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The Elementals Universe will comprise at least three if not more different series. Each of which features elemental magic, sword and sorcery, plus deeper and more complex plots than you can dream of. Yes, you’re getting many epic fantasy elements. However, given my genre-bending ways, I’ve bent my worlds into more scientifically advanced societies and one, in today’s world.

You’re getting several worlds in this one, with five total. Plus, with an ensemble cast of main characters along with one series that will include several series within it, my elementals universe franchise will take you on a wild ride. But I’d love for my actions to speak for themselves rather than words. So if you’d like some free stories, join the Readers Republic and you’ll gain instant access to one, and in time, access to more.

So what all does the Elementals Universe provide?

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At Least Three Series in the Elementals Universe

As noted in the very first sentence of today’s post, you’re getting at least three series, one of which is a series within a series. Cool, right?

Each series will take place in one of the Five Worlds, and odds are, I will create a series for my two remaining worlds of Terrene and Catenary once a story and a few more characters walk into my mind. But in the meantime, Elementals of Nordica (World of Eidolon), Terrian Chronicles (World of Terra/Earth), and Chronicles of Rondure (World of Rondure) will keep me busy. With the Terrian Chronicles serving as arguably the most complex of the three.

That said, don’t expect to say goodbye to your favorite characters unless I decide to give them a proper send-off. Because odds are, you will see them pop up in other worlds and series when they’re called upon. Or given the seat-of-the-pants writer than I am, that I “find them” in a work.

And again, each work will feature deep plots, themes, and a lot of fantasy slash science fiction. Yes, I classify the works as F/SF as opposed to SFF since they’re first and foremost, fantasy works.


Ensemble Casts

From the moment you read Chronicles of the Elementals, which you will gain immediate access to if you join the Readers Republic, you will realize that you’re getting an ensemble cast here. And that’s from just one short novella regarding a single series. So imagine what happens when you read the prequels to Rondure and the Terrian Chronicles!

If you love ensemble casts, then you’ll love the Elementals Universe. Because not only are you getting a full dose of characters from all walks of life, backgrounds, abilities, and cultures; you’re also getting several protagonists within the universe. Yeah, it begins with Chronicles of the Elementals, but it’s just one of many stories coming your way, plus a plethora of novels when you dive into the universe.

If you’re a fan of extended universes, expanded worlds, tidbits on characters, places, magical systems, and more, both my Readers Republic and the Elementals Universe is for you. Keep reading as you will discover just how lucrative of a deal I’m offering you at the Readers Republic as it pertains to my universe.


Join the Readers Republic and Receive…

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Chronicles of the Elementals, and a few days later, you should get Chronicles of Rondure delivered to your inbox, too. Plus, with every prequel/novella/short story/novelette to each series that I dish out, you will also get them via every email in my welcome sequence. So within the first forty days of joining the Republic (at the cost of an email address), you will have quite a few free stories to dive into.

Oh, and you’ll get more than a few of those really cool bonuses such as the expanded universe that I was talking about. You’ll need the password to break into it, which I am only too happy to give once you join the Republic. That will grant you access to the Behind the Scenes Page, which in turn reveals character profiles, locations, magical systems, and more, along with their corresponding passwords.

You will also be the first to know about giveaways at the Republic. And just so you know, these giveaways are even more lucrative and you will earn bonus entries just by sharing the giveaway online and telling your friends. And yes, I give away some pretty cool stuff. For example, my first giveaway involved a Kindle Paperwhite, a Kindle Fire 8, and a Kindle Fire 7. Yeah, I don’t mess around with giveaways. But you’ll be the first to know what’s up at least a month beforehand. This will give you a chance to preplan where you’ll want to share online and with, and rack up those entries.

Oh, and you’ll also be the first to know about discounts on all of my paid works. And I like to grant my readers numerous discounts throughout the calendar year. Especially when I have new work available. So if you’d like to be in the know, then drop what you’re doing and sign up for the Readers Republic right now!


Books, Books, and More Books!

If you love to read, you’re getting more than just a few free stories in the Elementals Universe. As I mentioned, I’m bringing some deep plots to the table here. Plots that even intertwine between the Five Worlds. Expect at least five books in Elementals of Nordica, a plethora of future works in the Terrian Chronicles, and at least a trilogy regarding Rondure, along with potential series involving Terrene and Catenary.

Yes, the books will arrive in January 2022. So if you’re reading today’s post on or after January 2022, make sure you check out Wind Wielder – Book I in Elementals of Nordica.

Thank you so much for reading today’s post, and I hope to see you at the Readers Republic. But if my work isn’t quite right for you, I have more than a few recommendations over at my review blog, Action-Packed Book Reviews.