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Yes, FOUR FREE READER MAGNETS! And what’s cooler than getting four free reader magnets? Each one kicks off a different series set in the same universe and with the same magical systems. Therefore, you WILL see characters from each series cross over, or at least garner a mention, into others.

Very cool, right?


Anyway, today, I want to talk to you about each of my four reader magnets. Three I already have out at the time of this writing, with one more on the way – I’m expecting a release somewhere between October 31st and December 31st, 2021, but it really matters how quickly I can go through the editing process.

Below, you’ll find descriptions of all four works and afterward, I’ll show you how they each entwine with the other, even if they’re all part of four different series.

Are you ready to discover four reader magnets, or soon to be four, reader magnets that you will get when you join the Readers Republic?

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Chronicles of the Elementals

Chronicles of the Elementals

Sion Zona’s collegiate career ended in one cataclysmic moment.

Now, the world’s most powerful empire has framed the Wind Wielder for a crime he did not commit.

But Sion isn’t the only one about to run from the Tamurian Empire.

Brother-sister duo Mikko and Valkyrie Siskonen never knew they were walking into a trap. Having illegally snuck from the Republic of Nordica to Tamuria’s South Nordican Colonies for years, why would this go-around be any different?

Unfortunately for the Siskonen siblings, they’re about to find themselves stuck in South Nordica, where Elementals are often persecuted for their power.

Chronicles of the Elementals is the Prequel to the upcoming Elementals of Nordica Series. If you love complex plots, non-stop action, elemental magic, and sword and sorcery, make this modern-day epic fantasy your next great read.


Chronicles of Rondure

Chronicles of Rondure

For over a century, the World of Rondure has lived under a dictatorial global power.

The Nation of Bastille Culls children into their military ranks the second they display elemental ability.

And to uphold their persistent warfare state, they stripped citizens of their civil liberties in the form of safety mandates to protect them from supposed national security threats.

Tash Holmes, a metal morpher who evaded Bastille’s Culling for over a decade, embarks on a daring midnight raid to prove Bastille’s mandates protect no one. That safety was never the endgame, but endless profiteering from the racket of perpetual war is the real reason behind the nation’s persistent fear-mongering.

If Tash succeeds, perhaps she’ll awaken a few people. If she fails, odds are Bastille will finally Cull her into their military ranks and exploit her ability in the upcoming war against their next manufactured enemy.

Chronicles of Rondure provides a live look into the Superpower Nation of Bastille in the World of Rondure. They will make their debut in Wind Master – Book II in Elementals of Nordica which is set to be released in February 2022. If you love strong heroines, complex plots, elemental magic, and epic fantasy tropes alongside an advanced yet dystopian society, Chronicles of Rondure is yet another gateway into the Elementals Universe.

“The twists and turns as well as the nervousness felt by Tash are transmitted to the reader in a masterful way by the author. Definitely 5 STARS and I look forward to reading the sequel.” – Review


Braden Hawk – The Terrian Chronicles Prequel

Braden Hawk Prequel

My life changed forever in a single, tragic evening.

They convicted me of killing twelve people with a single swipe of my Sword of Wind.

Little did they know someone else committed the crime. They never knew I was betrayed.

Betrayed not just by an ally, but by my dear cousin. My best friend at the Celestial University of the Northeast, she fought alongside me in the Elemental War against the notorious Machis.

Then, she revealed her true colors and took everything I had. My parents, my little godsister, my freedom. Now I’ve broken out of my little cage and I will avenge their deaths, along with everything else she and the Machis took from me.

I am Braden Hawk. I am a Wind Master. I am a Sentinel. I am out for blood. And I will reveal the truth.


The Terrian Six – Coming Fall/Winter 2021

A secret hiding in plain sight…

…A global conspiracy bent on sending a century-old plan in motion

Tony Stanley thought he and his five best friends from high school were embarking on their last hurrah before going their separate ways come August.

What they didn’t have in mind was that this last hurrah involved a secret society of madmen and women bent on using them in a war machine to bring about an Orwellian Society on Earth.

And after discovering their significance to this society’s plans and their newfound elemental abilities, Tony and his friends are left without a choice if they want to keep the world from falling to this society.

Problem is, they’re about to discover magical systems and even other worlds they thought only existed in fantasy and science fiction. And to prevent this maddening secret society from carrying out their plans, Tony and the others are left to seek out a group of strangers in another world that will help them hone their abilities and to challenge this society.

The Terrian Six kicks off the Lost World Chronicles. It will be a Prolific Works Exclusive that will be available for download in Late 2021 if you’re already in the Readers Republic. If you love complex plots, elemental magic, sword and sorcery, and epic fantasy tropes bent into modern worlds, The Terrian Six is for you.


How Each Reader Magnet Entwines With the Other

Wind Wielder: Elementals of Nordica, Book I
Available January 3rd, 2022, Wind Wielder is my first paid work.

Chronologically, you would read the Braden Hawk Reader Magnet first, before shifting gears to Chronicles of the Elementals. My first paid work, Wind Wielder (available January 3rd, 2022), takes place between Chronicles of the Elementals and Chronicles of Rondure.

Chronicles of Rondure serves as the prequel to two books – Wind Master and Civil War – two more paid works to be released in February 2022, and April 2022. Wind Master is the sequel to Wind Wielder, and in Wind Master, my main characters take a trip into the World of Rondure. Civil War is Book I in the Chronicles of Rondure Series, where the protagonist is a supporting character in the Chronicles of Rondure Reader Magnet.

The Terrian Six takes place after the events of Civil War and it serves as the prequel to the Lost World Chronicles, along with the prequel to Phase II of the Renegades Epic, which will comprise at least four series. The aforementioned books are Phase I of the Epic.

Each reader magnet listed in the above sections also follows the same overarching storylines, magical systems, and they take place in one of the Five Worlds.



The four reader magnets listed above are the only four that I will ever create as far as the Renegades Epic and Elementals Universe are concerned. However, you will also receive interquels and other cool compilations as a member of the Readers Republic, so you will get a few more freebies just by joining the Readers Republic, along with in-depth character profiles, short stories, and so much more.

Thank you so much for reading today’s post,

And I hope you enjoy my work!