Elementals Universe: Why Do Ones of the Five Level Up Differently?

Elementals Universe

When you read the Elementals Universe comprising Elementals of Nordica, Terrian Chronicles, and other series, you find Ones of the Five leveling up differently.

There may be some confusion regarding how Ones of the Five level up. In Elementals of Nordica, Sion Zona is already at a proficient level to the point he can duel and defeat Elemental Masters. Then there is Tarja Titan, who often gets overpowered early in her stories. The other Ones fall between Sion and Tarja, so it makes sense to wonder why there is so much variation here.

In the Elementals Universe, Ones of the Five are said to level up faster than normal elementals. Only their Escorts seem to rival or in some cases, pass them. Liza Fury levels up faster than Tarja, while it’s implied Erno was, at least in the short run, higher than Sion. 

As mentioned in the intro, there is a reason each One of the Five levels up at different points. And yes, they all level up alarmingly fast. But you will find out that it is their unique environments that ultimately dictates the speed in which they level up.

Ones of the Five have faced different scenarios early in life

Wind Ruler

Sion Zona grew up in South Nordica, a colony run by the notorious Tamurian Empire. In South Nordica and all over Tamurian-controlled lands, element-wielding is illegal. If you are an elemental, you have two choices: Forget you are an elemental, or join a branch of the Tamurian government so they can train you in wielding it. 

Sion grew up with his cousins Erno, Timo, and Hannah, who are also elementals. But since they spent their child and early adulthoods in Wild Valley, South Nordica, the four used the sparsely-populated area to their advantage. Tamurian soldiers tasked with enforcing the law rarely came around, as they were more focused on larger cities. This played into Sion’s hands, and it is why he is such a powerful wind wielder from the get-go in Elementals of Nordica

Tarja’s Situation

Tarja Titan may be the most prominent One of the Five if you read her story. But unlike Sion, she sits on the opposite end of the spectrum. Tarja’s memory loss left her unaware that Elementals (the term is capitalized in the World of Terra) even existed. Though she experienced visions and ultra-vivid dreams, her step-parents chalked it up as schizophrenia and put her on a variety of medications.

This drove Tarja further away from even remotely utilizing her ability and it wasn’t until her godbrother came to the rescue was she able to finally train. But with her memory loss, Tarja sat behind the eight-ball and had to learn everything from scratch. Then there was her sheer prominence in Elemental Society that she had to remember.

Therefore, leveling up in her Spirit Elemental ability was not the first thing on Tarja’s mind. Sion grew up with his aunt and uncle, both of whom were secretly rebels against Tamuria during the Ten-Year War. He also lived a carefree childhood while Tarja had no memory of her own.

The Other Ones of the Five

Tarja Titan: Sophomore Year

The other Ones of the Five were in unique situations. The One from the World of Catenary, by their superpower nation’s law, was not allowed to train in their element, much as Sion would not have been. But this One could not train because they grew up in the city and were therefore under their government’s watchful eye.

The One from Rondure grew up in the bowels of the superpower nation’s most notorious prison. They knew of their ability, but like the One from Catenary, were unable to use it. However, they knew the theory, and that gave them an advantage over Tarja, who knew nothing. But, as with the One from Catenary, they were well behind Sion Zona.

Only the One from Terrene came close to Sion. Like Sion, they grew up practicing and honing their ability.

But unlike Sion, they were kidnapped and forced into their superpower nation’s military ranks via possession. In this case, the superpower forced the One to use their ability for sinister purposes. This put them on an identical level as Sion. Also unlike Sion, they were forced to use their ability for dark purposes.

Fast Growth All Around in the Elementals Universe

Tarja Titan, in the novel Liza Fury: Catch 22shows immense growth in a novel that takes place in March and April 2021. So despite her being constantly overpowered, Tarja is clearly growing into a dominant force at the ripe age of 19, though she’s still way behind the other Ones of the Five. However, it goes to show you how fast she really did grow within the span of a single year.

Sion, the fastest grower, shows signs of godlike ability in Wind Keeper, and it is a trend that continues in Wind Ruler. In other novels, you will meet the other Ones and you will also witness their special ability those of normal Elemental status cannot pull off.

Hopefully, this article gave you some insight as to why the Ones, fast as they can grow, also grow at a slower pace in some circumstances. But ultimately, they are fast growers once they find themselves in the correct environment.