Get Two Free Fantasy Elemental Magic Books When You Join the Readers Republic

Get Two Free Fantasy Elemental Magic Books When You Join the Readers Republic

Join the Readers Republic, and get two free elemental magic books in the fantasy genre. If you’re one who loves elemental magic, then you may love my Elementals of Nordica Series. Or better yet, the Elementals Universe, because Elementals of Nordica is just one of a few series in which I plan to write.

And better yet, you can get two sample works, one novella and one novelette, absolutely free when you sign up for my Readers Republic. Sign up today and you’ll receive Chronicles of the Elementals and within three days, you’ll get the second freebie, Chronicles of Rondure.

Each work contains characters who later appear in Elementals of Nordica. And you will also find a future spin-off series in the World of Rondure. So think of these works as two prequels to the main series. Also, if you love reading in universes as opposed to a single series, you’re also in luck, as I implied above.

If you’re unsure whether you’d like my work, then check out the following sections, where I’ll give you the description of each freebie.


Free Elemental Magic Novella: Chronicles of the Elementals

Chronicles of the Elementals

Sion Zona’s collegiate career ended in one cataclysmic moment.

Now, the world’s most powerful empire has framed the Wind Wielder for a crime he did not commit.

But Sion isn’t the only one about to run from the Tamurian Empire. Brother-sister duo Mikko and Valkyrie Siskonen never knew they were walking into a trap.

Having illegally snuck from the Republic of Nordica to Tamuria’s South Nordican Colonies for years, why would this go-around be any different?

Unfortunately for the Siskonen siblings, they’re about to find themselves stuck in South Nordica, where Elementals are often persecuted for their power.

Chronicles of the Elementals is the Prequel to the upcoming Elementals of Nordica Series. If you love complex plots, non-stop action, elemental magic, and sword and sorcery, make this modern-day epic fantasy your next great read.

Besides getting Chronicles of the Elementals for free, you’ll also catch a sneak peek at Wind Wielder – Book I in the Elementals of Nordica Series. And as an added bonus, you’ll also get a characters and elementals cheat sheet, which describes tidbits about the main cast and their respective elemental ability.

Join the Readers Republic today and get Chronicles of the Elementals!


Free Elemental Magic Novelette: Chronicles of Rondure

Chronicles of Rondure

For over a century, the World of Rondure has lived under a dictatorial global power.

The Nation of Bastille Culls children into their military ranks the second they display elemental ability. And to uphold their persistent warfare state, they stripped citizens of their civil liberties in the form of safety mandates to protect them from supposed national security threats posed by enemy nations.

Tash Holmes, a metal morpher who evaded Bastille’s Culling for over a decade, embarks on a daring midnight raid to prove Bastille’s mandates protect no one. That safety was never the endgame, but endless profiteering from the racket of perpetual war is the real reason behind the nation’s persistent fear mongering.

If Tash succeeds, perhaps she’ll awaken a few people. If she fails, odds are Bastille will finally Cull her into their military ranks and exploit her ability in the upcoming war against their next manufactured enemy.

Chronicles of Rondure provides a live look into the Superpower Nation of Bastille in the World of Rondure. They will make their debut in Wind Master – Book II in Elementals of Nordica which is set to be released in February 2022.

If you love strong heroines, complex plots, elemental magic, and epic fantasy tropes alongside an advanced yet dystopian society, Chronicles of Rondure is yet another gateway into the Elementals Universe.

With Chronicles of Rondure, you’re also getting a bonus cheat sheet that outlines the Five Worlds in the Elementals Universe. The work also serves a dual role as a prequel. As noted in the description, it serves as the prequel to Book II – Wind Master. But it also serves as the prequel to a future series based in the World of Rondure.

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More Freebies to Come!

Okay, so here’s how I run my business and the Readers Republic: I give away quite a few works for nothing as long as you stick to my mailing list. They include prequel short stories, novelettes, and novellas. But never the novels, themselves, as the latter will always remain a paid work.

You’ll also receive interquels for free if you remain part of the Readers Republic. Following each work starting with Wind Master, you’ll get free interquels that depict minor characters ready to make the breakthrough from their previous role into becoming part of the main cast.

For example, if there is a minor character in Wind Wielder or Wind Master who has remained in the background or shrouded behind closed doors, expect them to become a main character in Wind Keeper – Book III in the series. But before they break through to become part of the main cast, they will become a protagonist during the free interquel work, which will range in length between a short story and a novella.

But again, you can only get your hands on the freebies if you join the Readers Republic. As each work shown above and any future freebie remains exclusive only to them.


Get More Fictional Elemental Magic Books

Looking for more cool elemental magic books?

Visit the following page on my book review blog and you will find a budding list of books in the fantasy sub-genre in which elemental magic takes centerstage. Plus, you’ll even find a few comp titles to my own work, some of which remain buried deep in the Amazon rough.

And since as you can clearly see from the above post that elemental magic dominates in my own work, expect more book reviews in the fantasy genre that features plots in which the main characters control the elements.

That does it for yet another post regarding my Elementals of Nordica Series and whether it’s a good fit for your reading preferences.

Thank you for reading.