Interested in Reading the Entire Renegades Epic?

The Renegades Epic
The Renegades Epic: Phase I comprises three series set in one universe.

The Renegades Epic comprises (at least) four different series along (at least) four phases. Phase I will be released between January and April 2022. So if you’re reading today’s post beyond April, click on the following link and you will find buy links to the Amazon bookstore. Each will be available for free on Amazon on Kindle Unlimited. If you don’t have KU, expect a cheap price between 99 cents and $3.99.

Anyway, you may just like one of my series in the Renegades Epic, and that’s okay. Each series tells its own story. And while you’ll see crossovers from other series, you will get enough information from just one to know what’s going on. I actually set it up assuming most readers would not read each series, or would just pick their favorite.

But what if you’d like to read each book in Phase I of the Renegades Epic?

Today’s post will clear a few things up.

Do You Hope to Read the Entire Renegades Epic?

The Renegades Epic: Phase I

If you’re a member of the Readers Republic, then you will have THREE reader magnets, with a fourth released between Halloween and Christmas 2021.

Which one would you read first?

If you’re in the Republic and you’d like to read everything in chronological order, Braden Hawk is the first book to read. However, you’re perfectly good with reading Chronicles of the Elementals, or Chronicles of Rondure.

And if you’d like the hardcore chronological order, again, start with Hawk, then read Chronicles of the Elementals. When Wind Wielder is out in January 2022, read it next, THEN Chronicles of Rondure, before reading Wind Master upon its release in February 2022.

Once you’ve read Wind Master, you can read Wind Keeper OR Tarja Titan – both will be released in March, and each takes place around the same time. Although Titan’s plot spans a few more months than Wind Keeper. Finally, read Chronicles of Rondure: Civil War upon its release in April, and you will have read Phase I in the Renegades Epic!


Interested in Just One Series?

Elementals of Nordica

Perhaps you’re just interested in one series of mine. And often, it probably has something to do with the genre. Every one of my works contains fantasy, but they are of different sub-genres. Same series, different sub-genres. Weird, right?

Anyway, Elementals of Nordica, for example, contains epic fantasy tropes “bent” into science fiction/dystopia. Chronicles of Rondure is technically a high fantasy, since it also takes place in another world. However, the second you read the work, you will get an urban fantasy feel with copious amounts of dystopia.

Finally, Tarja Titan is something you can consider a ‘super-hero fantasy.’ Characters like Tarja, Braden, Liza, and others have ‘Marvel-like’ qualities to them and they’re much more straightforward in their plot lines.

So, if you’re into, say, Elementals of Nordica, then start with Wind Wielder, then move to Wind Master, and finally, Wind Keeper. And keep an eye out for Book IV, Wind Lord, which you will find in Phase II of the Renegades Epic.

If you’re into the Terrian Chronicles, read Tarja Titan, and beyond it, you will find a few more series within the series. So if we’re actually spanning this thing out, you got The Terrian Chronicles – Tarja Titan under it, Braden Hawk, Liza Fury, and a few other series within the series alongside Titan. And as with the rest of the Renegades Epic, you CAN read just one series within the Terrian Chronicles. As again, you will get enough information to understand the other characters.

And if you loved Chronicles of Rondure, read Civil War.


When Should You Expect Phase II?

As you can see, Elementals of Nordica dominates Phase I of the Renegades Epic. One reason is that Elementals of Nordica is really a retooled work of my original novels, so I already had the stories in front of me. It was nothing more than a matter of deepening the plots, enhancing the characters, and getting rid of some unnecessary hash!

Tarja Titan had been in my mind for a long time, but I never got around to actually writing the work until Summer 2021. Chronicles of Rondure was a spur-of-the-moment thing. However, you will meet Tarja in Phase II, along with your favorite characters from Chronicles of Rondure, and even another work in Elementals. Expect Phase II to be released in late-2022/early-2023.

The earlier, the better!


What About the Fourth Reader Magnet?

Yes, there is one more reader magnet to consider, and its working title is the Lost World Chronicles. This is subject to change, but I’m sure it’s the title I’m going with. Anyway, Lost World Chronicles is actually the “interquel” between Phase I and Phase II of the Renegades Epic. It may even be a full novel, or will at least rival that of a full novel, such as a glorified novella. And you will find it exclusively on Prolific Works!

I will be writing a post about it prior to its release and I can’t wait to talk it up!

Thank you so much for reading today’s post on The Renegades Epic, and I hope you too enjoy the Epic!