Dear Epic Fantasy Readers! Is the Renegades Epic for You?

Dear Epic Fantasy Readers

Today, I’m calling all epic fantasy readers to see if my upcoming Elementals of Nordica Series and other works in the Renegades Epic are good fits. So if you’re an epic fantasy reader, this is a post that you will want to read.

I recently had written a post regarding my target audience. Today’s post extends on it, where each subheading will state that if you “Love (characteristic of the Renegades Epic), the books are for you. For example, if you love epic fantasy tropes bent into a sci-fi society, Elementals of Nordica is for you.

So, without further ado, let’s get on with whether you’re one of (hopefully) hundreds of thousands of readers I targeted the Renegades Epic toward.

If You Love Genre-Bending…

Add a checkmark to the Pro Column, because you’re one step closer to deciding that the Renegades Epic is indeed for you. As implied in the intro, if you’re an epic fantasy reader that loves seeing the tropes in modernized societies, specifically 22nd Century societies, then you will love the Renegades Epic.

In the Epic, comprising Elementals of Nordica, the Terrian Chronicles, and Chronicles of Rondure, you will find epic fantasy tropes, character archetypes, complex plots, chosen ones, and others that define the genre at every turn. However, a dystopian, sci-fi world is also front and center, hence the genre-bending.

If you’ve ever read Carissa Andrews’ Pendomus Chronicles, you’re getting similar storylines, but with deeper elemental magic and sword and sorcery concepts. A little less dystopia, and more of military fantasy. Kachi Ugo’s Levitator Chronicles is another good comp.


If You Love Complex Plots…

Wind Wielder
Wind Wielder kicks off some complex plots in the Renegades Epic.

Check another one into the box. But I will warn you: Every single plot not just in Elementals of Nordica (the first series to be released), but the entire Renegades Epic set in the Elementals Universe will make you think. I know many epic fantasy readers love complex plots, and I’m no different regardless of the genre.

Starting with Wind Master (micro spoiler alert) the plots get crazy complex when I introduce the Five Worlds. One of which is Rondure (Chronicles of Rondure) and another of which is Terra (Terrian Chronicles), plus two more. And while Elementals of Nordica, Chronicles of Rondure, and the Terrian Chronicles each have their own overarching storyline, the entire Elementals Universe has an even greater overarching storyline – think Marvel Cinematics but with the epic fantasy tropes and elements.

If you’re looking for more information on just how complex my plots are in each story of the Renegades Epic, each series within the series (Tarja Titan, Braden Hawk, Liza Fury are all part of the Terrian Chronicles), then check out the following links: How Many Series are Within The Terrian Chronicles? and The Renegades Epic: Phase One Descriptions and Release Dates.


If You Love Crossovers…

Chronicles of Rondure, Civil War
Featuring Mina from the Chronicles of Rondure reader magnet as the main act.

With the Elementals of Nordica Series, Chronicles of Rondure, and the Terrian Chronicles all pointing to an identical overarching storyline, you’re going to get a lot of crossovers. So if a series ends and you think you’re “saying goodbye” to a few characters you love, hold that thought. Odds are, their series may have ended, but odds are they’re not the last time you’ve seen them.

This holds especially true with the Terrian Chronicles, as you will discover something significant about Braden Hawk, Tarja Titan, and Liza Fury in the first book. The first paid novel, not the prequel novella entitled Braden Hawk set to be released on October 31st at the Readers Republic.

Also, once you read my reader magnet Chronicles of Rondure – the prequel to Wind Master in Elementals of Nordica, which in turn serves as a prequel to Book I in the Chronicles of Rondure Series entitled Civil War, you will receive a first-hand experience on just how much complexity and crossing over I have planned. Two words: A lot. 


If You Love Alternate History…

Tarja Titan
Tarja Titan brings alternate history into the fold.

Dear epic fantasy readers, if you’re a history buff who loves an alternative spin on history, then you will fall head over heels for at least the Terrian Chronicles. Even if you’re not hot on Elementals of Nordica. You’re getting both alternate history here plus a lot of what-ifs. I know that’s becoming a thing in the fictional universe, and it was something I had planned for the Terrian Chronicles since I first outlined the work in March 2021.

You won’t see as much of it in Elementals of Nordica and Chronicles of Rondure since they take place in different worlds. However, you’re getting the same themes and identical storylines. The Terrian Chronicles, set on Terra, or Earth, get more alternate historical treatment. If you’re into that kind of stuff, along with loosely-based retellings from popular works (like Harry Potter, among others), then at the very least you will love the Terrian Chronicles.

And while I would prefer you to read from the other two series in the Elementals Universe like Elementals of Nordica so you can understand all the plotlines and their corresponding complexity better, I’m still providing enough information in each series for you to get by.


Dear Epic Fantasy Readers…

Excuse my reference to the K-Pop girl band Twice, but, Do you likey?

If so, you definitely need to join my Readers Republic, which will provide you with a free story in Elementals of Nordica and Chronicles of Rondure, with a free story to the Terrian Chronicles set to be released on October 31st, 2021. So if you’re reading today’s post after that date, you will have three free stories waiting for you.

I hope you found today’s post informative and helpful, and that it helped you conclude whether you believe the Renegades Epic is a good fit for your reading tastes. Thank you so much for reading today’s post,

And Go Cardinals! – Looked gooood in that preseason opener against Dallas!