Elementals of Nordica Series Will Span At Least Five Books

Elementals of Nordica Series

My rule of thumb is that in any book series I write, there are never a set number of books. However, I always have an idea of how many books a series will span. Take the Elementals of Nordica Series, the first of which I will release in January 2022. After running through my first edit of Book III – Wind Keeper, I now know that the series will span at least five books. Especially after that ending.

But what made me come to that number?

Well, it mainly has to do with what our cast of main characters discover about the World of Eidolon. In Book I – Wind Wielder, they discover one significant thing that sets the stage for Book II – Wind Master. In Wind Master, they learn something even more significant about Eidolon and even the other four of the Five Worlds. In Book III – Wind Keeper, something crazy significant occurs that will mark the turning point of the series.

And come Book IV – Wind Lord, that significance comes to a head.

What are these significant things?

While I cannot reveal that, I can at least reveal where I drew my inspiration.

Let’s dive deeper into the following sections. And by the end of today’s post, you will see exactly why Elementals of Nordica will span at least five books.

One: Explaining Those Epic Fantasy Tropes

Wind Wielder

Elementals of Nordica is technically an epic fantasy, but it’s one that I call a “new world epic fantasy,” given the modern-day tech. However, since the Elemental of Nordica Series takes place in another world where the series’ magical systems originate, it’s rightfully considered an epic fantasy.

And the series’ tropes further reinforce the mantra.

You’re getting significant tropes that involve chosen ones, something seen in many epic fantasy tales. Chosen ones with the power to, of course, defeat antagonistic superpowers who have for centuries ruled over the World of Eidolon and all of the Five Worlds.

You’re also getting some ancient elemental magical systems here, complete with sword and sorcery, heroes in training, and even modern-day technology fortified by those elemental magical systems. Oh, and there’s also a small group of elite madmen hunting down our main protagonist and their crew.

In order for the entire plot and its tropes to manifest, I easily found that three books were not enough. Especially since our primary madmen receive nothing more than passing mentions over the course of Wind Wielder, Wind Master, and Wind Keeper.

Plus, through three books, you still won’t find full explanations on how these magical systems manifested, and how they pertain to our main characters. You’ll get bits and pieces, obviously, but in short, a lot of loose ends still exist.

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Two: Character Arcs

Through three books, I’m more than satisfied with the arcs regarding many of my main characters, and even characters I’ve introduced in Wind Master and Wind Keeper. However, the arcs of my main cast are still far from complete, although I’ve seen noticeable changes in each since the beginning of Wind Wielder.

For me, nothing is more fun than watching my main characters evolve, so forgive me if I take my time with character arcs. However, since a few primary madmen are just now getting stage time, it shows that I’m just starting a few more arcs even as they pertain to the antagonists.

Clearly, three books are not enough not just in explaining and telling the full story regarding all those tropes; but also the character arcs, themselves. And odds are, new characters in Book IV – Wind Lord, and Book V have yet to manifest.

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Three: The Most Important Plot Element…

Wind Master

Is yet to come. Something that J.K. Rowling did with the Harry Potter Series, when we learned something significant regarding Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and definitely in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

As an unapologetic Potterhead, I’ve taken a few elements from her classic work and have fused them with other authors that have inspired my writing. For this particular plot element, I waited to hint at things in the first three books, but it’s not necessarily until Wind Lord that you find it out. Again, much like with Rowling’s the plot element did not occur until later in the series.

However, regarding this particular element, I took a lot of inspiration from E.E. Holmes’ World of the Gateway, and it’s something that I did not come up with until after I had edited a few drafts of Wind Master.

Why is there such an important connection between two main characters? And why does this connection motivate these madmen sitting in the World of Eidolon’s elite offices to send anything and everything at them? Even if it means getting caught in their own lies?

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Turning Point in the Elementals of Nordica Series

The turning point does take place in Book III – Wind Keeper, but toward the end of the work. The revelation revealed practically sets the stage for Book IV – Wind Lord, and it will basically tell you all of what the fourth installment in the series will be about.

Wind Lord is where the series really begins to come together, indicating a potential series finale in a future fifth book of the series. But even if I cannot fit the series finale into Book V, then this time in 2022, we will be at five books and counting, whether Book V is ready for publication, or if I’m just talking it up here on the blog.

So if you’re looking for a trilogy, unfortunately, my work is not for you. But if you’re looking for a work that you can embark on a binge read, then you will fall in love with the Elementals of Nordica Series.

Especially if you’re into the epic fantasy tropes as mentioned above, along with immense character arcs that span multiple books, and for others, an entire series. You’re getting nonstop action everywhere you look, along with an epic fantasy fused into a 22nd Century society.

If you’re looking for a few samples of my work, then definitely join the Readers Republic and you’ll have two headed your way.

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