Comparing Elemental Society to the Wizarding World

Comparing Elemental Society to the Wizarding World

You can compare Elemental Society in the Terrian Chronicles and its relationship with Benight (non-elemental) Society much in the same manner as the Wizarding World in Harry Potter to the Muggle World. However, there are staunch differences between the two, which we will get to in today’s post.

As you know the Terrian Chronicles takes place on Earth, referred to as Terra in Elemental Society and among other Elementals in the Five Worlds of Eidolon, Rondure, Terrene, and Catenary.

Elemental Society is unique in Terra as opposed to the other worlds since it’s hidden from plain sight, again much in the same way the Wizarding World conceals itself from the Muggle World. In Eidolon, where Elementals of Nordica takes place, Elementals (spelled with a lowercase ‘e’ in Eidolon) entwine with non-elemental society.

In Rondure, they Cull elementals into the military. It’s implied Terrene follows a similar system, while the jury remains out on Catenary at this point – since I outline when necessary, I have yet to dive into Catenary at the time of this writing.

But stay tuned on that one.

Anyway, let’s talk about Elemental Society and how it compares and contrasts to the Wizarding World in Harry Potter; especially in its relation with Benight Society.

How Elemental Society and the Wizarding World are Alike

For one, they’re both hidden societies. Benights do not know that Elementals exist unless they have a personal relationship with them. Just like in the Muggle World, where Muggles only know of wizards through direct relationships.

Everything, from the schools to businesses to governments is pushed out of the limelight. For example, Eidolon Outlets, the “Diagon Alley” of Elemental Society, has its entrance concealed behind an abandoned building in Wexford, Pennsylvania – located in Pittsburgh’s North Hills. Celestial University, the “Hogwarts” in the Terrian Chronicles, is also out of the way, located deep within Pennsylvania’s Appalachian Mountains.

Other than the fact there is a magical school involved (magick in the Terrian Chronicles), that’s where the comparisons end.


How Does Elemental Society Differ from the Wizarding World

Braden Hawk Prequel
Coming October 31st, 2021, Braden Hawk gives you the first glimpse at Elemental Society.

For one, Elementals almost always live within Benight Society’s neighborhoods, cities, and towns. They also hang out with Benights on a regular basis, and they keep up with the latest Benight fashion trends and such. There is no special attire in Elemental Society, though Spirit Elementals will wear ritual robes at times on an as-needed basis. There is Witchcraft involved, but nothing that you would find in the Wizarding World. If you’ve ever opened an actual book on Witchcraft, you’ll know where I’m going with this.

The only magic you see in Elemental Society is limited to elemental magick – involving the classical elements of wind (air), earth, fire, and water, the Fifth Element of spirit (also known as void, aether, etc.), plus elements that I refer to as “niche” – vape (smoke), blood, wood, and metal.

While Elementals can travel by supernatural means, they often use modern transportation, with many preferring it. This is because it takes energy to travel by means of their element and to save it, they often drive from place to place. Some, however, do prefer their wind and firesurfs, teleportations, vapes, and other means. Braden Hawk is one of those Elementals, although you often see him cruising in a Dodge Challenger.

That said, many Elementals are techno-geeks. But to keep the Benights off their tail or figuring out their existence, they often use their own advanced forms of technology. Braden Hawk uses something equivalent to an Apple Watch for communications in which he can even evoke something like Facetime with a hologram.

Celestial University also comes equipped with the latest technologies. They have Wi-Fi, Readers, LED televisions, you name it. Braden once said the safehouse would make one think someone transported them to the 22nd Century. So it gives you an idea.

And since Braden is obsessed with the Arizona Cardinals, it also implies Elementals may even follow Benight sports teams and other pop culture avenues. Even if Elemental Society also has its own.


Elemental Society’s Relationship With Benight Society

Tarja Titan
Tarja Titan is the “Harry Potter Series” of the Terrian Chronicles.

Just like the Wizarding World, you would never know an Elemental for what they really are by looking at them. And since Elementals keep up with the Benight’s fashion trends, they hide in plain sight much better.

J.K. Rowling once mentioned witches and wizards identify one another through the colors of purple or green. Elementals do the same. For one, females often highlight their hair in a color that corresponds with their element – something you also see in Elementals of Nordica. For example, they may highlight their hair with crimson if they’re a fire elemental, blue if they’re water, green if earth, and so on.

Males often wear power bands on their left wrists. If air is their element, they will wear yellow, brown for wood, gray for smoke, orange for blood, white/purple for spirit.

Both males and females will often tattoo their bodies with a Germanic Rune that corresponds to their element. Often in a visible spot like the forearm. Kenaz for fire, Eihwaz for air, and in some cases, each rune corresponding to their element.


More to Talk About

Excuse the cliche, but today’s post shows just a sliver of Elemental Society. In future posts, I will talk about how my few series in the Terrian Chronicles – Tarja Titan, Braden Hawk, and Liza Fury at the very least – niches out Elemental Society. For example, we get a look at Celestial U in Tarja Titan, while Braden Hawk touches on a career aspect in the Society. Liza Fury, too young to attend Celestial, provides insight into what life is like for the younger crowd.

Odds are, the Terrian Chronicles will continue to expand, with even a possible Benight main character in the future. I actually have one in the back of my mind that serves as a retooled version of the first protagonist I ever created. So definitely stay tuned.

I’ll also dig deeper into Elemental Society with content exclusive to my Readers Republic at a later date. So if you’re interested in behind-the-scenes and bonus info, make sure you join.

Thank you so much for reading today’s post, and as Braden Hawk would say,

Go Cardinals!