My absolute favorite scene in Tarja Titan

Favorite scene in Tarja Titan

Every one to two years, I love taking my books through an additional proofread. Tarja Titan was on my list and man, did I love Chapters 20 and 21.

Tarja Titan is the first full-length novel in The Terrian Chronicles, and while in hindsight, I felt the book had way too much telling in it, it is arguably my favorite book in Phase I of The Renegades Epic. Mainly because of its Harry Potter, Windhaven Witches, and World of the Gateway influences. But it has one other major influence too.

Tarja Titan and the entire Terrian Chronicles Series is also in the alternative history genre, setting it apart from most metaphysical/visionary/paranormal fantasies. You can also think of it as a multiverse, from a certain point of view. The series, which also includes Liza Fury, talks about conspiracies, shadow governments, and deep states, headed up by Elementals. 

Below, I want to outline the scene while being vague as vague can be, while at the same time, explaining why I love it so much. Often, I’ve read through my works so many times that, I’ll be honest, I get tired of looking at them. But there is always one or two scenes per book that never get old. This is that scene.

The Best Scene in Tarja Titan

A History Lesson

Tarja Titan

So I’ll be up front with you: If you don’t like complex backstories in your novel that require thought-provoking, critical thinking skills as opposed to an entertaining read, you’re reading the wrong book if you pick up Tarja Titan. If you aren’t comfortable with an alternative timeline where conspiracies exist, then once again, you’re reading the wrong book.

Tarja Titan is one of those books that takes what we’ve learned and turns it upside down. But if you like the plot points listed above, you may love this alternative version of world history where a small group of Elemental elitists dubbed the Machiavellian, or simply, the Machis, influence major global events, then you will love the work, hands down.

Oh, and if you love books that don’t contain the worn out good versus evil trope, then you’re also in the right place. Anyway, onto the scene.

The scene in question starts in Chapter 20 and carries over into Chapter 21 is one that Tarja, experiences a rundown of world history in the World of Terra, basically our world. But again, it’s our world where alternate history exists. Here, Tarja catches a hint on the major global events the Machis influenced behind the scenes.

The conversation then switches over to an ancient prophecy, yeah, I know, a common, boring, fantasy trope. And of course, this prophecy pertains to, you guessed it, Tarja herself. I’m not going to spoil it for you, but Tarja’s presence might have something to do with stopping the bad guys. Or, one of the bad guy factions.

As mentioned, this IS NOT a boring, old good versus evil trope. This is multiple shades of gray to dark forces going at it type of trope with a tiny number of people embracing the light side of the Force here.

Why I Love the Scene

Tarja Titan: Sophomore Year

The scene really sets the tone for what Tarja Titan and The Terrian Chronicles are. It opens up to the fact that in this alternative timeline, someone really is pulling the strings and profiting time and again off of global crises. It expands the plot 1,000%, from just a young girl trying to discover herself to her seeing a much bigger picture here.

The scene and the book may not be for you, and that’s okay. Every book has its own target audiences. But if you love complex plots that span across not just the World of Terra, but multiple worlds at that, you will fall in love with Tarja Titan and the rest of The Terrian Chronicles. 

There are always several scenes that serve as series turning points. In World of the Gateway, when Jess Ballard discovers the Durupinen, she’s treated to a long, drawn out, yet interesting history lesson regarding who she is, and this sisterhood’s history. In Spirit Prophecy, she learns she and her sister are part of, well, a prophecy, and one that can change the entire Durupinen society as they know it.

It seems as though each book contains these turning point scenes in their respective series. But the one that sticks out at me more than any other is the one in Spirit Legacy where Jess learns of her heritage and her birthright. There is literally nothing quite like it.

Other Turning Points?

Ohhhh yes. While I don’t have much to offer in terms of series turning points in Liza Fury: Catch 22the sequel to Tarja Titan, there is one scene in Tarja Titan: Sophomore Yearthat will just blow this series out of the water. Instead of taking things to a global scale, however, Tarja finds out a strange truth. One that she even refuses to believe until, well, we can wait until a later date before we have that discussion.

Let’s just say that it’s a turning point scene I’ve never personally came across. I’m sure it’s one you may not have seen either, and I cannot wait to share it with the world.