Coming 2. 10. 25

A troubled life. A life-shattering tragedy. A disturbing future.

Kaija thought she’d seen the worst following her father’s untimely death, yet as a straight ‘A’ student with a free ride to one of the nation’s most prestigious universities, her life should be coming together, right?

She couldn’t have been more mistaken. For one, she’s forced to face a terrible reality about her college crush: He’s dead. Killed under mysterious circumstances that he refuses to face, Kaija must unravel the mystery surrounding not only how he died but who was ultimately behind it.

The harsh reality? The culprit is closer than Kaija thinks. But if that reality is unsettling, it’s nothing compared to the other secrets that are about to unravel.

Perfect for fans of dark fantasy and elemental magic, Cursed Mage is a gripping adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page. If you’re a fan of EE Holmes and V.E. Schwab, Cursed Mage and the entire Catenarian Chronicles Series will be right up your alley.