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Fictional Countries

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The Tamurian Empire

Flag of Tamuria

The Tamurian Empire is Eidolon’s top global superpower and they thrive on making money for their top politicians, corporations, monarchy, supreme leaders, and even top military leaders by garnering interest in and colonizing other areas. Sometimes entire nations.

There is a method to Tamuria’s madness, and while it took them a while, they have gotten to the point where everyone in their empire supports their militaristic goals. But of course, there will always be a group of rebels residing within both the superpower nation and its colonies.

I loosely based Tamuria’s color scheme on the University of Arizona, the rival school to the Arizona State Sun Devils. I based Tamuria on several real-life global powers throughout the pages of history. Literally, from the Middle Ages and onward.

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The South Nordican Colonies

Also referred to by some as the South Nordican Colony, South Nordican Colonies are the official name. Many also refer to South Nordica as the colony, or the colonies, too. So, they’re a region of many names and just one of many colonies that Tamuria controls.

That said, when anyone joins the South Nordican Military, they’re really joining the Tamurian Military and are officially known as the South Nordican Branch of the Tamurian Military. As you’ll discover in the books, our main characters refer to them collectively as ‘Tamurians,’ given the fact their trademark navy-blue cloaks and military jackets match that of Tamuria. That said, South Nordica’s colors match that of Tamuria’s, and they also fly the Tamurian Flag, as opposed to a colonial flag.

At one time, they were known as the Nordican Colonies, or Nordican Colony, until a group of thirteen counties won their independence from Tamuria. Let’s talk about them next.


Republic of Nordica

Flag of Nordica

The Republic of Nordica is a group of thirteen counties once under the Tamurian banner. However, despite Nordica’s loss in the Ten-Year War to Tamuria two decades before the beginning of the series, Nordica has since inconvenienced its superpower rival in many ways.

For one, the Republic of Nordica identifies as a society based on voluntarism. And for that matter, they have an ultra-small central power running things, as opposed to Tamuria and South Nordica. Unlike the rest of the World of Eidolon, the Nordicans do not discriminate against elementals, those with the ability to control the classical and niche elements. Therefore, many elementals from around the world have fled to Nordica.

I very loosely based Nordica on the Nation of Estonia, with the exception of its maroon and gold flag. But from a population standpoint, along with a few other tidbits like climate and landscape, you will see a lot of Estonia in Nordica.

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The Iberian Empire

The Iberian Empire is second-fiddle in power only to the Tamurian Empire, and they’re Tamuria’s sworn enemy. In Elementals of Nordica, they play a tertiary role that evolves over time. It’s unknown to which extent the Nordicans relate to the Iberians; unlike Tamuria’s claim that the two are allies, along with another rival nation called Calorma.

But is there more to Iberia than meets the eye?

It really depends on who you’re talking to, and what they know about one of the World of Eidolon’s strongest nations. Much like Tamuria, however, Iberia loves to conquer the world. And just like the Tamurians, they have their own maddening methods, which you’ll discover in Wind Wielder.

Color-wise, I went with powder blue and gold, which sort of plays on the cold climate in which Iberia resides.



Mentioned in passing in Wind Wielder, Rothsland is the home to some of the most influential elitist families in Eidolon. Like most elementals, they can trace their roots back to the same civilization on Eidolon. But the only difference concerning Rothsland is that their elitists can also trace their blood relations to just about every leader in the developed world.

At this point, I’m telling you very little about Rothsland, other than the fact that they’re a tiny nation located in the Heart of Eidolon. However, everything regarding them comprises a strategic interest, and that’s what makes them so dangerous. So much that they don’t even need to identify as a global power to throw their weight around.

Rothsland’s colors are every bit as powerful as the nation itself, as they display a predominately black scheme, with differing shades of gray as secondary colors.



Like Rothsland, you’ll find Calorma mentioned in passing when you read Wind Wielder. Think of Calorma as a Middle East type of superpower, much like those influential Middle Eastern nations we see in our own world. An ally of Iberia’s and an enemy of Tamuria’s, Calorma’s existence plays a massive role in both nations’ schemes, but for differing reasons.

When I think of Calorma, I also think of a desert landscape, and it played a role in the choosing of their colors, which are reminiscent of the NHL’s Arizona Coyotes – brick red, desert sand, and black as a third color.

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Other Fictional Countries in Eidolon

Besides the nations listed above, Tejana is another country that I’ll mention every now and again. Located south of South Nordica, Tejana is yet another powerful nation in Eidolon. However, they tend to stay away from the constant arms race the Tamurians and Iberians find themselves in, and instead stick to the World of Eidolon’s central and southern half. I’ve settled on Columbia blue, red, and white as their nation’s colors, which is an obvious nod to the old Houston Oilers.

Minguk is another nation, first mentioned in Wind Master. It is the home nation to the Core Four – four characters whose roles grow in the novel – and implied to be an Iberian ally. Therefore, it’s yet another nation in Eidolon with unfriendly tendencies toward elementals. And many have fled Minguk to Nordica over the centuries. Including the Core Four’s ancestors.



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