If you read my work, you know I love dystopian fantasy with tyrannical governments often serving as the bad guy…or bad guys. Whether it’s Sentrys of Terrene, Elementals of Nordica, or Chronicles of Rondure, the protagonists are going head-to-head with superstates as they try to break away from and ultimately destroy them. That said, you can guess my favorite books over the year hold similar concepts.

If we’re talking fantasy, it’s World of the Gateway by E.E. Holmes, which has always been spot-on in showing us corruption within a powerful system. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is a blueprint for showing us how those who are drunk on power seek to silence and ridicule dissenters of an official narrative.

But fantasy isn’t the only place we can find this and link such themes to real life. Especially here in the 2020s, and I have no doubt such trends will continue into the 2030s. Therefore, I’m also a huge fan of straight-up dystopia, but it’s not just George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four or Lois Lowry’s The Giver Quartet.

Tracy Lawson’s Resistance Series, KA Riley’s Resistance Trilogy, and Kate L. Mary’s Beyond Series, to name a few, are among my favorites. They are all books and authors that I highly recommend, and the more you read into their respective works, the more hidden gems you will find.

Keep checking this page for updates, as I will add more works to this brewing list. But for the time being, make sure you check out some if not all of the above series mentioned here, as they will provide thought-provoking information.

Thanks for checking this page out!