How to Receive Free Books from the Elementals Universe?

Get Free Books!

Are you a reader who loves to read free books?

Unfortunately, I only give away free short stories, novellas, and novelettes to my Readers Republic. However, there is a tiny loophole in which you can get all of my novels for free, and no, I’m not talking about downloading them from Kindle Unlimited.

One way to do this is to join the Readers Republic (link above), read my free prequel novella Chronicles of the Elementals, and the first 10 percent of Wind Wielder – Book I in the Elementals of Nordica Series, which you will have access to in your free download of Chronicles.

Then, just hit me at the contact information following the sample and I’ll be glad to send you an ARC of Wind Wielder and in time, its sequels IF you leave a review for Wind Wielder. So make sure you give me a paper trail to your review so I don’t gong you from my ARC Team! Oh, and I demand honest reviews, not 5-star reviews just to butter me up.


How Many Readers Will Get Free Books?

At any given time, no more than 50 readers from the Readers Republic will get free books for life. However, I always keep a waiting list of readers in my queue. So for example, if Reader X does not leave a review for Wind Wielder, I would take them off and add Reader Y to the ARC Team. That said, don’t be shy about alerting me of your interest in leaving ARCs.

Plus, Elementals of Nordica is not the only work in the Elementals Universe. So if I’m fully booked for Elementals of Nordica in terms of an ARC Team, but I need readers for my Terra and Rondure Series, you may still get your wish for some free books. But again, you must leave an honest review.

I always say that every book I write will be involved in the Elementals Universe. But things change in life, so say if I hypothetically go beyond Elementals, odds are I could even use readers to review works in other universes. What I’m getting to is this: Don’t be discouraged if I can’t fit you into one slate of an ARC Team. Because odds are, I’ll have a few different teams for different works.

Not a fan of joining mailing lists?

You can just download the Wind Wielder Sample at Prolific Works!


It Still Pays to be a Readers Republic Insider

The Readers Republic Insiders are what I call my superfans. It’s where the Sacred 50 will get their ARCs three months in advance of any release in the Elementals Universe. However, there are still reasons to be a Readers Republic Insider even if I don’t have space for a single new ARC reader.

How so?

Because I also like to utilize beta readers. For Wind Wielder, I had a very limited team of beta readers, since there are hardly any avid readers in the Northern Panhandle of West Virginia. So by turning to the internet and meeting a few dedicated fans, you could always go the beta reading route. And again, I only select a limited number of readers here, but you get to give me some honest feedback, which is nice, right!

And I’m one of those guys who want brutally honest feedback; simply because I want my works to be the absolute best they can be.

You’ll also get priority entries into giveaways, entries into exclusive giveaways – for example, you could get a signed hardcover copy from me, something that wouldn’t be available to my regular Readers Republic, and more.

Again, there are tons of other ways to land some free books here.

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Same Story, Different Versions

Okay, so I do have one crazy confession to make. If you receive an early ARC, you probably won’t have the final version in your hands. Now, the clear upside is that you will have the same exact story in hand. However, I’m one of those anal authors who think they need to revise every time they proofread their manuscript. So words and phrases may differ from ARC to ARC. Now, when I release each work, I will no longer revise unless some reader alerts me on a crazy typo or something.

But rest assured, you’re getting the same story whether you get the ARC in October or December. The perfectionist mentality in me always thinks something needs to be improved, somewhere, in each novel I write. Especially since I’d like more than a few thousand downloads from Kindle Unlimited Readers, and hopefully even more purchases from readers not enrolled in KU.

But again, you’re getting the same story, the same characters, scenes, themes, and the works. So don’t freak if you read the ARC then download the work onto your Kindle from KU to read it again, only to find things to be slightly different than what you remembered. No, you’re not going crazy; I just did a little more revising before I got thousands of potential customers.

That said, even when you read the ARC, feel free to send me constructive feedback to where the work could be better. Obviously, I won’t change the plot lines, but if you have recommendations for dialogue, or even to enhance character development, I’m all ears.

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Are You Like Me?

Like me as in, a fan of authors to the point where you don’t feel like you can justify getting free works from them? Yeah, authors like E.E. Holmes and Carissa Andrews are two authors I’ve bought books from because I’m just too much of a fan. So much I even have brainstormed a few comp title ideas inspired by World of the Gateway and Windhaven Witches.

Remember that statement I made earlier about possibly going beyond the Elementals Universe? Yeah, that’s what I was talking about. But don’t worry. If that ever comes into fruition it’ll be a long way off. And what’s not to say I don’t somehow find a way to insert it into the Elementals Universe? Once again, tons of avenues here. Yeah, I’m scatterbrained. Can’t you tell?

But anyway, if you’d rather just buy or download my work through KU – I think I get paid like .004 cents per page or something (it adds up) – I’m always grateful for the support. And while I’d love to see you all leave reviews, I also know many readers won’t. So if you don’t review online, you can still give me a review simply by word-of-mouth.

Did you love my work?

Tell a friend. Tell a family member. A co-worker. A random stranger on the street. Anyone!

Anyway, that’s all I got for you today.

So again, if you’re interested in free books, click the following link to join my Readers Republic, read Chronicles of the Elementals, and the Wind Wielder Sample. Contact me stating your interest and if I have room, you got a free copy!

Thank you so much for reading,

And Go Suns!