Liza Fury: Catch 44

Stef ain’t dead, but she’s gonna be if me, Tarja, and our unlikely ally don’t do something about it…

...Ironically, this ally knows a thing or two about what we’re up against, so I’ll tolerate his presence…for now

Okay, maybe I’ll need to tolerate him a little longer since freaking Tarja gets all googly-eyed every time she looks at him. Complicated, right?

Oh, and did I mention that a powerful Elemental political faction is after us after we wreaked havoc at Celestial U, one of their largest strongholds? Yeah, so we’re wanted by Elemental law, and as a byproduct, I’m sure the good old Benights are after us too.

And to top things off, did I tell you that I’m nothing more than a seventeen-year-old girl who’s supposedly the most powerful Elemental Master in the world? But that don’t mean the odds are in my favor. Not when an evil god’s stooge is Stef’s captor, and that faction I was telling you about earlier is also that god’s stooges. Oh, and he also happens to be Tarja’s deranged brother.

Like I said, complicated So if I win this round, I’m calling it – Catch 44 from here on out. If I don’t die first…