How to Become an Insider for TC Marti’s Readers Republic

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Want to Become a Readers Republic Insider?

First, you must join my Readers Republic simply by downloading Chronicles of the Elementals. The link will take you to my website’s homepage where you can further decide whether my work is for you. If you loved the cover and description, odds are you’ll like what’s inside.

Chronicles of the Elementals and the entire Elementals of Nordica Series is full of genre-bending. You’ll find several epic fantasy tropes set in a modern society. Perhaps a little more advanced than our 21st century society. That’s if you think we live in an advanced world. If not, then the society in Elementals of Nordica is far more advanced.

Alright, so hopefully you clicked through and downloaded Chronicles of the Elementals.

Now what, TC?

How do I become a Readers Republic Insider?

Keep reading to discover more.

Check Your Mailbox

Two reasons for this.

One, so you can find the download link to your preferred e-reader. Whether you’re looking to read on your Kindle, Android, or your PC, you’ll find each available link. Two, and this one’s just as important. You will find a welcome email from me, telling you all about my Readers Republic. Read through the email, and you’ll find me mentioning something about a street team.

This is where you can become an Insider to the Readers Republic, a member of the Readers Republic Street Team, or whatever you wish to call it. I’ve called it a few different things but they’re all synonymous. You’ll notice that you won’t click through to anything with this email.

Instead, you just need to reply to it, and bam, you’re an Insider. Beyond this blog post and mentioning the possibility of joining the street team in my welcome email, I don’t talk about it often. Plus, I’ll only allow a limited number of readers in at any given time. So if you’re interested, reply with your name, and your interest in joining.

No, I do not need a well drawn out reason why you want to join. Just tell me you’re interested, and if I have room, you’re in. And no, it costs nothing to become an Insider to the Readers Republic. But trust me, I will benefit you nicely.


Readers Republic Insiders Benefit #1

Of course, we all love benefits. If you join the Readers Republic, you’re getting a few perks, as outlined in my previous post. But as an Insider, we’re taking things one step further.

As an Insider, you will receive Advanced Review Copies (ARCs) months before my books hit online store shelves. That means come September 2021, I’ll send out ARCs of Wind Wielder – Book I in the Elementals of Nordica Series.

Oh, and did I mention if you join the Readers Republic by downloading Chronicles of the Elementals, you’ll gain instant access to the first four chapters of Wind Wielder? But as an Insider, you’re getting the entire 82,000-word novel 100 days before its release in January 2022.

Ditto for Wind Master – Book II in the series, and Wind Keeper, which is Book III in the series. Any subsequent books in Elementals of Nordica and any subsequent series within the Elementals of Nordica Universe will also be yours.

So Benefit #1 is quite enticing, right?

Oh, and by the way. I do NOT expect universally positive reviews here. An honest review will do. So, if you give me 5-Stars, then thank you! If you give me a 1-Star, then thanks for at least giving the work a go around!


Readers Republic Insiders Benefit #2

As an Insider, not only will you gain ARC access, but you’ll also get beta-reading access. So, say if you love my work so much that you end up asking me what I got coming out in the future, you will find the answer months before the rest of the Republic and perhaps a year or so before the regular reader.

Yes, you get to help me perfect my work. So if I write a few drafts and it’s full of plot holes, typos, and character inconsistencies, I want to know about them! Of course, you don’t need to beta read anything that I write; but the invite and benefit remains open.

So if you’ve read and given me plenty of ARC reviews for Elementals of Nordica but never beta read my drafts and for a future book series curiosity gets the best of you, just click through the content on my many emails reserved for Insiders and boom, you’ll get Insider access to my latest work.

If you’d like to play an integral part in helping me develop my work, you can. But if you’re just waiting for the finished product and that coveted ARC, that’s cool, too.


Readers Republic Benefit #3

You will also gain exclusive access to Insiders-only giveaways. This means that my regular Readers Republic won’t have access to them, nor will anyone not part of the Republic. I reserve these giveaways only for the street team, or the Insiders.

So, if I host a regular giveaway featuring both members and non-members of the Republic, members will always get more entries and Insiders gain an even greater number of entries. But, since I’ll only have about 50 to 100 Insiders at any given time, your access to Insiders-only giveaways give you a greater chance to win cool prizes.

I also place them alongside my regular giveaways, so you’re literally doubling your chances to win something cool here. Oh, and odds are, you’ll find more ways to win. So, if you want signed copies of my work with personalized messages or even signed boxed sets, you increased your odds to win tenfold.

Because instead of competing in only the open giveaway which can involve thousands of readers, it’s you plus another 49 to 99 others vying for a grand prize. It could be my own works, popular works from another author who writes in the same genre as myself, or heck, I may even throw in the latest Kindle with works pre-downloaded onto it.


Readers Republic Benefit #4

And the ultimate benefit to the Readers Republic includes what I like to dub (for now) as Launch Party Giveaways. These work in conjunction with Insiders-only giveaways.

The exception?

These giveaways occur every time I launch a new book. Prizes include a signed copy of the latest book, personalized messaging, and other cool prizes for second and third-place finishers. Basically, these Launch Party Giveaways are nothing more than drawings, and I won’t ask for anything (such as social sharing) for more entries as I would for normal giveaways.

Does all of this sound good?

If so, join the Readers Republic today, get your free novella, the first four chapters of Wind Wielder, and the Character and Elemental Cheat Sheet. Oh, and keep an eye out for that welcome email because you’ll need to answer to it.

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