How Many Series are Within The Terrian Chronicles?

The Terrian Chronicles

Last month, I talked about The Terrian Chronicles and my upcoming Tarja Titan Series. Tarja Titan isn’t just Book I in the Series; her story is also Book I in the Terrian Chronicles, which by extension is part of the Elementals Universe. And as I noted in a previous post, Tarja Titan is the only book in The Terrian Chronicles part of Phase I in The Renegades Epic, which will span at least three different series.

However, The Terrian Chronicles also comprises three different series at the VERY LEAST. Besides Tarja Titan, you’re getting a fine dose of Braden Hawk and Liza Fury. Like The Terrian Chronicles’ connection with the Elementals Universe and The Renegades Epic, each series in The Terrian Chronicles is also interconnected. Therefore, don’t be surprised when you see Tarja fade in and out of stories in which Hawk or Liza act as the central characters.

Would you like a bit of a rundown on what’s to come in The Terrian Chronicles and all three series in them?

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Tarja Titan

Tarja Titan

In last week’s post, I penned a quick blurb on Tarja Titan and what Book I is going to be about. Overall, the series is a loosely-based retelling of Harry Potter, but with a twist that involves elemental magic and sword and sorcery situated in modern-day society. As previously noted, the Tarja Titan Series and The Terrian Chronicles are the only ones in the Elementals Universe to take place here on Earth.

In previous posts, I’ve noted that Chronicles of Rondure and Elementals of Nordica take place in two of the other Five Worlds. And you will see them and possibly those like Tarja Titan in The Terrian Chronicles make visits to some or each of the Five Worlds.

For Tarja, if you love complex storylines, elemental magic, sword and sorcery, plus a strong heroine, Tarja Titan is a must-read. If you’re into classics like Harry Potter, odds are you’ll love the twist in Tarja Titan, and I’ve also related this series to E.E. Holmes’ World of the Gateway and Carissa Andrews’ Windhaven Witches.

You will get at least five books in the Tarja Titan Series, with perhaps even more if I feel I cannot complete her story in just five.


Braden Hawk

Braden Hawk Prequel

Braden Hawk may be the most interesting series for you if you’re into first-person, present-tense point of view. His series is the only one in both The Terrian Chronicles and the Elemental Universe that I will narrate in these terms, though I may use first-person, past-tense in other series.

Braden is a Sentinel at Celestial University and is substantially older than Tarja (18 in the first book) and Liza (16). As you will read in the Braden Hawk Prequel when you join the Readers Republic (prequel will be/was released in October 2021).

The Sentinels act as guardians not just for Celestial U, but for the 13 Elemental Universities in the United States. However, they are a different branch from the Falconers, who you can correlate to The Terrian Chronicles’ version of Aurors from Harry Potter or Trackers from World of the Gateway.

Expect three books at least from the Braden Hawk Series, with the possibility for more. You will also see Braden Hawk in many other Terrian Chronicles installments.


Liza Fury

Liza Fury

Liza Fury is the youngest character in The Terrian Chronicles, or at least the youngest main character. Liza is a fire elemental; something she tries to keep hidden from her Benight (equivalent to Muggle) family given their disdain for anything supernatural thanks to her father, Jay Fury.

You won’t see or hear too much from Liza until her own work, though she’s seen early in Tarja Titan and you will see her in some of Hawk’s books, too.

While Tarja’s works focus on Elemental University life and Hawk’s endeavors focus on Elemental Society, Liza’s will at least begin with her struggles living as an Elemental among Benight Society. Especially when Mom and Dad discover their daughter has what they call an “abnormality.”

If you’re into young adult fiction and at least early on, coming-of-age works that involve contemporary and even epic fantasy concepts, elemental magic amidst a growing dystopia that is Benight Society, Liza Fury will float your boat.


More in The Terrian Chronicles?

You may find even more central characters in The Terrian Chronicles. In early outlines and drafts, I was going to have five of them, with one main character representing the four classical elements of earth, water, air (wind), and fire, plus the Fifth Element of spirit.

That may remain the case. But for now, Titan, Hawk, and Fury make for an outstanding trio of central characters with their own unique, and crisscrossing storyline. And in case you’re wondering, expect cross-overs with both Chronicles of Rondure and Elementals of Nordica.

If you’re thinking the Elementals Universe and each phase in The Renegades Epic sort of resembles the elemental magic version of Marvel Cinematics, you’re warm, as the movie franchise acted as a major influence here. That said, expect works that may or may not belong to any of the series listed above and instead, would be equivalent to an Avengers-like film.

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