Introducing Chronicles of Rondure’s Civil War: Book V in the Renegades Epic

Chronicles of Rondure: Civil War

Chronicles of Rondure: Civil War is Book I in my upcoming Chronicles of Rondure Series, scheduled to be released in April 2022. it is Book V in the Renegades Epic: Phase I, and it’s also Book V in the Elementals Universe. If you’ve joined the Readers Republic, you were introduced to Tash Holmes in my second reader magnet, Chronicles of Rondure.

In it, Tash Holmes serves as the principal character in what is actually a prequel to Wind Master: Book II in Elementals of Nordica, the Renegades Epic: Phase I, and the Elementals Universe. We also meet a few other characters in the prequel named Lukas, Mina, and Sven.

Judging from the cover, you can obviously tell that Mina takes centerstage in Civil War.

So, what’s Civil War about, and how does it tie in with my Renegades Epic and Elementals Universe?

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Civil War Synopsis

Chronicles of Rondure, Civil War
Featuring Mina from the Chronicles of Rondure reader magnet as the main act.

I was Culled at age five into the Bastille Military, the World of Rondure’s superpower…

…Having lived on-base for thirteen years, military life taught me two things: Mastery of the Smoke Element and to never apologize about using it on enemies.

Now that I’m awaiting a sure death sentence for the crime of exposing Bastille’s true crimes, they’ve left me with no choice. When they try to extradite me, I will call upon my Sword of Smoke and escape this predicament, using every combat technique they taught me against them.

Then, I’ll take it upon myself to finish a mission I started years ago; to unplug the People of Bastille and let them know who the real enemy is: their home nation and its Capital City of Paramount.

As I go rogue, every authority figure with money, power, and influence in the Bastille Empire will want me dead. Thanks to them, I’m one of the most powerful Smoke Masters in the World of Rondure. And I’m ready to break the spell the people of my nation have lived under for over a century.

Civil War is yet another installment that features a strong heroine. Mina, who you meet in my Chronicles of Rondure reader magnet takes center stage in this one. Once again, we’re back into epic fantasy bending into science fiction with dystopian and thriller elements, non-stop kinetic action, and stakes so high that Mina’s success or failure will set forth the fate of Rondure forever.


When Does Civil War Take Place?

While Civil War kicks off yet another series in the Elementals Universe and can stand on its own, it’s technically the sequel to Wind Master and takes place during the same timeframe as Wind Keeper. Now, you do NOT need to read Elementals of Nordica to know what’s going on in Civil War since again, the series stands on its own. Ditto for the Terrian Chronicles, which comprises several series within the series.

However, if you’re like me and you just have to read every book in a certain storyverse in order – just like when you’re watching movies in the Marvel Cinematics Universe – my prices won’t break the bank! In fact, if you’re in Kindle Unlimited you’re getting everything for free here since you only need to download the works to your Kindle and read!

So, if you’re looking to read this one in order, Phase I in the Renegades Epic goes as follows:

  1. Wind Wielder – Elementals of Nordica I
  2. Wind Master – Elementals of Nordica II
  3. Tarja Titan – Tarja Titan I, Terrian Chronicles I
  4. Wind Keeper – Elementals of Nordica III
  5. Civil War – Chronicles of Rondure I

Since each series stands on its own, you do NOT need to read them in that particular order. But again, if you’re a stickler like I am who prefers order and you can’t resist a good old binge read, now you got the chronological timeline of Phase I.


When Will I Release Book II in Chronicles of Rondure?

Once I’m finished with my six-week writing sprint of Tarja Titan and later in 2021, Civil War, I’ll proofread Wind Wielder, while I put the finishing touches on Wind Master. Ideally, I’d like to have everything proofread by February 2022, in which Wind Wielder and Wind Master will have already hit KU, with Tarja Titan on the way. Once I begin the proofreading stages of Wind Keeper and Civil War, I’ll start another writing sprint for Phase II in the Renegades Epic.

You can expect another episode in Chronicles of Rondure, Wind Lord – Book IV in Elementals of Nordica, plus Books II and III in the Terrian Chronicles entitled Braden Hawk and Liza Fury. Though I’m flip-flopping as to which will serve as Book II and III.

The fifth book in the Renegades Epic, Phase II, will be either Book V in Elementals of Nordica, or Book III in Chronicles of Rondure.

I’m hoping for the release dates of each during the latter portion of 2022. If you’re reading this post in August 2022, definitely check out the Renegades Epic: Phase I over at Kindle Unlimited. They WILL BE listed under three different series. Or if you’ve already read Phase I, at least the first works in Phase II should be out by then.

And if you’re reading today’s post for the first time and everything looks confusing to you, don’t sweat. The following link will take you to my synopses of the Renegades Epic: Phase I with buy-links coming in January 2022.


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