Elemental Magic, Sword and Sorcery, and a Fictional Sport…

Elemental Magic, Sword and Sorcery...

Elemental magic, sword and sorcery, and a fictional sport are just a few of many cool story elements that contribute to the plot lines in Wind Wielder. Different worlds, epic and high fantasy tropes, plus a little science fiction flair makes this genre-bender one that you won’t soon forget.

Today’s post will cover some of my story elements and help you decide whether Wind Wielder and the Elementals of Nordica Series is right for you. We will talk about all the above, such as elemental magic, for example, its role in the series, and so much more.

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Elemental Magic Plus Sword and Sorcery

Wind Wielder
Elemental Magic takes off the very second you open Wind Wielder.

When we hear about elemental magic, the four classical elements come into play, those being air, water, earth, and fire. I’ve taken the liberty to refer to air as wind in this one, since wind wielders like Sion Zona’s combat moves all involve conjuring wind to a certain extent.

You’re also getting a heavy dose of the fifth element, which I refer to as spirit. If you think aether, space, or void, you’re also on the right track, as spirit touches on all the above.

I’ve also included what I call niche elements. Those who can control them control a certain aspect, or niche, of the classical elements. When you join the Readers Republic, the cheat sheet gives you a more in-depth look of elementals who control wood, blood, metal, and vapor. The latter I also interchange with smoke.

Other forms of elemental magic exist as well with obscure niches like electricity, sky, moon, ocean, rock, and others. But as mentioned, they’re exceptionally rare niches. However, they will appear in future installments.

As for the sword and sorcery portion, elementals who reach a specific experience level are awarded Mastery Swords. These swords manifest when an elemental reaches level sixty-five. With them, elementals no longer need to use punching or kicking combos to wield their elements. Instead, it’s more of a slash and point. With a sword, they also use less energy while giving off stronger attacks.

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The Fictional Sport of Thrashball

I first came across the name thrashball years ago when I sat down and played a video game called Gears of War. While the game (to my fullest knowledge) never went in depth over what thrashball was, it allowed me to conceive a brief idea for the game, which I inserted into Wind Wielder as a subplot.

The trick here was to successfully integrate this sub plot into the main plot, which during the first few drafts of Wind Wielder made zero sense. However, thanks to a few hardcore edits, repurposing, and repositioning, I kept the game in the book. You’ll get three chapters that outline thrashball and again, each chapter plays an integral role toward the main plot.

And of course, during the actual games themselves, they are fun ways to release tension throughout the 83,000-plus word book.

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Different Worlds

The Planet of Eidolon, which I have given the name to this little fantasy world, is one quite like our own but also quite different. I like to think of it as a little more advanced than our own technologically. But with that, it’s also an imperfect world, much like what we see today.

You’re getting virtually a carbon copy of Earth, with the primary differences being a slightly more advanced society paired with a small group of people known as elementals. And of course, the elementals can control niches of or all of the classical elements.

That said, I don’t go too deep into description regarding cityscapes, vehicles, animals, or plant life in this world. I’ll mention a few cryptids, but not much more than that. Mainly, it allows the theater within you to go to work.

So if you’re looking for crazy advanced-looking buildings, cars, and people, feel free to picture them. If your brain points you to something more akin to today’s world, picture them.

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Epic and High Fantasy Tropes

If you love mainstream epic and high fantasy tropes, Elementals of Nordica has plenty of them. As mentioned in my previous post about genre-bending, you’re getting a lot of it here with Elementals of Nordica.

From the chosen protagonists whose existence inconveniences the primary antagonist, which of course leads to the protagonists discovering their significance, and so much more, you’re getting a healthy dosage of epic and high fantasy tropes throughout. Elemental magic is an obvious add-on, ditto for sword and sorcery, complex plots, high stakes, you name it.

Okay, so I hope you’re enjoying this little tour so far regarding the story elements that have breathed life into Elementals of Nordica. There is so much more to come, so continue to stay tuned as we dive deep into and explore all there is to offer in this budding, genre-bending series.


Welcome to the Elementals Universe

Wind Master
As the cover suggests, Wind Master travels to different worlds, bending epic fantasy into science fiction.

Like what you’ve read?

Good, because today’s post is nothing more than a sliver to what you will discover in the Elementals Universe. See, Elementals of Nordica will comprise 5 to 7 books. However, it’s just the beginning of a genre bending franchise that will take you across the universe.

Catch Elementals of Nordica in the World of Eidolon, but you will also find a series regarding the ongoing conflict in the World of Rondure. Plus, our own world will also see action in the Elementals Universe, so there is far more to love than just Elementals of Nordica itself, for it’s only the beginning.

Better yet, if you like works where characters from different series pop into others, these works are for you. There’s a lot of genre bending going on here too, and yes, I’m one of those authors unafraid to break the rules. How many epic fantasies out there take place in modern societies? Few. Very few.

So that’s just one aspect of my work. Sure, the tropes, elemental magic, and sword and sorcery aspects may seem familiar. But that’s where the familiarities end. If you’re craving something unique, yet familiar, tradition mixed with innovation, then you will love the Elementals Universe.

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