Genre-Bending is Present in Each Elementals of Nordica Work


If you love genre-bending with fantasy as the predominant genre, odds are you’ll like Elementals of Nordica. That’s if you’re cool with my mixing in of epic fantasy tropes and sword and sorcery into a modern-day society quite like our own, but set in a different world.

In today’s short post, I’ll go over some genre-bending that you can expect in each of the first three Elementals of Nordica books – the prequel plus Wind Wielder and Wind Master. If it’s something that sounds interesting to you, then make sure you join the Readers Republic to get your free reader magnet, Chronicles of the Elementals. With it, you’ll also get the first four chapters of Wind Wielder, plus an Elemental and Character Cheat Sheet.

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Genre-Bending in Chronicles of the Elementals

Chronicles of the Elementals

Chronicles of the Elementals is our prequel to Elementals of Nordica. It takes place in the week leading up to the events of Wind Wielder. And in it, you’ll first think it’s nothing more than a contemporary fantasy, and nothing more. However, we’re in a completely different world here where elementals like our main character Sion Zona are often treated as second-class citizens for possessing elemental ability.

You’re getting a lot of dystopia here, and it occurs right off the bat. The bend from fantasy and into dystopia continues throughout the work, and well into the climax.

Along with a healthy dose of dystopia, you’ll also find sword and sorcery present as well. Although this one takes place in a modern society, swords allow elementals who have reached a specific status to attack and defend themselves against attacks with greater power. Using an attack with a sword as opposed to without one also comes at lesser of an energy cost, and the possessor only needs to slash, twirl, or point, as opposed to a specific punching or kicking combo to wield their element.

Trope-wise, you’ll definitely see much high/epic fantasy in this one. It’s not the most original, with a primary antagonist going after the protagonists because they have something that the antagonist wants. Or, they have an ability that will thwart the antagonist.

If you’re into Chosen One and similar tropes, this is a series for you.


Genre-Bending in Wind Wielder

Wind Wielder

Wind Wielder continues with the above concepts, but now we’re getting into military fantasy and utopian genres. Something that I hint in Chronicles of the Elementals, and something you will find in your sample of Wind Wielder.

We’re still in the dystopian world, but early on in Wind Wielder, two important scenes take place which bends the work into military fantasy. You’re getting high-paced action scenes early and often in Wind Wielder, literally from the first page.

So if you’re a fan of fight scenes that involve more than just the protagonist, Wind Wielder is up your alley. You will find elemental magic early, both by Sion and other characters that I touched on in Chronicles of the Elementals.

Oh, and Wind Wielder even bends a bit into the sports genre as (spoiler alert) it contains a sporty subplot. But don’t worry, something that became a fun chess game for me was to entwine the subplot into the main plot. Similar to what Rowling did with Quidditch in Harry Potter.

I mention on the first page in Chronicles of the Elementals that Sion Zona is a thrashball athlete, so you’re getting a fictional sport here that sort of resembles different variations of football, including American, Association, Australian, Gaelic, and Rugby.

So besides the dystopian and sword and sorcery concepts found in Chronicles of the Elementals, you’re getting a solid lineup of utopia, military fantasy, plus sports scenes.


Genre-Bending in Wind Master

Wind Master hits home in the science fiction realm. To an extent, anyway. Here, you’re seeing elemental magic combined with modern warfare, archways to different worlds, and other science fiction-related concepts. It sets the stage for at least one if not more future series in the Elementals Universe. One of which I’m planning to release once I conclude the Elementals of Nordica, and I’ve hatched a few ideas for others.

So in a way, Wind Master doesn’t just expand Elementals of Nordica, but its genre-bending concepts expands the series into a universe. If you’re a fan of following universes, then luck is on your side here.

Besides the bend into science fiction, you’re still getting all the genres and tropes mentioned in the above sections, along with a bit of mystery, thriller, and suspense along the way. Wind Master is also what I call the turning point of the series, especially that final chapter in which I’ll leave you guessing as to what Sion plans to do.

I will say this, though: I’ve read over 100 books over the past 12 months, and none have necessarily touched on this route. But the ending will further push the series into the thriller and suspense elements. So think for future works in Elementals of Nordica as epic fantasy thrillers as Sion arcs from reckless and cocky college kid into adulthood.


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