Elementals of Nordica to Take Genre-Bending Fantasy by Storm

Elementals of Nordica

In January 2022, Elementals of Nordica will see the release of Wind Wielder, with two more books to follow – Wind Master on February 1st, and Wind Keeper on March 1st. So if you’re looking for a genre-bending binge-read featuring epic fantasy tropes such as chosen ones, ultra-complex plots, and sword and sorcery bent into a sci-fi, dystopian, military/warfare setting and an ensemble cast, you’re in luck.

Today’s post will discuss the first three books in Elementals of Nordica, and their brief descriptions. I’ll also throw in the reader magnets that pertain to Elementals of Nordica which you can read at your own leisure for background information and extended introductions for each of the main characters.

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Chronicles of the Elementals (Free Work)

Chronicles of the Elementals

The Prequel to an Exciting New Modern-Day Epic Fantasy Series

Sion Zona’s collegiate career ended in one cataclysmic moment.

Now, the world’s most powerful empire has framed the Wind Wielder for a crime he did not commit.

But Sion isn’t the only one about to run from the Tamurian Empire. Brother-sister duo Mikko and Valkyrie Siskonen never knew they were walking into a trap.

Having illegally snuck from the Republic of Nordica to Tamuria’s South Nordican Colonies for years, why would this go-around be any different?

Unfortunately for the Siskonen siblings, they’re about to find themselves stuck in South Nordica, where Elementals are often persecuted for their power.

Chronicles of the Elementals is the Prequel to the upcoming Elementals of Nordica Series. If you love complex plots, non-stop action, elemental magic, and sword and sorcery, make this modern-day epic fantasy your next great read.


Wind Wielder

Wind Wielder: Elementals of Nordica, Book I

A secret censored throughout the modern age…

…A cataclysmic riot leaves the fate of the world hanging by a thread

There are a lot of things Wind Wielder Sion Zona wished he had taken seriously. But the following facts he neglected display his sheer ignorance.

One, an ancient tribe within his Elemental race wiped from the pages of time still exists.

Two, Sion and a band of eight other Elementals are the final descendants from that ancient tribe and hold the key to preventing the masses from falling victim to a one-world government foretold in a banned set of ancient texts.

Three, the global superpower wants nothing more than to destroy Sion and the others before they discover their importance to humanity.

So yeah, there’s no pressure in taking on a raging dictatorship.

Wind Wielder is Book I in Elementals of Nordica, an exciting epic fantasy series set in a modern society. If you are a fan of elemental magic, complex plots, and sword and sorcery with a contemporary twist, Wind Wielder is a MUST READ.


Chronicles of Rondure (Free Work)

Chronicles of Rondure

For over a century, the World of Rondure has lived under a dictatorial global power.

The Nation of Bastille Culls children into their military ranks the second they display elemental ability. And to uphold their persistent warfare state, they stripped citizens of their civil liberties in the form of safety mandates to protect them from supposed national security threats.

Tash Holmes, a metal morpher who evaded Bastille’s Culling for over a decade, embarks on a daring midnight raid to prove Bastille’s mandates protect no one. That safety was never the endgame, but endless profiteering from the racket of perpetual war is the real reason behind the nation’s persistent fear mongering.

If Tash succeeds, perhaps she’ll awaken a few people. If she fails, odds are Bastille will finally Cull her into their military ranks and exploit her ability in the upcoming war against their next manufactured enemy.

Chronicles of Rondure provides a live look into the Superpower Nation of Bastille in the World of Rondure. They will make their debut in Wind Master – Book II in Elementals of Nordica which is set to be released in February 2022.

If you love strong heroines, complex plots, elemental magic, and epic fantasy tropes alongside an advanced yet dystopian society, Chronicles of Rondure is yet another gateway into the Elementals Universe.


Wind Master

Wind Master: Elementals of Nordica, Book II

Welcome to the Five Worlds…

…Where notorious global superpowers have full control

Sion Zona narrowly escaped Tamuria’s wrath. But the empire has taken some of the brewing war’s most important elementals prisoner. Sion was told Tamuria’s prisons were unplottable. What he didn’t realize was that unplottable indicated different worlds.

And each prison within those worlds belongs to their respective global superpowers.

Fighting one superpower was hard enough, and it didn’t end well for Sion. Fighting multiple superpowers singlehandedly to rescue those allies is a death sentence. So unless he learns a thing or two about his evolving gifts, not everyone will survive the encounter.

Wind Master is Book II in Elementals of Nordica, an exciting epic fantasy fused with science fiction. If you love elemental magic, genre-bending, complex plots, and sword and sorcery with a contemporary twist, Wind Master is a MUST READ.

Look for a February 1st, 2022 release date for Wind Master, Book II in Elementals of Nordica.


Wind Keeper

Wind Keeper: Elementals of Nordica: Book III

Sion Zona thought he at least had a sense of security in Nordica…

…Until realization strikes that he is nothing more than a pawn in yet another game

He could’ve seen Tamuria playing this game. But Nordica? Sion spent the last year believing that Nordica was the Land of Elementals. A place where elementals could freely practice their ability on their own terms, unlike the perpetual restrictions Tamuria set.

Now that the truth’s out in the open, it’s clear the Nordicans were only using their elementals for their own, selfish gain.

Then again, not everything out there meets the eye. Was using elementals and Elemental Masters really Nordica’s ulterior motive? Or is someone or something more sinister pulling Nordica’s strings?

And if that’s the case, every single elemental in the World of Eidolon is in danger. War has ravaged the region. Death is everywhere. And now, Sion must deal with not just an external enemy, but numerous internal enemies.

Wind Keeper is Book III in Elementals of Nordica and the series’s final installment seen in The Renegades Epic: Phase I. Expect a March 2022 release date, and at least two more books in the series in future phases.



As you can see from the bottom line in Wind Keeper, the work is NOT the final installment in Elementals of Nordica; but the final installment in the series as it pertains to the Renegades Epic: Phase I – which is the overall scope of quite a few book series in the Elementals Universe, with the other two being Chronicles of Rondure (see Section III of this post), and the Terrian Chronicles, with another – Lost World Chronicles – also on the way.

If you like to read more than just a book series; but if you prefer diving into a universe, odds are you will love what the above works and others have to offer. As far as Elementals of Nordica goes, you’re getting epic fantasy tropes and elements along with a highly-scientific, modern-day society.

If you’re more into urban fantasy, Chronicles of Rondure will probably be up your alley, while the Terrian Chronicles covers a bit of both. Also, note that the Terrian Chronicles also comprises many series within one, which by extension is also part of the overall Elementals Universe.

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