Character Interviews in the Elementals Universe are Coming Your Way

Character Interviews

If you love character interviews, then you will love what’s coming your way as I continually count down the days until I release Wind Wielder on January 3rd. If you’ve been following lately, Wind Wielder will kick off Phase I in the Renegades Epic AND it will also kick off the Elementals of Nordica Series.

But before I release anything, I’d like you to get to know the characters a little more. Or at least get to know them before the character arcs kick in. If you’re a member of the Readers Republic, then you will have complete access to character interviews, bonuses, and so much more. If you’re not a member and would love access, join the Readers Republic today and you will get a free copy of my prequel to Elementals of Nordica, Chronicles of the Elementals.

Now, let’s talk about these character interviews, how they will be conducted, and when you can expect to receive them if you’re a member of the Republic.

Character Interviews Overview

Wind Wielder
Sion Zona in Elementals of Nordica.

Okay, so if you click the above link, join the Republic, and read Chronicles of the Elementals, the work takes place right before the events of Wind Wielder. Everything discussed in Wind Wielder comprises the plot of my reader magnet. The character interviews take place one full year before Wind Wielder.

So my first interview will consist of Sion Zona and who he was a full year before his arc begins in Wind Wielder. Ditto for the characters Liri Viorunen, Lord Col Eriksson, Lord Tuukka, Raj Worthy, and so many more. Basically, every character that I did a profile on in Elementals of Nordica will get a character interview.

You will see the same concept play out in the other series of the Renegades Epic. Therefore, expect to see interviews with Tash Holmes (Chronicles of Rondure AND Elementals of Nordica), Tarja Titan and Braden Hawk (Terrian Chronicles), Mina (Chronicles of Rondure), and characters from yet another series diving into the Epic in future Phases.

Each interview will take place well before the events of their respective books. So for example, we meet Mina in the Chronicles of Rondure Prequel. So we will interview her well before those events.

The Braden Hawk Prequel – my third reader magnet released on October 31st, 2021 – takes place in 2013. Or mainly takes place in 2013. But he plays a prominent role in Tarja Titan, meaning his interview may be an outlier, taking place in 2018-2019 as opposed to 2011-12.


How Did I Come Up With the Character Interview Concept?

Chronicles of Rondure, Civil War
Characters like Mina in Chronicles of Rondure will also get interviews.

I can thank an author who joined my genre-bending dystopian promotion for the Month of October 2021, who released a reader magnet comprising ONLY of character interviews. Cool concept, to say the least, and one that immediately hooked me. The author is Kris Maze, who wrote the Athena I-7 Interview, in case you’re wondering.

You can click the above link to catch a sample of their work and the interview with the main cast.

Anyway, I immediately sent them an email praising the interview mentality. Though I’ve heard of it before, I had never seen anyone utilize it. That said, I spent an extra hour awake last night while I simultaneously sacrificed an hour of reading a book by one of my favorite authors.

But hey, it was well worth spending the extra hour as it allowed me to create a rough draft of my interview with Sion Zona back when he was a junior in college. Or better yet, just before his junior semester began at Syndergaard University in South Nordica.

Hmm, Syndergaard University in South Nordica?

Okay, I know what you’re thinking: What in the world is he on about?

This leads me to the second order of business in today’s post, and one I’ve been neglecting for a while now.


Maps, Maps, and More Maps

Okay, first off, I’m going to write a little disclaimer here: I am not the artistic type as some authors are. Therefore, odds are my maps will suck. But, I do need to insert something into my books so you will at least have an idea on the locations.

Syndergaard, Wild Valley, Nordica, South Nordica, Oslo’s Port, etc. I have some hand-drawn maps that will help give me an idea of how to construct these. But again, I’m awful at anything and everything artsy. But as with most fantasy authors, I also know readers love the map concept and therefore I am going to give it a try. Even if they don’t (and probably won’t) turn out right.

So, we got character interviews coming up, maps, and I’m even contemplating outsourcing for a book trailer. Because again, I don’t know the first thing on the subject; but I know plenty of talented people out there who do.

So stay tuned for more on my upcoming character interviews. And again, if you haven’t yet joined the Republic, do so at the following link: Your Free Book is Waiting.

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