Liza Fury is My Favorite Character in The Renegades Epic

Liza Fury as she appears in Catch 22

Liza Fury is my universal answer when I am asked who my favorite character is in the Renegades Epic. And there are many reasons behind this. 

Every author has a favorite character and for me, Liza Fury fits the billing. Liza exhibits many characteristics similar to my own. So despite basing the physical features of some characters on myself, Liza’s personality best matches mine. There is also no other character in The Renegades Epic dealt a worse hand. At least in Phase I. 

Liza Fury is my youngest protagonist, first appearing in The Discovery at just sixteen years of age. She is barely seventeen when she takes centerstage in Catch 22. And unfortunately for Liza, she’s faced with a horde of expectations in both books. And personality-wise, she isn’t exactly suited for such roles. 

Despite her shortcomings, Liza Fury is so much tougher than she looks. The kid is the epitome of what somebody can become if they put their mind to something. However, she also has a dark side. And with a rather scatter-brained personality, Liza faces more internal struggles than perhaps any other character not just in the Terrian Chronicles, but the Renegades Epic. 

Liza Fury is My Favorite Character

Most of my family and friends would read the Terrian Chronicles and perhaps immediately believe Braden Hawk is my favorite. Like Braden, I am a fan of the Arizona Cardinals and Arizona sports, with the Buffalo Sabres serving as the one outlier.

Braden is a workout warrior, and so am I. He is stubborn and he can also hold grudges. That said, I check all the boxes overall regarding Braden. But Liza is also a lot like me in many ways, just as she is also like Braden. Especially that last part.

One approach I took to the Terrian Chronicles is that the characters, even the main protagonist, Tarja Titan, are flatter and not as well-rounded. A stark contrast to Sion Zona in Elementals of Nordica, or even Mina Hirai in Chronicles of Rondure. However, Liza is the one major exception.

Liza Fury’s Personality Flaws Shine

Liza can be a vengeful soul, even if she follows, reads about, and even writes for, peace advocates. This implies hypocrisy in the eyes of many, but we also need to remember that Liza is a 17-year-old kid who has shown to be impulsive time and again.

Apart from being the most believable character in the Terrian Chronicles with those flaws, Liza is also that one character unafraid to fight with even those closest to her. This is something you will see in Tarja Titan: Sophomore Yearand more interestingly, it also deals with Liza taking Tarja and rounding her out more than you may think.

Therefore, she almost single-handedly makes Tarja’s character arc more impressive. On the surface, Tarja can be a stereotypical Christ-like character with few flaws. Sure, she can be naive, but when you read Tarja Titan, she deals with few internal struggles. Liza changes that to a degree in later books.

Symbolism Shows

Liza Fury

If you read the Terrian Chronicles or any book in the Renegades Epic closely, you will notice that I love using colors to symbolize different things. Check out Braden’s love for the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals, and you may notice that their colors are red and white.

White (and to a degree, purple), represents the Spirit Element in the books, while red represents Fire. Liza is a Fire Elemental (though she can also control Smoke and later, Metal), while Tarja is a Spirit Elemental. White symbolizes peace, which is the vibe you will feel when you get to know Tarja.

Red, on the other hand, symbolizes passion, aggression, and even anger. These are traits we see in Liza, who has a “shoot first, ask questions later” personality. But it gets even more interesting.

Braden and Liza aren’t blood-related to Tarja, but they are close to her. Closer than any other character. And if you look closely, all three represent a unique side of the spectrum. Tarja represents the light side (Valo Oikea), while Liza represents dark side (Tumma Vasen). Braden, whose personality is aggressive, yet often finds middle ground, sits in the center of the spectrum.

Despite their sheer differences in personality, the trio, as mentioned, are close. And this comes despite Liza’s red-hot personality, Braden’s tweener tendencies, and Tarja’s perpetual attempts at peacemaking.

Liza Leaves Us With Questions

As I write this in January 2023, I’m heavily editing Tarja Titan: Sophomore Year, and it’s interesting to see Liza Fury, Tarja Titan, and Braden Hawk attempt to draw one another closer to the middle of the spectrum. Of course, Braden is already there. But Tarja and Liza face the internal struggle, with Tarja trying to tug Liza in one direction while Liza tries tugging Tarja in the other.

Tarja realizes she can’t always be the goody-goody girl, while Liza slowly starts to realize hypocrisy in her own actions, despite her Libertarian viewpoints. However, the final scene in Sophomore Year will leave a few question marks regarding Liza, with the main one being: What will she do to save somebody she loves?

Will this girl take the high ground? Or do we have an Anakin Skywalker-like fall to the dark side? And better yet, will she ultimately drag Tarja into darker tendencies? Will Tarja raise up Liza, or will they both find more middle ground?

Overall, Liza Fury is that one character who you won’t know if she will fall to the dark side. Of my five Ones and five Escorts, something like this was bound to happen. Her overall personality and growth over the last two novels will show you that Liza throws a dagger into what some may have initially considered to be a cozy Terrian Chronicles.

Liza changes the entire scope of the series, and that aura of mystery is the main reason why she is my favorite character. If I had to rank my characters in terms of how much I like/dislike them, Liza would be Number One not just in the Terrian Chronicles, but the entire Renegades Epic. 

Meet Liza Fury in The Discovery