Chronicles of Rondure is a Unique Prequel

Chronicles of Rondure is a Unique Prequel

I haven’t touched much on my Chronicles of Rondure Series, so I’d like to devote today’s post to it. Often, I’m talking about Elementals of Nordica and the Terrian Chronicles since I’m hammering out ferocious self-edits on both works. Because of this, I’ve spoken little about Chronicles of Rondure.

After I received an email from a member of the Readers Republic this morning, it reinvigorated the juices for the series. Juices that should’ve been flowing since I launched the work to the Readers Republic back in June 2021. One reason is that the prequel featuring Tash Holmes serves such a role for not one, but two books in the Elementals Universe. And even funnier, the two books it serves as a prequel to are in two different series.

There’s Wind Master – Book II in Elementals of Nordica, and Civil War – Book I in Chronicles of Rondure. In Wind Master, we get a greater look at the World of Rondure. And there’s a scene in Wind Master that serves as the inciting incident for Civil War.

Want to know a bit about Chronicles of Rondure and the two books it serves as a sequel to?

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Chronicles of Rondure – The Prequel

Chronicles of Rondure

The twists and turns as well as the nervousness felt by Tash are transmitted to the reader in a masterful way by the author. Definitely 5 STARS and I look forward to reading the sequel. – Luc, Reviewer

For over a century, the World of Rondure has lived under a dictatorial global power.

The Nation of Bastille Culls children into their military ranks the second they display elemental ability. And to uphold their persistent warfare state, they stripped citizens of their civil liberties in the form of safety mandates to protect them from supposed national security threats.

Tash Holmes, a metal morpher who evaded Bastille’s Culling for over a decade, embarks on a daring midnight raid to prove Bastille’s mandates protect no one. That safety was never the endgame, but endless profiteering from the racket of perpetual war is the real reason behind the nation’s persistent fear mongering.

If Tash succeeds, perhaps she’ll awaken a few people. If she fails, odds are Bastille will finally Cull her into their military ranks and exploit her ability in the upcoming war against their next manufactured enemy.

Chronicles of Rondure provides a live look into the Superpower Nation of Bastille in the World of Rondure. They will make their debut in Wind Master – Book II in Elementals of Nordica which is set to be released in February 2022.

If you love strong heroines, complex plots, elemental magic, and epic fantasy tropes alongside an advanced yet dystopian society, Chronicles of Rondure is yet another gateway into the Elementals Universe.

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Wind Master – Book II in Elementals of Nordica

Wind Master

Welcome to the Five Worlds…

…Where notorious global superpowers have full control

Sion Zona narrowly escaped Tamuria’s wrath. But the empire has taken the brewing war’s most important elementals prisoner. Sion was told Tamuria’s prisons were unplottable. What he didn’t realize was that unplottable indicated different worlds.

And each prison within those worlds belongs to its respective global superpowers.

Fighting one superpower was hard enough, and it didn’t end well for Sion. Fighting multiple superpowers singlehandedly to rescue those allies is a death sentence. So unless he learns a thing or two about his evolving gifts, not everyone will survive the encounter.

Wind Master is Book II in Elementals of Nordica, an exciting epic fantasy fused with science fiction. If you love elemental magic, genre-bending, complex plots, and sword and sorcery with a contemporary twist, Wind Master is a MUST READ.

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Civil War – Book I in Chronicles of Rondure

Chronicles of Rondure, Civil War

I was Culled at age five into the Bastille Military, the World of Rondure’s superpower…

…Having lived on-base for thirteen years, military life taught me two things: Mastery of the Smoke Element and to never apologize about using it on enemies

Now that I’m awaiting a sure death sentence for the crime of exposing Bastille’s true crimes, they’ve left me with no choice. When they try to extradite me, I will call upon my Sword of Smoke and escape this predicament, using every combat technique they taught me against them.

Then, I’ll take it upon myself to finish a mission I started years ago; to unplug the People of Bastille and let them know who the real enemy is: their home nation and its Capital City of Paramount.

As I go rogue, every authority figure with money, power, and influence in the Bastille Empire will want me dead. Thanks to them, I’m one of the most powerful Smoke Masters in the World of Rondure. And I’m ready to break the spell the people of my nation have lived under for over a century.

Civil War is yet another installment that features a strong heroine. Mina, who you meet in my Chronicles of Rondure reader magnet takes center stage in this one. Once again, we’re back into epic fantasy bending into science fiction with dystopian and thriller elements, non-stop kinetic action, and stakes so high that Mina’s success or failure will set forth the fate of Rondure forever.

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More to Come

As of August 2021, I only have the premise outlined for Chronicles of Rondure – Civil War. However, I can tell you this much: It’s going to be a genre-bending version of Rambo except with an urban backdrop and of course, elemental magic.

I can’t wait to flesh out more of Mina’s character since she was by far the most interesting in the Chronicles of Rondure prequel as far as supporting characters went. Mina is also the first Vape/Smoke Elemental that serves as the main protagonist and I’ve discovered in my brainstorming stage just how versatile the element is. As a niche element of fire and water, Smoke Elementals have a lot going for them to use the element at their command.

And given Mina’s militaristic background and upbringing on the base with the world’s strongest global superpower, you can conclude she’s at a far higher level than any elemental in the other worlds.