Liza Fury Catch 22

Liza Fury: Catch 22

My Wind Wielding cousin broke out of prison, killed my parents, and kidnapped my sister…

…Then she beat me to within an inch of my life and gave me twenty-two days to rescue Stef

The expert tracker he is, my brother offered to take my spot. But the notorious Intrepid Party caught up and arrested him on false charges.

No one, not my best friend’s crimefighting father or my love interest’s savvy brother has the slightest clue of Stef’s whereabouts. My brother didn’t fill them in.

But they know where he was last seen. In a vast, underground city that remained hidden for nearly a century. It’s a lead, but nothing more than a starting point.

And it’s a place where the same people who arrested my brother wait for me and my two best friends. To throw us in jail as retaliation because neither my brother nor my best friends’ families conform to their politics.

So yeah, one enemy wants me dead. Another enemy wants me to rot in a prison cell. Never in my seventeen years did I believe I’d play the deadliest game of Catch 22 in human history.

“The characters had a lot of depth, and were very realistic. Reading it, you feel like you are side by side with Liza.” – Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews

“I’ve had an exciting rollercoaster ride with its fascinating characters and intriguing plot. I highly recommend this book to readers who are into elemental magic and small-town fantasy.” – Shey Saints Reviews

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