Col may remind you of a wise sage, but he has ulterior motives. Tuukka looks like the archetypical antagonist, but what made him who he became?

You will find a lot of insight and answers regarding these profiles. However, you will NOT have access to spoilers! Instead, it’s just enough information to flesh out this ensemble cast of characters.

But what else are you getting besides character profiles when you join the Republic?

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Goodies We’ve Already Talked About

Chronicles of the Elementals
Chronicles of the Elementals is the first of many freebies available when you join the Republic.

If you’re new to the Republic, or if you’ve come across my work for the first time, this section is for you. If you’re already a member, skip to the next section to find more perks coming your way.

Anyway, as a new member of the Republic, you will gain access to two free stories: Chronicles of the Elementals, and Chronicles of Rondure. Chronicles of the Elementals is the official prequel to Book I – Wind Wielder, and Chronicles of Rondure is the prequel to Book II – Wind Master.

So, how could I have a prequel to Book II when Book I isn’t even available until January 2022?

It’s because Chronicles of Rondure takes place in another of the Five Worlds. Which when you download it, you’ll get a cheat sheet depicting a cool overview of the Five Worlds. Since the World of Rondure is not mentioned in Wind Wielder, there are no spoilers that will take away the adrenaline rush Wind Wilder will give you.

I’m also working on giveaways, which those of you in the Republic will gain priority access. So if you’re in the Republic, every giveaway I come out with will give you a few more entries just for being a member. Cool, right? Some giveaways are smaller, but others are quite large. They can range anything from signed copies of my own work, to e-readers.

You will also get exclusive offers like discounts for new releases, box sets, and more when the time comes. And you will also become the first to know about any new releases or even joint box sets with other authors.

You will also gain access to interquel works, from the end of Book II – Wind Master, and onward. You can kind of call Chronicles of Rondure an interquel too. But when you read it closely, it takes place during the same time as Chronicles of the Elementals, just in a different world.

With my interquel works, you will gain access to minor characters serving as protagonists. These minor characters are on-deck to become major members of the cast during the following novel. They will range between short story and novella length, depending on how many words it takes to tell their stories. But expect no more than 20,000 words per work, and no fewer than 5,000.

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Access to the Elementals Universe

Chronicles of Rondure
Tash Holmes as she appears in Chronicles of Rondure.

You’ve seen it with some of the biggest names in the industry, like Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Game of Thrones. Well, indies like me are doing this too, and as a member of the Republic, you will gain exclusive access to the expanded Elementals Universe.

Just like the Wizarding World, previously known as Pottermore, the Elementals Universe will feature more backstories than just our major and minor character profiles that I’ll be releasing to you. The Elementals Universe will feature sensational backstories regarding the Five Worlds, stories of the gods, goddesses, and heroes mentioned in the Elementals of Nordica Series.

I don’t want to go too deep right now, just to avoid spoilers. But if you’re one who loves pouring over backstory not present in the books, themselves, then this is probably the biggest reason to join the Republic. Because unlike the Wizarding World or the Star Wars Expanded Universe, the only way to gain access to the Elementals Universe is to join the Republic.

Eventually, I estimate I will top the 1,000,000 words mark with backstory alone not present in Elementals of Nordica, or any other series in the Elementals Universe.

In the future, I will have more on what you can expect regarding the Elementals Universe and when you will gain access. Any time you click through to the website to read these passages, you will come across pages that NO ONE else online has access to when they stumble upon my author blog.

Thank you for reading today’s post and I hope to see you clicking through often to the blog!

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