How the Nordic Runes Correspond to Each Elemental

Nordic Runes in the Elementals Universe

I have since written two posts about the Nordic Runes. The first post talked about the runes and their uses in divination, both in real-life and in the Elementals Universe. The second post talked about the runes and their magickal properties. If you’re new to the Nordic Runes, I will leave a link to a few of my favorite books on the subject toward the end of today’s post.

And just for clarity, we’re talking about the Elder Futhark, not the Younger Futhark. Not that I won’t eventually incorporate the Younger Futhark into the works. But for the time being, you will see just the Elder Futhark both in my posts and in many books in the Elementals Universe.

How the Nordic Runes Correspond to Each Element

Today’s post will describe each of the runes as they pertain to each Elemental. You may know that each rune corresponds to one of the four classical elements. Some correspond to even more. In the Elementals Universe, I have expanded on this topic.

However, if you’re well-versed in the runes, you can probably predict which Elementals correspond to each rune. In the sections below, for example, you will find that our Fire Elementals correspond with Thurisaz, Nied, Kenaz, and Sowilo. But as I said, I have expanded on this topic. These runes, when combined with their magickal properties, can even give these elementals an edge when in combat.

Let’s look further.



As mentioned, we got Thurisaz (ᚦ), Nied (ᚾ), Kenaz (<), and Sowilo (ᛋ). A Fire Elemental or a Fire Master can use any of the aforementioned runes to ward a building, plus the entrance and exit to a building. For example, if they wanted to lock themselves inside a place, they can draw any of the above runes onto walls and entrances and lock themselves inside.

They can also use the magickal properties of each of the runes. If they wanted to enhance their defensive mechanisms in battle, they can draw Thurisaz. maintain a cool head with Nied, look into themselves further with Kenaz, and even greatly increase their chances of success with Sowilo.

Fire Elementals can point their index and middle fingers and evoke a simple ember to ward a building or an entrance, just like other Elementals with their respective runes. And they can do the same when they’re looking to increase an offensive or defensive maneuver, or odds.


Air (Wind)

Our Wind Elementals can use Ansuz (ᚨ), Tiwaz (ᛏ), Eihwaz (ᛇ), and Raidho (ᚱ) to their advantage. As with our Fire Elementals, they can use all of the above for wards. Also like Fire Elementals, their wards will hold as long as they sit at a higher level than other Elementals boasting the same ability, or if the opposing Elemental with the ability to control a different element sits below 50 levels ahead of them.

For example, if a Fire Elemental wished to unward a ward set by a Wind Elemental, they must rest at least 50 levels above that Wind Elemental. However, another Wind Elemental could sit just one level higher and unward that same ward. This goes for each and every Elemental.

Wind Elementals can also use Ansuz in combat to increase communication between them and others. Tiwaz is great for an increase in energy, while Eihwaz is sensational for defensive mechanisms. Raidho is great when they’re looking to increase stamina and safety while in a windsurf.



Hagall (ᚺ), Isa (I), Perdhro (ᛈ), and Laguz (ᛚ) are the runes for our Water Elementals. Again, when they’re looking to ward buildings, rooms, and entrances, all of the above apply.

Magickal properties when drawing each rune either with the index and middle fingers pointed, or with a sword for Water Masters allow for an increase in intuition and equanimity with Laguz, an increase in accuracy when utilizing maneuvers with Hagall, controlling dangerous waters with Isa, and summoning water with Perdhro (such as when in a desert environment).



For all intents and purposes, I would be an Earth Elemental, even if the main characters I’ve based on myself are Wind Elementals (such as Sion Zona and Braden Hawk). This is merely because Wind gave me more creativity than Earth. That said, the runes whose magickal properties woo me the most are those that correspond to Earth.

They are Jera (ᛃ), Berkana (ᛒ), and Othala (ᛟ). Fewer runes for the Earth Elementals, so there is quality over quantity here. Othala is great to use when Earth Elementals are placing a claim on their ground. Berkana is the rune to use when summoning boulders from the ground, or even the strength to move land. It’s also popular to use when several Earth Elementals are fighting alongside one another.

Ditto for Jera. In fact, the Earth Runes are so identical it’s common to see them combine all three of them into a trifecta. Othala for defense, plus Berkana and Jera for manifestation and unity. Of the Nordic Runes representing four classical elements in Elementals of Nordica, the Earth Runes are by far the most powerful when used properly.



Tarja Titan
Tarja Titan is our main Spirit Elemental character in the Terrian Chronicles.

Spirit Elementals have control over more Nordic Runes than any other in Elementals of Nordica. Basically, any rune that pertains to psychic ability, astral communication, or anything to do with the Higher Self corresponds to Spirit Elementals.

They are Ansuz, Raidho, Perdhro, Laguz, Eihwaz, Elhaz, Ehwaz, Sowilo, Tiwaz, Ingwaz, Dagaz, Othala, Nied, Wunjo, Gifu, and Fehu. That’s a total of 16 runes for the Spirit Elementals. They can and have also used Wyrd, and are the only Elementals able to do so.

Note: I personally DO NOT use Wyrd in divination, nor do I recognize it as part of the Elder Futhark. However, I like the symbol of Wyrd and thought it worked well in the Elementals Universe with Spirit Elementals given its overall meaning.

Anyway, Spirit Elementals can use Wyrd and/or any of the above Nordic Runes for wards. They can also use the other runes not listed for any of the other eight Elementals. For example, you see this occur in Wind Master, when a Spirit Elemental runes up one of the main characters with Hagall. However, they cannot use the runes not listed above on themselves.

They can use the aforementioned runes and their magickal properties as long as it pertains to the Spirit Element, such as enhancing psychic ability, the supernatural, etc. For example, Ehwaz aids in astral travel. If a Spirit Elemental were to engage in it, they can do so with Ehwaz. Laguz increases psychic abilities, which is great to use during combat, and so forth.



Next to Spirit Elementals, Metal Elementals, or Metal Morphers, are said to boast the highest amount of brute strength. They are only weakened to Spirit. And also unlike Spirit Elementals, they can only use the magickal properties for two Nordic Runes – Fehu (ᚠ) and Ingwaz (ᛜ).

So, as with Earth Elementals, one of the Metal Elemental’s niches – they can control Earth IF metal is present in the ground – they often use Ingwaz for enhancing defense mechanisms. And as implied above, Metal Elementals boast arguably the best defensive tactics next to Spirit Elementals. Fehu is their rune of choice when they’re scouring below (or above) the earth for sources of shrapnel.



Mannaz (ᛗ) is the only one of the Nordic Runes to pertain to the Wood Element. And since Mannaz is a self-supporting rune, it’s great for Wood Elementals to use when on the attack. They can draw Mannaz to increase the power of their wood-based maneuvers, and they can also use it to create mental agility, which further enhances their attacks.



Gifu (X) is the only Nordic Rune that pertains to Blood Elementals. Blood Elementals mainly draw Gifu when they’re looking to add to their attack ability. However, Blood Elementals are also unique in another way. Each Elemental can use a “surf” maneuver, riding their element as though surfing on it – for Wind Elementals, they literally look like they’re surfing on nothing.

For Fire Elementals, they can surf on fire, Water Elementals on water, and so on. Blood Elementals can only invoke their surf maneuver AFTER they draw blood. So after an accurate attack, they “unlock” their toxic surf maneuver. A good way for Blood Elementals to speed up this process is by drawing Gifu, since it’s a Rune of Harmony.


Vape (Smoke)

Chronicles of Rondure, Civil War
Mina is our top Vape Elemental. Meet her in the Chronicles of Rondure Series.

Finally, we have our Vape Elementals, where Elhaz (ᛉ) and Dagaz (ᛞ) correspond well with them. Elhaz is a great rune to draw in conjunction with a Vape Elemental conjuring a smokescreen maneuver. Smokescreens are almost always the go-to movement for Vape Elementals, and it’s intended to protect the Elemental and others around them from being seen by opponents. Elhaz provides another layer of defense.

Dagaz, the Rune of Daylight, is also a Rune of Positive Transformation. This allows a major increase in speed and agility while in combat. A Vape Elemental can vape – transform their body from solid to gas and end up in a new location seconds later – at a faster rate. They can also emit faster smokescreens and if they’re at a high enough level, even transform smokey substances around them into deadly maneuvers such as radiation vapes.

Of all the Elementals, I’ve long said the Vape, better referred to by its nickname Smoke in the Elementals Universe, is by far the most interesting. They don’t attack in the same way as other Elementals, whose attacks and combat repertoire are far more straightforward. A Vape Elemental’s defensive maneuvers almost always simultaneously act as offensives and even agility.

That said, it makes me anxious to write up Book I in Chronicles of Rondure, since our protagonist, Mina, is a Vape Elemental.


How All Elementals Use Nordic Runes

They can do this in a couple of ways. One, if they possess an Elemental Sword, odds are they will create a stronger outcome as opposed to drawing the Nordic Runes with their index and middle finger. However, regardless of whether an Elemental is a sword-wielding Master or not, they must at least become well-versed in visualization. The stronger they visualize the desired outcomes of their corresponding runes, the greater the chances they will work.

Since Elementals also use visualization for evoking their elemental maneuvers, the use of wards often correlates with their ability to launch offensive or defensive maneuvers. Weaker Elementals can master their runic maneuvers, but this often is not the case. But don’t be surprised if I create a character or two like this in a few book series!

Oh, and remember to check out Runes for Beginners by Lisa Chamberlain if you’re looking for more information on the runes, themselves.

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